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  1. Here is my explanation why 5man group que should not be paired in TMM vs SOLO que. match ID : 159814902 match ID : 159815279 Both games i was SOLO que ( you can see different names ) and same group of 5 people who were team playing the entire game. Meanwhile i had brazilians or some werid language speaking folks ( prob 2man or 3man que ) . If this is allowed then game is dead.
  2. [Redacted] WAS intentionally GRIEFING ( I do not know and i do not care why he griefed ) . I am just stating fact because i was playing the game and he was saying whole game '' ok '' in chat , and on purpose he played as bad as possible to lose the game. Item choice , plays , and communication all proves that he was intentionally griefing. Since GM marked him as innocent , i will open topic here . I'm just trying to help HoN be better place for future players . Also he was reported by entire 4 other players ( we we're 3man que ) and we lost the game because of him.
  3. When i type /pa and /gi in game , packet loss is around 0.2% to 0.4% , ping is usually 70 to 90 ( ping NEVER goes more than 100 ms ) I repeat : FPS is 120 , Always good , PING is always good , DC cabling is causing DELAY up to 1 second Also can't upload from URL cuz its bugged lol
  4. Hello , during SOME games on EU servers ( i say SOME games as not EVERY game is like that ) but it happends every 2nd or 3rd game so it's frustrating . I'll explain briefly what's going on , if i play game , some games i have UNRESPONSIVE hero , and it can ( might not ) show DC cable on the left screen for full 1 second. Example , i click a hero , and then it doesn't recognize it immediatly , instead 1 second delay and then hero goes that way. Example as soon as i click a place hero should go there immediatly ( but for some odd reason , if it's DC cabling game - every 20 to 30 second
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