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  1. The point in midwars is to have fun and not stress or play for ranking. Seeing your own MMR is good change. Single Draft does exist, so maybe double check?
  2. New nitro rework is super fun. One of the best reworks ever. Hes really fun to play if you build it correct way
  3. I was hoping to see some love towards Reptide. He use to be great hero, now someohow I don't see him in games at all. Maybe something could be done to change that
  4. That is not anti Flint, you can do that against every anty cary hero. It's not easy just to "jump" flint. A decent Flint player see what enemies items and heroes are and then just adjust the game style. There's not denial it's way easier for flint to stay back and kill enemies with auto-attack without being in danger than any other hero. If you know how to position yourself and when to engage in the fight, Flint have massive upperhand in MW than other carries.
  5. Is it even possible to nerf flint just in mid wars? If so I definitely support this idea. It's so easy to dominate with this hero I reckon from my experience it has around 70-80% win rate there. It is ridiculous the distance he can hit the enemies. Getting a wing bow on top of that, and you're unstoppable machine
  6. That's a nice coincidence LOL. I was thinking about nitro yesterday when i saw her winning % My idea was exactly to make her auto attack hero (get rid of her W entirely, and rework it) and just add to her auto-attack her Q, so she can do both, auto attack and shoot the cannon at the same time.
  7. No, this is bad idea. It would unnecessary increase the waiting time for games, and also you can't really judge someone after one game. People would ban others too easily for only a minor mistakes, or stupid moves. Besides that, it could be easily abused. You could add to ban list players with low stats to increase your chances of getting better players in your team. Which would be considered a stat manipulation. Forget about it, it's never gonna happen. Altho I would agree on time limited bans. If you can ban someone from your group for few hours, that would be a nice so
  8. I would more like to see the starts "Wards Destroyed".
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