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  1. While I admit the fact that this is a little bit clunky, I believe it's halfway through. Let me get back to her some other time for a makeover.
  2. Do you have to necessarily copy Swiftblade's Q too to compete against him? Or would you like to get Madman's Q or Solstice's Q instead? Same with the likes of Dark Lady. About Magebane, I thought Mana Burn is Q. So yeah maybe you are right, I think Circe is better matched against Mid heroes, not those position 1. Anyway, if she's not in any form, then the current effect of Doppelganger is applied that creates the same Circe illusion while the real one is escaping.
  3. I know Puppet Master is hard to give Staff boost, so I offer you a piece of my knowledge. Staff of the Master boost: R: Voodoo Puppet - After applying Voodoo Puppet to an enemy, the puppet starts to make a visible countdown of 5s. Once it reaches 0 with no disruption and the enemy is still leashed to it, Puppet's Curse will be applied. New: Puppet's Curse - is a 5s duration ability that allows Puppet Master to gain full control over the enemy completely. The enemy is still an enemy that can still damage you and your ally and Puppet Master takes control over that- his abilities
  4. Staff of the Masters: Q: Summon Booboo - Booboo can now gain and inherit melee Wildsoul form visually (and ranged form if possible). Basically, Booboo will disguise as Wildsoul. Let it have its mana pool and the disguise will be real. I wish it can finally attack without Wildsoul. Still if Wildsoul dies, both of them die.
  5. After activation of ultimate, Riptide gains a new sub-ability, Morph. New Active - Morph - Transforms Riptide into his indigenous, shapeless water form upon activation. Once Morph is activated, Riptide is split into 5 shapeless water form which are moving away from the center. During the first 5s, Riptide is basically out of combat, cannot attack, use items or spells, and is simply invulnerable but can still move freely. After that, Riptide can choose to appear anywhere of those. Riptide is a one sheet of a carton paper that's why he needs a defensive ability.
  6. W - Bubble Push - Must be able to push allies too. Like a life-saving spell. Help button can be turned off anyways. Staff Boost - Preservation (R) - After activation, allows Pearl to shrink the dome into a target. The shrunken dome has a very small radius only for a single hero which fully protects the target from any single-target spell damage and attack damage from the outside. However, AOE abilities can still disrupt the protected target from the outside but damage is negated.
  7. Ultimate - Gust Wind (R) - One wind blow is too freaking weak for an ultimate. The ultimate shall be like this: New Active: Click and drag to target an area where a gust wind will continue to occur for about 7s. It will be difficult to enemies to move against the wind but allies will receive a slight burst in movement speed if goes windward. Radius is doubled if Monarch gets hit by gust wind. Staff boost: Global. Range is doubled. ------ A great ultimate to potentially stop enemies attacking your base.
  8. His current ultimate, which was reworked before, appeared out of nowhere to nuke enemies up. I admit it is cool but I'd like to put more honey into Drunken's drink to enhance its flavor. Through Staff of the Masters boost: Ultimate (R) - I wish that hitting the last one of the 3 sides with different attacking approach will give a different outcome. If by his Stagger (W): the current effect of Ultimate will be applied which stuns and toss him up while dealing massive damage. Just as it is. No change. If by an Auto-Attack: instead of stunning and tossing up, the enemy wil
  9. W: Sleep - Press to activate the ability and start a 5s countdown. The longer the channeling time, the longer the added duration to the target. During channeling, you can still move. If you fail to use it with a target, the ability will be automatically applied to yourself. Staff Boost Additional: W: Sleep - (Only to self) If the ability is casted to self in maximum channel time, Succubus will be put to deep sleep and invulnerability with insane regeneration. Unless you decide to move by yourself, that's when you will only be able to wake up. Yes that's indefinite.
  10. Has the baddest name only if his abilities are badass too. So I suggest this: Staff boost: W: Spirit Walk - Still works the same but now has a sub-ability placed to (E) which goes like this: (E) Spirit Assault: Summon a spirit which completely inherits 100% of Warchief's attribute, damage, health, mana, abilities, items and everything. Spirit Assault mirrors Warchief auto-attacks, items, buffs and everything. The spirit has a link which leads to the revealed and vulnerable Warchief who is left channeling in that position, losing mana every second. Clicking the (E) ability
  11. He is one of the most underrated heroes that should be given notice because of how good his abilities are. Only a little rework to his ult will make him a monster. Ultimate - Chomp! (R) - Now also inherits the abilities of the creep he chomps. The inherited ability is temporary placed to Chomp!'s hotkey until Chomp goes off cooldown again. Chomp! gives bonus movement speed if melee unit while grants bonus attack speed if ranged unit. The effect perishes when the ability goes off cooldown. Staff of the Master boost can now chomp ancients and allows Chomp! to let the p
  12. QOL Change/Staff Boost Additional Q: Infernal Instability - When attacking with a post-active Q, Gauntlet quickly leaps towards the target instantly and procs the spell when the enemy is within 300 range. In simple words, after failing to proc Infernal Stability with the time given, it matures into a single-target proccing one, dealing more damage. With 25% more. You know.
  13. Because he has this rolling mechanic, why not use this to enhance his potential in defying the laws of terrain? W: Rolling Thunder - Wherever Fireflies (Q) are laid, Shellshock can use the ability inside the area and travel there like no target is required. Of course cast range is still the same. E Rework: Because this ability is currently useless, I have come up with this idea that the temporarily-dropped Shellshock's shell will allow the bearer who picks up this to experience a quick, mini-Rolling Thunder in the direction he is facing after a short delay. The shell drops whe
  14. Before I was feeling good with the current staff boost effect, now I feel it has more to offer. I suggest this. E: Static Field This ability must be the key to make rework possible. The ability shall go like this: By pressing E: Now alternatively gives a different version of his Ultimate through switching with this as a Staff boost. (Invoker's Cataclysm version) New Active: When SoTM is acquired, after 2.5s delay, all enemy heroes initial position will be struck by Thunderstorm. If this ultimate is boosted, 2 Thunderstorms(cataclysm) (R) will strike the curre
  15. QOL Change: W: Demoralizing Roar - Can't call it demoralizing, if it only slows enemies for a short time. The ability must linger over time. Changes: Aside from the current effect, those who are hit will have a reduced damage output for their auto-attacks. Every time they attack will only reduce it even more. Staff boost additional: E - Battle Experience Every time Rally reaches certain levels, his cast range and cast radius increase by 75/150/225/300. W: Demoralizing Roar - All damage output that the enemies do will be reduced every time they attack or ca
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