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  1. Hi,

    I got quite self explanatory two suggestions.

    1. Ward of Sight

    My suggestion to this item is to make it free. We already got 50% refund if the ward hasn't been countered, but from my experience it is still not enough. There's too many games (especially in lower brackets) where no one want to buy wards.

    Making them free will only improve gaming experience and decrease gaps in games where only one team has a full fledged support who buy wards.

    Allowing people to pick up wards for free will end mid lane crying for wards and flaming/throwing games in where they dont get them, allowing them to pick up their own whenever they need.

    Ward of revelations would have significantly higher value allowing proper support focusing on countering wards and gain extra gold that way.


    *to futher improvement the gaming experience worth considering adding a free personal Ward of Sight that refresh every 6 minutes (max stack of 1) on top of current system where wards are shared amoug the team*

    2. Auto-attacking 

    My suggestionis to add an extra option to switch off auto atacking completly. This is a suggestion aimed more toward  newish and less experienced playes who struggle with last hitting or supports pushing/puling lanes unintentionally. This change woulf not have any impact on veteran players, and also the option is to be switched off/on at any stage of the.game


    Thanks for reading

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  2. 14 hours ago, HoN_OMG said:

    I would suggest this:
    buff jungle creeps so jungle pickers won't go afk jungle from minute 1, they need at least some levels to be able to clear some jungle camps.
    I would like to see legionnaire long lane cutting the creep waves better than afk jungle with whispering helm trying to get all the map farm, you will force them to tp and help their carry which will create more space for your position 1.
    also tempest as position 4 works totally fine, specially with the new jungle camps that makes long lane easiser to controlle. you can compare it to pr you can keep denieing your ranged creep and send your Elemental creeps to farm their woods...etc

    Yeah, make a secret levels for all the camps in the jungle

    For example jungle creeps have lvl 6, and for every lvl difference between you and the creep they do extra 10% damage to you. That would mean after you get lvl 6, they would start doing normal damage.

  3. There's is no denial that considering what you have been left with, you doing an exceptional work EU. I've been playing HoN for over 11 years now and unfortunately I was, like many others, a witness of the downfall of it due to stupid decision making. This is your baby now, and I'm sure with a little support from the community it will grow back. Just look at the Honcast, 1.000 players were watching the finals, and we even had BreakyCPK casting it.

    For me personally the game doesn't require much more polish in terms or hero balance/map or new content that much. The real problem for anyone who play HoN right now are.

    • Long Que in higher Ranks
    • Hight Ranked players, smurfing on low ranks
    • Extreme Toxic and Rude community
    • No account value, that promote smutfing and griefing
    • Pointless Bans
    • Jungle meta where 9/10 games are with junglers due to people not wanting to support each other

    I'm convinced if we would shift our focus to resolve those problems, the game will again see the flew of new and returning players.


    The main issues for people not wanting to play support it's of course their stats. I bet many people would play support if it wound't affect their stats.

    To resolve this problem, I would even go as far as creating a new statistic tab "Support" where the stats from listed supports are only registered and if you play a hero from the list, your "main" stats are not affected.



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  4. What I would like to see instead is to rework jungle heroes, so we have no hero that can jungle from lv 1

    A drastic change but from what I experience in TMM where 70% of games are with junglers who simply goes there because his lane got called and he don't want to play support or go long lane, It would be a healthy change for the community. 

  5. I to this day can't understand why the map got changed. No one ever asked about change of the map, and yet it has been. I wound not mind  getting a nice remaster, but I personally never liked the change.

    It's safe to say I got use to it now and I don't think it would be a good idea to go back

  6. The queue doesn't have to be longer, and this could be only addition to a current que system so in theory you would get less games where people fight over the lanes not entirely get rid of them

    This is definitely one of great mechanics that Dota have (and not only dota)

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  7. Maliken was too strong. I play this hero a lot, this is a good balance nerf

    Regarding Drunken Master. I'm glad we have the Drink ability back, my only concern is channeling time.

    Two seconds it's quite a long time, Using it a lot would means in a 35 minute game, you would end up standing still for few minutes? Having it channel time 1 second instead I feel like would add some more dynamic to the hero.

    The rest of the patch is pretty solid. Can't decide how I feel about hatchet nerf, will have to wait and see

  8. What you are trying to say @Sorais is that the camp is not cleanable solo person early in the game. You would be able to clear it easily with some additional help. I think promoting team co-operation in Mid wars, and adding this mini objective would improve overall experience.

    Also to prevent last hitting, the gold from the camp could be divided by the team who killed it.

  9. 1&2) I would personally have the current Hard Camp replaced with a mix of Hard/Ancient camp. Having a camp spawning main creep from hard camp pool of creeps (only Skeleton King / Minotaur / Vagabond Leader / Catman Champion) alongside one main Ancient Creep (Bettle Queen / Predasaur Crusher / Dragon Master) without any of it's side mobs

    I believe that would be a best middle ground, as some heroes require Ancients to their staff effect. I wound not like adding another new camp to have people spread more around the map farming instead of fighting more. In fact I would love to see current camp be moved a bit closer to the center as well so it would actually encourage players to to kill it, and both team initialize the fight over them. Having it so far out results with people usually sneaking out to kill them.  Having them closer along with an additional ancient mob spawning providing extra gold, would encourage players to fight over them more.

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  10. For those who missed it. Breaky himself confirmed today on the stream. He is going to be casting finals of Hon OMG tournament tomorrow! (17 of June)

    Make sure to tune in if you guys want hear once more the best caster ever existed and the HoN legend himself!



  11. I agree sand is under performing at the moment and not enjoyable to play. His Illusions are quite frustrating to play with and against it. Hero feel very clunky for an agility carry.

    I like the idea of how the illusions attack, but for me having Geo + W + Ulti creates a massive chaos, and ruins the experience

    I'd love to see change to his passive and W spells. Maybe instead of spawning a two illusions for certain amount of time you can control, make his attacks spawn an illusion attacks on the same target (something like Forsaken Archer passive) each time he lands a hit.

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