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  1. They were literally showcased on HoN's reddit sub in late december last year. Also, abused by popular streamers. Also last year. Moot point as you openly admit a subjective preference for the inferior engine of the two, but it just doesn't bother you. Good for you. Bad for the community. Though a sign that sometimes it's better to move on, which it is in this case.
  2. Well, to illustrate this better for you, the "anti-stuck" feature has given Armadon an immense advantage over the years because simply walking toward a cliff and having some units behind you like neutral creeps or even other hero units can open up nearly any obstructed path for his escape. Preference or not, this is a balance issue that's intrinsically tied to the engine. And that's disregarding all the other juking exploits that relate to direct pathing 95% of the community hasn't the slightest clue about.
  3. It doesn't matter if you personally like it or not. E.User always deemed this as a flaw and has been waging a silent war against glitched tree/cliff-juking by constantly changing their placement where abuse occurred, but obviously has never been able to put in the man-hours to patch everything out. It appears to be a flaw in the engine and is a frustration because it adds a dimension of play 95% of the community is unable to grasp and exploit. Not to mention that it's perceived as cheating. And that's just the surface side of HoN's persistent jankiness when there are other technical issue
  4. Even so, not an inherently bad thing. What matters is how many things your teammates can pick up on during teamfights. In HoN it's common even in high brackets for good players to cooperate poorly during teamfights because the game isn't readable enough, especially effects-wise. Sounds like a you problem if you can't find excitement in a match. Then again, get into ranked first before commenting on the lack of communication in unranked. There's little voice chat in HoN 1500 games as well. Useless comms also put you at risk of getting spite-reported, so people type less.
  5. I think they're recorded if you leave late enough for the stats to count, but it's not worth it. You will always incur the harshest penalties to behavior score from disconnecting, and should never do it unless the game is safe to quit. You can drop quite a ways down from 10k BS, and then it's low priority where not only do you have to play with seasoned trolls, you also have to win those games to get out. The matchmaking system also takes your BS into account, so the lower it is, the higher the odds of getting into a match with griefers. The differences in speed are negligible honestly
  6. That is a significant thing to leave out from your post. Turbo is completely different, as players will take the meat grinder approach, and rarely focus on the objectives. Definitely stick to unranked games even if you aren't well acquainted with the heroes yet. What worked for me is to adhere to a rule that I would preview a new hero every time I decided to queue. DotA's balance is much, much more polished. For example, heroes such as Ophelia / Chen aren't allowed to randomly win the skeleton lottery and wreak havoc from the first minute, and the neutral items add so much more dep
  7. Every time I'm losing heavily in DotA, the game seems like it's gonna drag on, but it usually ends 5 or so minutes later. There's an upside to this because when you are winning you'll get to enjoy your advantage. Beyond that, the concede mentality in HoN has always bothered me to an extent. People just give up because they think the game can't be turned around anymore. Newsflash: you are fallible. I also make this mistake every now and then where I demotivate teammates thinking I can perfectly calculate all the factors, but I'm no supercomputer, and neither are you. Granted, 24-4 is extreme, b
  8. Only jokesters brought up on off-grid internet edge shunting slurs left and right are getting permabanned. You I'm assuming being one of them.
  9. If I'm not wrong moderators around here are completely on volunteer basis, so his approval is pure "this is in the interest of my masters, and as their faithful servant I believe that it is right because stifling free speech serves a practical purpose in this point in time". Basically what happens after you are propagandized. Other than that, all HoN services, including this forum, are about to be closed down, and I'm guessing only archived to showcase the leading person's "stellar work" being in charge of customer support and feedback. So, it is actually a pretty good topic for a th
  10. Bro, this forum exists to pad somebody's resume. What were you expecting
  11. Ceriss, entirely possible. Many players don't use voice comms at all. The criteria is only what can be heard, not how others comment on it. As I said before, re-recording a video with OBS couldn't be simpler, so this process leaves massive surface for exploitation. The GMs won't care how long the clip is, so a 5 second video with altered audio could get you a permaban.
  12. I believe what I described should be perfectly easy & doable if you lower Voice Chat/Shoutcaster Volume to like 5 or something inaudible. Once you've recorded somebody using the microphone except JUST THEIR voice can't be heard in the video, you then record that video playing in a media player with OBS, and then play an offending audio clip in the background in winamp, foobar whatever. I don't see how you guys would have a way to verify such a clip as authentic or not, and I don't see how the RAP history helps with this exploitable process. What might effectively happen is you see the UI l
  13. This method of banning people is honestly outrageous. Let me outline a simple method of manufacturing a fake clip of someone saying something like a racial slur. You'd mute the VOIP slider in the HoN settings. When somebody is speaking, any UI icons would still light up. Then you just play a rule breaking voice clip over the recorded video where the victim is not saying anything offensive, then record over it with OBS again. You could literally get anyone banned with this method because there are no means of verifying the authenticity of your audio against anything. The mods can only chec
  14. Yup, on like June or July. The servers are going away. Your accounts are going to be erased. Any avatar purchases will be lost as well. As far as anyone knows, no private servers can be created either because it would be too costly and require too much devving work, aside from the fact that a good portion of the modern code is not available without reverse engineering, and that it would be illegal. People have been quite sad, but there's always Dota 2, which is honestly not that far off from HoN. Time to move on, and fondly remember HoN as the one MOBA whose incredible potential had been squan
  15. Dota 2 actually already has its own equivalents of some of the heroes. Marci for example is very similar to MK with her mobility, and the AoE on the skill. Except she actually scales for damage dealing thanks to the ulti, and isn't overly reliant on being a clusterfuck of different skills. Because you're not playing it or judging the game by the laning phase. The pace gets just as hectic in Dota when you're active.
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