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  1. Now that the Dream Meme is over, I will post here other ideas I had for the @CuysauruS template. I hope you enjoy these as well haha
  2. Ideas for Tarot ult.: Idea 01: I remember she used to get some buffs when her ult proced. Staff could bring that back maybe. Like, she could gain +30 Agility for 3s when her ult procs or something. ( the numbers are just for example, I have no idea how to balance this haha) The buffs could be stackable, so if she is lucky and crits in a roll, she gets more and more stronger for a short time. Idea 02 Increases the crit multiplier of the ult and make it an activable skill. When activated, Tarot emanates an aura that grants allies a 25% chance to crit for half the ult crit multiplier for X seconds and has a CD of Y seconds.
  3. I did a few tweaks in the template Cuysaurus submited. I hope it's fun.
  4. WIP of the FA. The portrait version is probably complete, I might do small tweaks, I don't know. I tried reassembling the parts into a 1080p . I will still work a bit on this version. I think next weekend I might finish this piece.
  5. Congratulations to all of the winners! Since my meme template lost, I decided to share here one of the many ideas I had for it, in case it went for the secound round:
  6. thanks! I can try and come up with something.
  7. Progressing with my FA, here's the WIP for now.
  8. Several versions of the same idea haha. Hope you guys laugh with this. EDIT: I uploaded another image variant without the texts and squares, as they covered a little bit of art. So this version might be a better template.
  9. Oh! Good to know! I thought the deadline was like the 18th of this month. Thank you! Thank you!
  10. I am working on an entry for the masterpiece, I don't know if I'll be able t finish in time. Here's a wip:
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