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  1. Couldn't find a post about this, and because it's my main hero, it's incredibly frustrating: Occasionally when you cast Spirit Walk, a bug occurs where your main character walks towards the first movement click you make on the Spirit, thus, instead of standing stationary channeling, he walks towards the spirit.
  2. Certainly didn't fix the AoE bug still, since we still have fireworks in our inventory at the start of every game a year later. Fun, huh?!
  3. First game of the day I always get an error stating "Group Disbanded" and lose connection to the game. I reconnect right away, and miss the ban phase and first few seconds of hero selection. Every game that follows doesn't seem to have any issue. I also get "Game crashed" whenever I close HoN once finished playing. I'd love to fix both of these issues, especially the first one.
  4. It's ironic how your answer to my question highlighted a flaw in the system. Someone can call you a "faggot" directly, and not get banned, simply because the GMs have "better things to do". That's rich.
  5. I served a 3-day ban on my main for "Failure to participate" after going 6-1 with Master of Arms and being eligible for MVP of the game with highest hero damage in game, all because I "sat in well" the last 15 seconds of the game as the enemy team was attacking the tree and pushing up to the well. Meanwhile, all my teammates fed: 1-9 gunblade was trash talking the most, and most likely reported me to begin with. So, ever since that ban, I've actually been going out of my way to report players that are breaking community standards rules, ESPECIALLY, verbal abuse. I haven't really bothered be
  6. Can't download the patch because the game crashdumps every time it's closed. Where the hell can I manually apply the patch, since the game is a 12 year old turd that continually has problems?
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