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  1. On the bright side, outliving your redentalent should be doable with the server shutdown in 6 months.
  2. Shit marketing, shit business model, treating the playerbase and competitieve scene like shit.
  3. Imagine making a post about being respectful to everyone and not namecalling russians and then posting about your awful experience with russians in the same topic. Talk about being all over the place. You're the kind of person who would forgive anyone's wrongdoings or faults (and call out those who don't) just because something bad happened to them.
  4. Please remove steamboots! Please. Allies pick these up as PR. They then cast spells with PR constantly without swapping the attribute and the attackspeed benefit is useless. They then get jumped by Predator and die in 3 swipes because they picked the worst shoes for a hero that constantly casts and sits on a lane. Selling them and buying armor boots confuses and disorients them. Please don't make us have to watch this. Just subtly remove them from his store options to encourage good life choices. This should have happened when the hero was released. But we can fix this now. Today. And in
  5. Besides a "he said what I'm saying"-factor, what does anything zlapped has/had to say to do with garena's state of gameplay?
  6. I'm allergic to what competitive players say about HoN balance, especially if they haven't been active in the game for years anymore. The breaky/zlapped cast was littered with "I'm not sure how this works because I don't play the game anymore". A lot if not most competitive players have shit for brains balance wise. They're really good at the game, better than me, but they seriously don't know how to think balance. I've said like a year before it happened that engi/pebbs/flux dual mid is horribly overpowered and a 100% lanewinner against anything the comp scene had to offer. I said shadowblade
  7. So you want to force him to lane longer than he does at the moment but also want to give him an innate version of his ult which makes him better at leaving the lane earlier?
  8. I play exclusively MW, but let's do a reality check here, this game, its balance and development is very much focused on the FoC map. Midwars is a quickplay mode and not a lot of resources will be dumped into it. You suggest a million changes and actual dedicated MW playtesting. Is it buggy? Sure, bans aren't visualized half the time during the banning phase, assists are somehow missed even after hitting a hero twice or casting a lightning bolt (as TB for example), but it's still good fun for everyone. Like most people said, it's the draft problem. Some of the MW games will look like
  9. How would people feel about getting +1 to all ability levels upon hitting level 25? Right now after 14 there's little to no ability progression and you just get XP as a side-effect of farming gold but there is no goal to getting levels anymore aside from stat growth. Or maybe a reward like the kongor rewards (choose between 50 movespeed, 15% damage output, or +20 to all stats). Maybe automatic SotM boost? (only if everyone has a staff of course). Lot's of possibilities. It's just an idea, and it doesn't have to be any of these, but I do feel like it could make the game more interesting if
  10. I'm not 100% certain but I think this is a tooltip bug.
  11. Or some afk'ing in the fountain with a wingbow/some armor/staff/hearts, come back after a couple of hours and oneshot kong ?
  12. I used to play VJ / shadowblade with a friend, on 3 it's non-stop kills, but after last patch I'd replace shadowblade with ravenor.
  13. Sidenote - RAP website never stopped working for me, first thing I checked was if I maybe had a ban on my account, worked then still works now.
  14. Just tried again after the chatserver restart, still the same situation for me. Belgium here.
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