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  1. its a bug happens to me almost everygame and its annoying early game if u miss creeps in mid for example u lose some advantage. it happens when creep walk uphell or downhell sometimes not always the creep cant be touched i mean press on it the only way u can hit it u come near him and press a on ground or sometimes due to blocking creeps 2 creeps just sit above each other in a way that u cant attack one of them even u move your mouse anywhere
  2. well u cant because the unranked back in 5 years u needed 10 min to join a game what about now u cant join unranked games
  3. circe staff effect might be kinda op but u can custmise it as u want but could be a nice idea allow circe to ulti friendly hero u can weak it on friendly target by restricting the range for example or shorteining duration to 10sec . must be a wonderful idea and on the new nitro staff reduces the damage reduction on nitro ulti to 25% ... or to 30% and increasing 3rd spell movement speed to 100%
  4. i already posted that 2 months ago in the last forums
  5. i already suggested that before the new forums . as we see , bloodborn is an item that most people don't like and look at it as a useless item so rarely we see people buying it . so i suggest a rework for it which is . to make bloodborn an upgraded item for brutlizer to make brutlizer a stronger late item and to have a benefit of bloodborn . so u make bloodborn an item has 2 sides passive which is the same as brutlizer but has more damage and an active side which u can use on an enemy hero to leap on him and bash him for 2 seconds considering a small range for it to not be an op item that stops heroes such as tempest . and bloodborn gives strength lesser than what it gives currently
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