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  1. Hilarious. Does count as avoidance of course - "technically". Just imagine any flavor of a dysfunctional bureaucracy where the individual gets maximally boned for the sake of the system that barely does what it was intended to do. Meanwhile, let's remind ourselves our precious RAP is the kind of system where any smurf can realistically access all brackets, feed every lane while pretending to help, and not get banned.
  2. Yeah, you'll get double silver for the whole (or 1.x for a few in consecutive order) URSA set - after you create a helpdesk ticket and ask support to enable it for you.
  3. What escapes you is that Russia is a poverty stricken mafia state where god emperor Putin is worshipped as the highest form of authority. So while that doesn't mean being Russian in itself harms gaming communities, what does is the mentality that's prevalent amongst Russians, which is overwhelmingly sociopathic (lack of empathy - "I can do things to my advantage because your feelings don't matter to me"), low IQ ("diminishing the strength of my team is OK as long as I get dopamine hits from things that benefit me"), and ridden with superiority complex (dunning-kruger effect mixed with ego
  4. Ah, yes. Diversity is our strength! Spoken on a forum with 5 people on it. My heart has truly been embiggened to pour my soul into battling bydlo on a daily basis. I mean, being malicious and refusing to cc, but still doing the basic minimum not to get banned and get your dopamine hits can be considered trying to win, right? Right? Griefers can be a good thing after all. All thanks to the power of diversity, which keeps us going.
  5. Don't spread dense misinfo based on an items single property and feeling that's the way it is. It's not. You're uninformed. You're not getting the whole picture.
  6. Why would you throw this poorly formated garbage post at me when you're still wrong on every point? There's no goddamn reason whatsoever not to have a feature like Dota 2 does, regardless how much nonsense you dump in here. Especially now that we have a temp ban for those that can't connect.
  7. Ah yes thanks for reminding me why the one goddamn feature that's only the most logical thing to exist in any MOBA ever got removed because of no backbone nor desire to develop a mitigative temp ban for those that don't accept (can't connect) like we have now. I mean, why would we have a requirement to be in front of the damn monitor when a game is found. It's totes better to have everyone be cooking their dinner during the picking phase. OH. I SEE. It would RUIN some chucklefuck's blasted twitch broadcast. Well, we couldn't have that! We care about those more than regular people pla
  8. He said "development", but what he actually meant is growth, and HoN isn't growing. It's stagnating at best. There are no larger entities interested in funding the advertising. There are no "investments" being placed. Garena is just milking the dead husk Maliken left behind for its assets and makes good money off that. But the actual game that we love? It has no future under this reign.
  9. Zlapped mentioned Garena is squatting on the rights because they're using HoN assets for their mobile games, which are supposed to be providing rather massive income for them. I guess they have no reason not to let existing maintainers milk the dwindling playerbase, but I can't imagine the game not be destined to disappear following this course.
  10. Alright here's a real answer because you got meme'd by forum virtue signalling that's essentially phony good boi-posting. The truth is you can't because this a dying / at death's door game, so the devs had to open up the floodgates for "bydlo" to keep it afloat. The reality is you can't win while playing with "bydlo" because they're extra bitter, extra selfish players who only look for ways to get ahead from their impoverished lives. Dog eat dog worldview which is prevalent in eastern europe. So, the harsh facts are that you simply can't improve at this game without SIGNIFICANT
  11. Well, has it occurred to you that being Russian doesn't have much to do with your issue? If a bad player doesn't know how to play, that doesn't mean they're going to have the foresight to pick the least impactful role in the team and make the best of a bad situation. That's what GOOD judgment does that bad players don't have. It won't matter if both of you speak the language because cooperatively you're already screwed. A higher rated Russian player is going to know the simplest words that allow cooperation, even if their English is beyond poor. There just isn't that much needed to cooper
  12. *5 years later after DemonSparda became the new HoN balance lead*
  13. Pre-nerf benzington was able to stun / burst the whole team with his Q before. This is even worse on paper. You don't just replace "frustration factor" with something that lets you cast Q 10 times with the right timing. You replaced 1v1 / 2v1 lane frustration factor with teamfight wrecking kind of frustration factor (but maybe in 1900 games teams will be coordinated enough to counterplay so it's k, amirite). And it's not like adrenaline can be overcome with team coordination, no. It can trap half the enemy team and go nuts on them with ultimate buffs/benefits similar to chronos in some ways.
  14. You are of course correct. The shop suffers from multiple issues, its poor readability being one of them. Unintuitive item grouping being another. Or there being no quick way to verify recipe prices (you have to mouseover). Or hotkeys not matching between main shop and the side shop. I love this game, but it's niche status makes the amount of polish it has incomparable to a big game like dota where everything is much simpler. Hon will always be dota's janky older sibling that just can't catch up with modernizing features.
  15. Okay, you can use a circle of black tape. Just tape it in the center of your monitor. That way you're gonna know where to aim. Or you can use a sharpie and draw a dot with it.
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