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  1. Dota 2 actually already has its own equivalents of some of the heroes. Marci for example is very similar to MK with her mobility, and the AoE on the skill. Except she actually scales for damage dealing thanks to the ulti, and isn't overly reliant on being a clusterfuck of different skills. Because you're not playing it or judging the game by the laning phase. The pace gets just as hectic in Dota when you're active.
  2. Didn't even flame you. That's literally how most people think they should play WC3's dota, so you're not making much of an argument. If the majority of the community is introduced to dated graphics, the game will inevitably not grow its playerbase. Not to mention issues with obtaining a copy of the game through legitimate means in the first place. Also arguing that Dota 2 looks bad is some kind of mental disorder. It doesn't, it looks great. And it isn't boring either. You'd have to be living down some serious delusions to claim fucking LEAGUE. OF. LEGENDS. of all games is a solid game co
  3. This is what dota 1 looks like. You're not feeling well if you think this looks better than dota 2.
  4. I could ask the same about people who whine or type essays about subpar teammates. Except we already know it's a waste of time, so we don't. Get over it. Quit MOBAs or accept that human psychology is a persistent factor.
  5. You just admitted that the system didn't work throughout its unfruitful lifetime - it didn't accomodate the needs of the community. Simple as. Your input on how effective RAP was is rich, coming from the literal enforcer of said system. It is absolutely mindnumbing how people who cannot see faults in what they support hinder any potential progress for the community in question just because you cannot comprehend that MOBAs incentivize shifting blame and that there are processes within the matchmaking system that aggravate the unconditioned average player. That is why Dota 2 requires 100 ho
  6. What a great system you bandwagon there where only 100% obvious griefers get punished. Being in the 0.9% of the community who studied your rules meticulously enough to only make successful reports doesn't even mean anything because you still won't review subjective griefing, which is almost always the case. RAP has never worked, stop deluding yourself.
  7. So long as it's recognized that juking is better than it should be, and compromises melee autoattack heroes to a needless extent. If you are ranged, the projectile homing reveals the direction the juker is going, but if you're melee - not only are you given less information as to where the target's going, you also hit less. It should be super simple to make running away targets fade out later than they currently are to mitigate for ping, so melee gankers are more reliable.
  8. There's merit to what Jabawoogie is saying, but not based on his video evidence. I've had situations where I couldn't land a single autoattack because the opponent was running around a single tree. There's this thing where, due to ping, your hero won't initiate an autoattack despite A-clicking next to the target - not directly on him to avoid your hero stopping in place like in Jabawoogie's twitch clip. And because it's ping related you can't just load up practice mode and test it either. I think juking is also overpowered in HoN because of this ping issue. Sometimes it seems like you're right
  9. How sad to read is this thread? We have actual GMs and a staff member denying that a sui meta that has been a thing for a decade in fact isn't. Why would you guys question this person's rank for rightfully claiming that the nature of suicide will occasionally force you to just leech XP? That's how sui has always been. It gets truly psychotic when the lead people start gaslighting you into thinking you have options when you in fact don't - and you also get punished for that with an AFK kick.
  10. Get yourself set up with Autohotkey. You can also make a toggle for when you have to type normally. I believe it should be allowed for just setting keybindings.
  11. Jesus, that is rough. I understand that smurfs abusing the matchmaking are ruinous for the community, but shouldn't the game being playable on modern technology be the absolutely utmost priority? You basically just told him that he's out of luck because he's using the AMD brand. That's insane!
  12. Yes, it doesn't work. Or more to the point - it is so barebones that it gives the illusion that it works, but all the numerous cases where griefers get away with griefing are counted out. (Which is of course to some griefers' delight who flourish in an environment where they get to test out their "novel" methods of gameplay.) Don't be fooled: GMs are not vetted industry professionals, they are regular players who are thrown scraps their way to put marks over the proverbial checkboxes that stand for "each player's individual case". Think "Do you happen to be the victim and intentionally targe
  13. Friendly reminder "enjoying the game the way you believe" can not only be anti-social (high TMM players generally want to win, not watch someone throw their games through feigned stupidity), but also against the rules as any KD scout can attest to. So, I'm sure you can see how insidious this person is. Given that his lack of imagination just made him advise a new player to potentially break the rules and get himself banned. It is absolutely not in your interest to earn yourself a suspension by "believing" that, for example, your way to express your gameplay happens to be dying as often as
  14. It is worth noting that anything user Lunarios says should be taken with a grain of salt as he is known to troll 1800 brackets with his "unconventional" plays where he picks heroes he knows underperform in certain roles with complete disregard for the other people in his solo Q endeavours, or simply takes the opportunity to "learn" unconventional aspects of the hero at everyone else's expense. As he is also known to simply feed & ragequit matches, it is more than reasonable to assume that any advice he's dispensing may simply be subtle attempts at sabotaging you. Consider yourself warned.
  15. Invent more fairy tales to pad your ego. Fools will believe it on your 1 post account. I don't. Nobody cares if you play this game. Regardless how many good boy posts you receive in this forum from sycophants. You don't "grow" by playing a video game with a bunch of strangers. Matchmaking doesn't exist to validate yourself.
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