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  1. Friendly reminder "enjoying the game the way you believe" can not only be anti-social (high TMM players generally want to win, not watch someone throw their games through feigned stupidity), but also against the rules as any KD scout can attest to. So, I'm sure you can see how insidious this person is. Given that his lack of imagination just made him advise a new player to potentially break the rules and get himself banned. It is absolutely not in your interest to earn yourself a suspension by "believing" that, for example, your way to express your gameplay happens to be dying as often as
  2. It is worth noting that anything user Lunarios says should be taken with a grain of salt as he is known to troll 1800 brackets with his "unconventional" plays where he picks heroes he knows underperform in certain roles with complete disregard for the other people in his solo Q endeavours, or simply takes the opportunity to "learn" unconventional aspects of the hero at everyone else's expense. As he is also known to simply feed & ragequit matches, it is more than reasonable to assume that any advice he's dispensing may simply be subtle attempts at sabotaging you. Consider yourself warned.
  3. Invent more fairy tales to pad your ego. Fools will believe it on your 1 post account. I don't. Nobody cares if you play this game. Regardless how many good boy posts you receive in this forum from sycophants. You don't "grow" by playing a video game with a bunch of strangers. Matchmaking doesn't exist to validate yourself.
  4. Don't see how this fortune cookie wisdom is going to reach a couple of nitwits hurling keystrokes at one another. That's what moderating comms and toxic behavior is supposed to achieve. Doable in League, not doable in Heroes of Deadgame and Shot Down Ideas. Let's continue to watch the game crash and burn I suppose.
  5. This is not about that. "Drop" as in stop performing a [meaningful] task such as last hitting. The point is to disincentivize people who either start ranting in the chat or purposely aggravate others with disruptive comms. It could be something inane, let's say: Player A: Stop taking my last hits. Player B: I'm not. Player A: You are. Player B: No, I'm not. Player A: Yes, you are. And so on. It's an observable phenomenon where obsessive comms even s
  6. As title says, goading your teammates into dropping what they're doing to type in chat is objectively disruptive for the both parties, regardless of how much self-control the victim may or may not have. Make it into a punishable offense.
  7. When a midwit does something dumb, but thinks he's smart.
  8. J Just muster up your inner belief. Focus on it hard. Concentrate on your third eye. Finally, picture these words forming: It. Is. *Never*. My. Fault. It's *Others*. That. Suck. And then you've done it, you've become the best there is, one who overcomes any obstacle. Your wisdom has become unsurpassed. You're *it*, baby.
  9. Do as you will, you have your freedoms obviously. I do suspect you will burn out though, your selflessness comes off as if it was under a veneer of narcissism. Nonetheless, you're not promoting healthy behavior. Most people could consider setting aside 50 bucks a month as a means to support, they aren't going to consider becoming paypigs Saudi prince style. That is if you were preaching somewhere most of the community frequented - you're not, these forums are barely alive. It is definitely up to the management to make these donation drives visible in game, tied to the microtransactions or
  10. I would imagine if the community doesn't understand the importance of marketing, it's because there was no appropriate community outreach from the company owners. In the same sense, expecting the majority of the community to find this thread alone is in itself a silly notion. As for OP's sentiment to put yourself out for this cause, to the point of disrupting your daily routines and even working overtime, I find that idea to be highly unhealthy and frankly desperate. You're not a position do so as a mere video game player. You've set unhealthy standards for yourself and it is highly unlik
  11. You can't ban for stupidity. How would noob games be playable otherwise? The problem here is you have to prove maliciousness behind the intent which is hard to discern from the objective standpoint. Of course it's different in games that get budget for moderation like League of Legends where a pattern of this kind of behavior is punished, so it all comes to the lack of resources.
  12. The pinging system is not perfect, as you couldn't clearly communicate warding/dewarding intention or wanting to smoke up. Signal to man up... signal to group up for a push clearly, so on. Still you can do way more than little; indicate your current hp/mana, cooldowns, gold missing for an item, etc. Chat definitely can be more disruptive than useful especially when your teammates misinterpret its purpose and start having arguments. Voice chat is on one hand your most powerful tool, but then again you can't get banned for it so people abuse it to talk crap. It's for sure not that detrimental to
  13. That's actually pretty funny
  14. Ganking is not always an option, and tp'ing into a pushed carry lane or against a dual lane with unfavorable numbers (because you've fed 5 kills by then) might very well add to your losing streak because the fed mid laner can just react with a tp and score some further kills. And guess what - it's gonna cost him less to do that than it cost you to set up that gank. Again, the answer is game sense: you have to know how survive a "suicide" mid lane just as much as when to gank in a time-effective manner. The best players don't just sacrifice resource management to chase ganks, they find efficien
  15. 0-5 is generally the point of no return scenario. It indicates you've either failed to itemize defensively or have been consistently ganked. If the former, you've probably enabled a strong snowballer like pebbles into pretty much wrecking half your team, and the game is lost. If the latter, your team mates might have been sleeping instead of trying to counter an aggressive man up, but it took your opponents time to shut down your lane while everyone else farmed unobstructed. Regardless, you've fed a lot by that point, and it means you're focusing too much on last hitting and tunnel visioning t
  16. Next time I see a stack of 3 people with 90% winrate, garbage sweeping hero picks, and some double safety roamers ensuring their garbage sweeping mid can do so unhindered, I'll keep your comment in mind. No such thing out there. Boy are you a laugh riot.
  17. Hey you guys I'm gonna take 5 seconds to shit out my question: how to live LIFE. Please make a 20 page dissertation explaining how to best accomplish this. PROTIP: If a dimwit doesn't put in the effort, neither should you. Don't waste your time.
  18. Right now, you're forced to mouseover if say trying to buy a nullstone's recipe or any other piece of a multi-part item. If I open the dropdown menu from Wingbow, but don't remember how much Snake Bracelet cost, I have to mouseover the item in the dropdown menu if I can't afford it. This is for situations where I want to buy the item, but am missing a small amount of gold. This way I'd just press the hotkey and obtain the information. Also, notice that this becomes even more frustrating if you're using Ctrl to attempt buying just the recipe, adding even more steps to check what the recipe
  19. http://www.heroesofnewerth.com/download https://hon.fandom.com/wiki/Ward_of_Sight https://hon.fandom.com/wiki/Ward_of_Revelation https://youtu.be/XYAAENn7N1I https://hon.fandom.com/wiki/Role
  20. Just make it so every activation of Symbol also lets you select a creep to take over. So if creep takeover is not on cooldown and you just want to use lifesteal, you'll have to cancel the cross sight cursor. Janky but it works. Then you have to add 2 separate cooldown visuals, I suggest you make them in different colors to be easily told apart. Well, good luck. I'm happy I was able to solve this programming dilemma for you. (Not a coder, btw, if that matters.) I'm looking forward to this new and improved Symbol of Rage with retained functionality.
  21. Thing is you don't always seem to get the full amount. Say you have a sub account. Sometimes you get 1/2 of the amount you were supposed to be getting on each account, sometimes the full amount on all the acounts, which seems to be happening completely at random. What is up with that?
  22. There's something deeply humorous about a picture of a barking ape, and then jumping into the hyperbole of wanting to "annihilate" a nation of people by the means of particles and antiparticles colliding with one another. At least he's funny, I'll give him that. And BTW I don't think that's actually bannable going by Frostburn's selective wordfilter.
  23. Considering ElementUser was focusing on Ichor and healers this patch, the item is for supports like Martyr that don't rely on dealing damage and instead survivability. I guess burst heroes like chipper could also benefit though, just use your shit, survive, and then get back into the action, as you wait for charges retreating.
  24. It's really sad when talented players leave or crap on their teammates because they feel entitled to the highest quality standard in a matchmaking queue. I can tell you your lack of humility and respect (which is earned but it doesn't excuse you being a garbage person) is going to bite you in the arse at some point in your life, maybe then you'll have matured. Though I can understand that this community inspires the worst by enabling really shitty people, I genuinely hope you strive for something better than that at least on principle.
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