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  1. How about to create Patreon so players can set up direct debit (something like twitch subscriptions), this should be a bit easier and more consistent way of getting donations
  2. What you are trying to say @Sorais is that the camp is not cleanable solo person early in the game. You would be able to clear it easily with some additional help. I think promoting team co-operation in Mid wars, and adding this mini objective would improve overall experience. Also to prevent last hitting, the gold from the camp could be divided by the team who killed it.
  3. 1&2) I would personally have the current Hard Camp replaced with a mix of Hard/Ancient camp. Having a camp spawning main creep from hard camp pool of creeps (only Skeleton King / Minotaur / Vagabond Leader / Catman Champion) alongside one main Ancient Creep (Bettle Queen / Predasaur Crusher / Dragon Master) without any of it's side mobs I believe that would be a best middle ground, as some heroes require Ancients to their staff effect. I wound not like adding another new camp to have people spread more around the map farming instead of fighting more. In fact I would love to see current camp be moved a bit closer to the center as well so it would actually encourage players to to kill it, and both team initialize the fight over them. Having it so far out results with people usually sneaking out to kill them. Having them closer along with an additional ancient mob spawning providing extra gold, would encourage players to fight over them more.
  4. and carry TP to use it when she ulti you.
  5. You need to send a proper non-edited screenshot, and they will handle it. Send a RAP ticket on https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/auth or just PM one of the senior Game Masters
  6. For those who missed it. Breaky himself confirmed today on the stream. He is going to be casting finals of Hon OMG tournament tomorrow! (17 of June) Make sure to tune in if you guys want hear once more the best caster ever existed and the HoN legend himself!
  7. I never had any problems with reporting people post game. Sometimes in game function doesn't show tho A bit sad to see tho that almost every day i come across someone who griefs. I wish people just changes their attitude and work together to win the game
  8. The simple answer is No. Thats why we got in game communication introduces. And frankly, there's no need to communicate
  9. @HyperXewl - Can you give us more information about 64-bit version and how could it be different ?:O
  10. I agree it should be his normal effect, sounds like a really cool idea. If he loses he give dmg to the person, if he wins he takes that dmg from them.
  11. I agree sand is under performing at the moment and not enjoyable to play. His Illusions are quite frustrating to play with and against it. Hero feel very clunky for an agility carry. I like the idea of how the illusions attack, but for me having Geo + W + Ulti creates a massive chaos, and ruins the experience I'd love to see change to his passive and W spells. Maybe instead of spawning a two illusions for certain amount of time you can control, make his attacks spawn an illusion attacks on the same target (something like Forsaken Archer passive) each time he lands a hit.
  12. Salomon is a dogpoo in Caldavar as well. This hero should get another rework. His ulti is basically useless and under performing. I did prefer his original design when he was build as an magic initiator with his ulti doing damage depending on the distance
  13. The point in midwars is to have fun and not stress or play for ranking. Seeing your own MMR is good change. Single Draft does exist, so maybe double check?
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