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  1. Hey you guys I'm gonna take 5 seconds to shit out my question: how to live LIFE. Please make a 20 page dissertation explaining how to best accomplish this. PROTIP: If a dimwit doesn't put in the effort, neither should you. Don't waste your time.
  2. Right now, you're forced to mouseover if say trying to buy a nullstone's recipe or any other piece of a multi-part item. If I open the dropdown menu from Wingbow, but don't remember how much Snake Bracelet cost, I have to mouseover the item in the dropdown menu if I can't afford it. This is for situations where I want to buy the item, but am missing a small amount of gold. This way I'd just press the hotkey and obtain the information. Also, notice that this becomes even more frustrating if you're using Ctrl to attempt buying just the recipe, adding even more steps to check what the recipe
  3. http://www.heroesofnewerth.com/download https://hon.fandom.com/wiki/Ward_of_Sight https://hon.fandom.com/wiki/Ward_of_Revelation https://youtu.be/XYAAENn7N1I https://hon.fandom.com/wiki/Role
  4. Just make it so every activation of Symbol also lets you select a creep to take over. So if creep takeover is not on cooldown and you just want to use lifesteal, you'll have to cancel the cross sight cursor. Janky but it works. Then you have to add 2 separate cooldown visuals, I suggest you make them in different colors to be easily told apart. Well, good luck. I'm happy I was able to solve this programming dilemma for you. (Not a coder, btw, if that matters.) I'm looking forward to this new and improved Symbol of Rage with retained functionality.
  5. Thing is you don't always seem to get the full amount. Say you have a sub account. Sometimes you get 1/2 of the amount you were supposed to be getting on each account, sometimes the full amount on all the acounts, which seems to be happening completely at random. What is up with that?
  6. There's something deeply humorous about a picture of a barking ape, and then jumping into the hyperbole of wanting to "annihilate" a nation of people by the means of particles and antiparticles colliding with one another. At least he's funny, I'll give him that. And BTW I don't think that's actually bannable going by Frostburn's selective wordfilter.
  7. Considering ElementUser was focusing on Ichor and healers this patch, the item is for supports like Martyr that don't rely on dealing damage and instead survivability. I guess burst heroes like chipper could also benefit though, just use your shit, survive, and then get back into the action, as you wait for charges retreating.
  8. It's really sad when talented players leave or crap on their teammates because they feel entitled to the highest quality standard in a matchmaking queue. I can tell you your lack of humility and respect (which is earned but it doesn't excuse you being a garbage person) is going to bite you in the arse at some point in your life, maybe then you'll have matured. Though I can understand that this community inspires the worst by enabling really shitty people, I genuinely hope you strive for something better than that at least on principle.
  9. This can easily be verified in practice mode, and you're wrong.
  10. - What qualifies as granting assists? Attacking the target or providing auras to the attacker it would seem like - How much gold is gained from assists? Maybe ~1/4 depending what the target is worth? - What if nobody assists? "Assist gold split to team" - Is there a limit to how many heroes can assist? Guess not. - Why is it that Ring of the Teacher appears to sometimes grants assists, and sometimes does not? Tried this in practice and Ring would always achieve an assist if the attacker was in range of the aura.
  11. Thank you, I will strive to my utmost to display better patience and tolerance for the brave individuals on the spectrum who continue to push boundaries in the working field. I have no doubts that this little problem will find its solution, and that we can hope for a better future to those disabled but still capable.
  12. This is actually false and Google goes to great lengths to prevent mass account creation. You will likely be prompted to provide a phone number depending how many accounts get created in your network on average. Lobbies have their own disadvantages. The majority is not going to be able to invest the time into finding people for regular scrims, and those kinds of games usually have no room for beginner's learning. The prime advantage of MMR is the system that matches you with people of your skill level, and allows progression towards being competitive. You didn't have that in lobbies be
  13. Imagine owning a cuck-machine where you can't run whatever the hell you want on it.
  14. There's all the reason. You can't make multiple accounts on the same email address. It takes slightly more motivation and computer know-how to get around that quickly.
  15. I haven't insulted you at all. You are arguing for having the freedom to act anti-social in a video game because it's "fun". Guess what, if you tried to make a case in real life for why punching homeless people is a great activity and how it is everyone's right to do so, you would be equally shunned. Grow up.
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