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  1. Have you tried to buy on heroesofnewerth.com website and not in-game?
  2. in options, setting "Minimap Portrait", the selection "Team color" displays players with player-specific colors, instead of green/red.
  3. Pretty big nerfs on kraken, especially the ultimate AOE radius change...
  4. one every 10 games? geez dont remember the last time I saw a plant but then again I play solo Q any match ID?
  5. what always has worked for me is not to play that good and hold back my skill level
  6. Just making an awareness thread here too, "CraZ_Killa" on Reddit created this awesome HoN stats tool that can now also be used to view chat logs. Personally this is the feature I missed for sooo many years since the last time we had it, always love reading enemy team reactions after someone (me) makes a great play. I'll just post reddit links here:
  7. Viden

    CC 15

    i rather lose a game with pride than win a game with shame
  8. You know this has been going on for YEARS now and people still do it. First of all the definition of jungle: "impenetrable" - HoN woods is not "impenetrable" clearly as every game you see heroes go through it from many different directions "thicket (a dense group of bushes or trees) or tangled mass" - goes with the before said of "impenetrable", there are few trees here and there in HoN woods, and neither are those trees tangled mass, you can pass through with only a few hits of loggers hatchet - cant do that in an actual jungle. "tropical vegetation" - again, HoN wo
  9. Viden

    Nomad Buff

    fact is that Nomad has recieved nerfs 4 patches in a row + he also used to have a lower base attack time which got nerfed in patch 4.4.2
  10. nice, barbed is finally viable on legionnare again (since getting helm and shamans was counter-productive with barbed before)
  11. thanks, works great
  12. Very nice, can someone quote this post so I can test if I'll get a notification in top right corner if someone quotes my post.
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