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  1. LaLiToX

    Hon Anniversary

    hope that bro
  2. LaLiToX

    Hon Anniversary

    May 12 there will be a Honiversary, like a few years ago, every hon anniversary, there have always been "gifts, discounts and things that are not regularly available" like EA Skins, x2 multplier silver or name colors like the Gold classic name color, I was wondering if we would have them this year too
  3. i kinda back up this suggestion, it would make it more easy that selecting the mine quickly or just using tab to swich to the mine
  4. esta bien, tardaran entre 24-48 horas en responder se paciente
  5. u didnt understand what did i ask but thanks anyway
  6. http://support.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/Tickets/Ticket/View/QTQ-170-22796 entra a esa pagina logea o registrate y envia un ticket con tu problema para que te den el nombre de color y trata de que sea en ingles el ticket porfavor
  7. perfecto esto ayuda mas dame unos momentos
  8. bueno lo intentaste, estoy tratando de ayudartte con tu problema, ya te aviso
  9. en tu teclado esta la tecla llamada "imp pant" o "petsis" del lado derecho en la parte de arriba automaticamente tomara un capture de pantalla vienes aqui y lo insertas
  10. se te descontaron las monedas ? o solamente te sale el error?
  11. Well, recently I bought the Ursa multiplier, but I would like to know exactly where it comes from or how much silver it multiplies.
  12. thats true playing with 3-4 people give you 10 more silver also the bonus silver from ursa the higher one give you 25 silver per game so everything u want is already in the game you just need to play games thats all
  13. LaLiToX

    Timing Response

    What is the time it takes to be attended a ticket in customer service? I mean, is there any exact time? 6-12 hours? or something like that
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