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  1. Like I said, I wasn't planning on taking money. It was more like, Buy Me a Coffee?, as an example. My issue isn't whether "the mod" is allowed. It is about mods in general. As I have stated above, my interpretation of the EULA is that it is strictly disallowed to make mods. Yet, HoN seem to embrace it. So @ElementUser said modifying XML and Lua is fine. That's a nice affirmation, but doesn't clear all the fog. I.e. there use to be a mod called Portrait Enhancement, which made the center UI look slightly different. I was able to find this reddit post that has a image
  2. I see your points, but I wouldn't trust it in a court of law. Just like you mention, there is a reason there is judges and lawyers. They may have a different interpretation of things, disassemble could be interpreted as more general word, or they may think decompressing could be seen as a "translation". ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I wholehardedly disagree. Adding .s2z files does alter the behavior of the game, thus changing it. Just because there is an interface does not give you the right to use as you wish. It's like saying just because I leave my door unlocked, you're allowed to use it. It may b
  3. I know how the honmods work, and I would say, it's a very gray area and matter of interpretation. Extracting the zip files may be interpreted as decompiling, or disassembling, or translating somehow. I am not a lawyer, so I do not know. But I could see one argue the case. I have been working on a mod, and in order to get it to work. As I have yet to find good documentation on things, I have been forced to run a lot of analysis on various triggers to figure out what they trigger on, and what data they send. This could be argued to be some sort of analysis and/or "reverse eng
  4. Unfortunately, the EULA does not distinguish the two things, but rather just classifies everything as disallowed. But I assume what you are saying, look the other way when people modify the former. Additionally, some cool UI mods have modified some of the original UI textures. Distributing the derived work in any way would be a breach of copyright and the EULA. Like before, paragraph 2: Furthermore, there is some cool stat websites, honstats.com and hon-stats.herokuapp.com, which make the use of icons and textures of the game. This redistribution of the copyrighted material
  5. What's the legal status of modding the game? Forgive me if I am opening a thread unnecessarily but I couldn't find any topic on the matter. From the EULA, I take it is not allowed. From the paragraph 2: Furthermore from paragraph 6, kinda says the same or similar things: My only conclusion of this is that it is not allowed. You are not allowed to modify it, and in the process of making a mod, you often look into the resources files, which you are not allowed. As any analysis or even decompiling is disallowed. Yet, modding seems to be encouraged by t
  6. Nice, I've been wanting to make something similar but time has never allowed. Awesome job!
  7. Why is this issue rejected? It still occurs in patch 4.9.4. Perhaps this was not the "next patch", if so, then which is?
  8. Don't know, all I know is: If it is a recent replay, you can enter the replay through the match history.
  9. So, I can conclude... If you know you'll get banned. You may do whatever, you can grief as much as you please. Because regardless, you'll only be banned for one violation, and all other accusations will be droppped. Personally, I'd say that's a flawed system.
  10. Ban could be extended? The bans are not permanent are they?
  11. What do you mean? I thought this message, "Not corroborated - Another ticket was used to take action on this offender" meant, the person you reported was punished by another report in the same game. But If I understand you correctly, that may not necessarily be the case. Then why is the ticket disregarded? Let's say we have an offender, who intentionally feeds one game, he is reported by someone/severals, and another game later he griefs by buying all wards and placing in the well. Again, he is reported. Now you mean that if he is banned/or action is taken for the first
  12. Could be that, because I think once when it happened, I was spam clicking purchase because I was just about to get the gold, and in the middle of a battle. But I remember dying, and after respawning I could still not purchase. If you would to trigger this short time period prevention, how long is the cooldown to be able to purchase again?
  13. This has happened to me as well at 2-3 occurrences. Disconnecting and reconnecting did not resolve the problem. I also had to restart the client in order to be able to purchase items. Sadly, I don't know how to reproduce it.
  14. The cursor is suppose to be locked when ingame (to the corners of the game), so to navigate the map. Sometimes when tabbing back into the game, the game does not lock the cursor into the game and when trying to navigate the camera, the cursor surpasses the edge of the game and continues out on the other monitor. Similarly sometimes when tabbing out of the game, sometimes the cursor is still locked in the game. That is the cursor cannot move out of the monitor which the game runs on (trying to do so will only get it to the edge, and in doing so will actually move the came
  15. After the camera enters some regions of the map (regions described in the similar bug Fog of War does not show in some regions) everything becomes dark. Fog of war becomes really tricky to see as everything is so dark. See images. Before bug is triggered After bug is triggered Similiarly as described by I cannot find any video driver setting, but since it's on Linux I can only assume it is using OpenGL. It can be avoided by disabling shadows (I.e. Options > Display > Advanced Options > Shadow Quality > Disabled) at the cost of lesser gra
  16. In some regions fog of war is not properly rendered. Units behind fog of war are not displayed, but it does not show the area is fogged. To my knowledge there is three bugged regions. See images below. Legion Top Barracks OK Bug Hellbourne Middle Lane OK Bug OK Bug Legion Bot Tier 2 Tower OK Bug systeminfo.txt Client System Details: OS: Linux 5.11.0-27-generic (x86_64) Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz Priority: 0 Afinity Mask: 255 Video: Unknown (1
  17. Trying to open the Local Replays UI immediately crashes the game. I.e. clicking Crash log Signal: Segmentation fault Backtrace: ./hon-x86_64() [0x41306d] /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.0(+0x153c0) [0x7f136b5f23c0] /home/crimson/Heroes of Newerth/libk2-x86_64.so(+0x5d3c80) [0x7f136922ac80] /home/crimson/Heroes of Newerth/libk2-x86_64.so(+0x5d3f76) [0x7f136922af76] /home/crimson/Heroes of Newerth/libk2-x86_64.so(+0x5d461b) [0x7f136922b61b] /home/crimson/Heroes of Newerth/libk2-x86_64.so(_ZN8CArchive4OpenERKNSt3__112basic_stringIwNS0_11char_traitsIwEE17K2StringAll
  18. Some effects/textures don't show or cause the texture to be complete white. Most notably the Large Snotter aura makes all units affected suffer this effect. See images below. Ichor blood Legion Base Top Lane Lava Hellbourne Well Hellbourne Base Legion Statue Large Snotter Aura systeminfo.txt Client System Details: OS: Linux 5.11.0-27-generic (x86_64) Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz Priority: 0 Afinity Mask: 255 Video: Unknown (1002:6939) RAM: 914.12 MB/15.58 GB Virtual Memory: 32767.94 GB/32768.00 GB Page File: 2.00 G
  19. As title suggests. Expected Behavior: (With Staff of the Master): Casting (channeling) ultimate, followed by casting meteor (D ability) should not interrupt channeling. Experienced Behavior: (With Staff of the Master): Casting (channeling) ultimate, followed by casting meteor (D ability) interrupts channeling of ultimate. Both in matchmaking and reproducible in local practice mode.
  20. I agree. A matchmaking system to makes people smurf is flawed. Smurfing sucks and is inherently lame. The matchmaking should system should "loosen" up the requirements as the queue time grows. Yesterday I queued with friends in a 5-man queue. After 24 minutes of queue and no game, we decided to split the group. 10 seconds and I was in a game. I understand 5 man queues would preferably match against other 5 man queues, or 4+1, or 3+2 groups. But honestly, a queue system where you cannot get into a game with friends, sucks. Queuing alone is cancer too, got matched ye
  21. I have this issue too. I found disabling shadows (Shadow Quality -> Disabled) prevents the it from happening. Unfortunately I still suffer other bugs.
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