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  1. what always has worked for me is not to play that good and hold back my skill level
  2. Just making an awareness thread here too, "CraZ_Killa" on Reddit created this awesome HoN stats tool that can now also be used to view chat logs. Personally this is the feature I missed for sooo many years since the last time we had it, always love reading enemy team reactions after someone (me) makes a great play. I'll just post reddit links here:
  3. Viden

    CC 15

    i rather lose a game with pride than win a game with shame
  4. You know this has been going on for YEARS now and people still do it. First of all the definition of jungle: "impenetrable" - HoN woods is not "impenetrable" clearly as every game you see heroes go through it from many different directions "thicket (a dense group of bushes or trees) or tangled mass" - goes with the before said of "impenetrable", there are few trees here and there in HoN woods, and neither are those trees tangled mass, you can pass through with only a few hits of loggers hatchet - cant do that in an actual jungle. "tropical vegetation" - again, HoN wo
  5. Viden

    Nomad Buff

    fact is that Nomad has recieved nerfs 4 patches in a row + he also used to have a lower base attack time which got nerfed in patch 4.4.2
  6. nice, barbed is finally viable on legionnare again (since getting helm and shamans was counter-productive with barbed before)
  7. thanks, works great
  8. Very nice, can someone quote this post so I can test if I'll get a notification in top right corner if someone quotes my post.
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