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  1. I also noticed that everyone has become so toxic lately, I only play mw and every endgame chat is the same, people blaming each other etc. Speaking of going whisper only, for the first time in years, just an hour ago, I got a message like this: the game ended 10-35, they were already winning with something like 8-20, it was SD mw and there wasn't even any convo in all chat I'll never understand how miserable are some peoples lives that they take the time to be this toxic for no reason.
  2. it was in patch 4.4.6, you can see from the patch notes: https://hon.fandom.com/wiki/Version_4.4.6#Hero_Reworks_.28Regular_Modes.29 it was reverted back on 4.5.0 though
  3. I recently started to play again and agree with most of the things you said. It is super rare that I see a Russian player who calls a lane and picks a hero that goes with the team. %90 of the games I played in the last two weeks, they just go random, write something which we can't see as cyrillic alphabet appears blank, they troll or even if you called a lane, they just pick a hero for wherever they wanna go, ignore your call and invade your space, ruin your game experience. Unfortunately RAP system doesn't cover this, but this is completely feeking up all the joy I can get from the
  4. Hi, It's such a small thing, not sure if it qualifies as a bug either, but wanted to let you know anyway. The description of Grimoire of Power says it has Searing + Magic Lifesteal + CD Reduction modifiers. However, neither Lighbrand or any of the items in its tree (except grimoire) mention the Magic Lifesteal modifier in their item description, even though they give magic lifesteal. I compared the lifesteal between 1 lightbrand and 6 lightbrands in inventory in practice mode, they don't stack, so they have the modifier it in the mechanics but it's just missing in the descr
  5. I think the feeding part is handled well, they get the punishment. But with leavers, I totally agree that it is a huge problem! If the game ends before their disconnect timer runs out, they don't get punished and it does not go in the stats as I remember (correct me if I'm wrong, not sure about it). That allows people to just feel when they don't like it....... Also when game is remaked then they get away with it too... edit// I forgot to propose a solution lol I believe if they can make those situations punishable somehow, it'd be super nice. I thought of proposi
  6. I agree, also it's a good way to invite them for the next game, including the ones in the opposing team. ^^
  7. yeah^ if you don't wanna deal with changing the settings you can just: right click where you want to take it, then press SHIFT+H this will put the commant at H (Hold by default) in queue after walking action, so once the creep reaches the destination, the next command (hold) will be applied, and it'll just stand still.
  8. I won't discuss the decision made further, as I explained you again in a message, I still believe it was correct. I believe the SGM responded the points you mentioned in your appeal. He did not respond in a long and detailed way like I did since they have limited resource and time as they need to reply other players too, but he explained the actions which led to the decision. I don't agree with your comment where you are saying "you have done wrong and hence you are suspended, you don't need to know why". You have done the same in the original post too: I ca
  9. That's right! If you would like to compare further: All the stats here are for your team, not the opponent. 50% is denoted as .500 60% as .600 ..etc. source: https://sabr.org/journal/article/probabilities-of-victory-in-head-to-head-team-matchups/
  10. I totally agree with Vodoo Jester Succubus is pretty good too, for the obvious insta heal with true dmg and quite long sleep skill. I'd also add Plague Rider maybe.. you can just spam Q and harrass the enemy very well. Every Q you use after level 3-4 has a chance to be followed by your W + your carry's skills, so it's kinda frightening. Q already has an OK slow and on top of that if you bind them where they are for a few seconds, there is a chance of kill. If you have a carry which is not too dependant on farm (like Ravenor, Swiftblade, Corrupted, Calamity, Gemini.. basically an
  11. I'll just mention some general stuff here and then talk just a little about the particular case briefly as it's not allowed to discuss the decision in detail. I have asked Kei to send the screenshots and he forwarded them to me. I also found the game and watched the replay. I have been in the GM team for a while and many of my decisions were overturned (mostly due to human error or lack of experience, never intentionally banned ofc), so I have a bit of a first hand experience from the other side. I also played with Shattered in the past too, so I tried my best and hopefully succeeded i
  12. I agree with that turning his E to only slow will make him useless as he can't do much in laning phase in terms of harrasing etc. Wouldn't it be nice that E skill would throw his sword to an enemy, the sword stays on enemy for some time, causing DoT bleed on enemy and (maybe tapering) slow aura around him ? it can be a low-mid damage skill with low-mid mana cost which can be used for harrassing and would not be too powerful
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