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  1. How would people feel about getting +1 to all ability levels upon hitting level 25? Right now after 14 there's little to no ability progression and you just get XP as a side-effect of farming gold but there is no goal to getting levels anymore aside from stat growth. Or maybe a reward like the kongor rewards (choose between 50 movespeed, 15% damage output, or +20 to all stats). Maybe automatic SotM boost? (only if everyone has a staff of course). Lot's of possibilities. It's just an idea, and it doesn't have to be any of these, but I do feel like it could make the game more interesting if there was a significant reward upon reaching max level. In doto when you hit level cap you unlock all talents and it's massive, and I know talents aren't happening in HoN, but it does give you this goal to work toward.
  2. I'm not 100% certain but I think this is a tooltip bug.
  3. Or some afk'ing in the fountain with a wingbow/some armor/staff/hearts, come back after a couple of hours and oneshot kong
  4. I used to play VJ / shadowblade with a friend, on 3 it's non-stop kills, but after last patch I'd replace shadowblade with ravenor.
  5. Sidenote - RAP website never stopped working for me, first thing I checked was if I maybe had a ban on my account, worked then still works now.
  6. Just tried again after the chatserver restart, still the same situation for me. Belgium here.
  7. If MW disappears most of its players will just stop, they won't go back to FoC.
  8. Madman: In addition to current effects: stalk and barrel roll now apply a stack of current level of gash when damaging enemies.
  9. I logged in without problems for ages and changed nothing to my entire setup, others are suddenly having the same issue apparently, this doesn't exactly sound like the type of issue we can fix on our end.
  10. As title states, whenever I console chatconnect I get the message "You have been disconnected from the chatserver". I run HoN in admin mode and allowed it in firewall.
  11. Removing opinion from the equation then, statistically, how many people have purchased sotm on Kane as a part of their core items (item #2 or #3 pickup that costs over 2000 gold) and won/lost over what total number of caldavar matches?
  12. How does that work with Kane's SotM addition? It's honestly just a troll item.
  13. Were these changes actually based on numbers and statistics because he was crushing every bracket and really needed it or was it because you and/or the SBT team felt this way? I'm asking because shadowblade is now sitting comfortably on the very last place of overall win % with a total of 38%. This is actually a significant three percent lower than the next hero (Qi). I can't see the history of his win/loss ratio, but I assume you can, so where was he pre-patch?
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