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  1. You are of course correct. The shop suffers from multiple issues, its poor readability being one of them. Unintuitive item grouping being another. Or there being no quick way to verify recipe prices (you have to mouseover). Or hotkeys not matching between main shop and the side shop. I love this game, but it's niche status makes the amount of polish it has incomparable to a big game like dota where everything is much simpler. Hon will always be dota's janky older sibling that just can't catch up with modernizing features.
  2. Okay, you can use a circle of black tape. Just tape it in the center of your monitor. That way you're gonna know where to aim. Or you can use a sharpie and draw a dot with it.
  3. Sometimes obstruct retreating towards bottom left when spam occurs. Pls make clickable thru
  4. MUH frustration. Hero bad, it harass. remove hero!!! Arachna bad, too but no remove!!! The pronoun is THEM, ya shitlord.
  5. People do or don't concede for a myriad of reasons. They could be not getting as much of a kick out of it as you or simply don't care about ranking up to a large enough degree to believe being in that high winning percentile is worth the kind of investment required to win those matchups (turning mic on and micro-managing teammates who underperform, etc). That's why theorizing what should be the objective criteria for conceding is pointless. The only way to have sane standards is to find like-minded individuals to queue with. NOT coming to terms with the fact that random people in the matc
  6. Welcome to the world of an oppressed ethnic minority as taught by the western left Notes to take away: - be LOUD, type in highlighted text and with a giant font - scream RACISM even if it is unwarranted always warranted - disagreement in any shape of form is the most vile form of racism and a sign of an oppressive western hegemony after all - blame everything and everyone else for your lack of foresight and poor decision-making, the last thing you want is to be held responsible for your own actions
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