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  1. Playing against Ra definitely feels good, as his ultimate can be countered for free on carries that are forced to buy Nullfire blade anyways. I wonder when will Nullfire blade become a melee item aswell, because 2 patches ago I would not have predicted Wing*BOW* offering more bonuses to melee heroes.
  2. I installed the mod today, works like a charm! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Ahh man I miss those days when Salomon was actually fun to play with or against... Do you remember his first iteration with Djinn blast and the other spells? It would be cool if he could do more than AFK farming in the jungle for 20 minutes, and not lose because people without high enough MMR does not know how to abuse farming in the jungle. Well, at least Prophet was freed from his curse of raven form era so I have nothing to complain about I guess
  4. The less jungle heroes there are, the easier it is to ban most of them at the start of the match!
  5. I don't think my posts reflect that I'm upset with Prophet's placement, in fact the changes I proposed would even hurt his early game presence. My main point with the first post was the fact that with this recent change, getting Q on lvl 4 is not really optimal anymore, as maxing out heal and stun is just stronger overall. The whole point of introducing the slow mechanic on Q was to make it a "1 point wonder" according to you, which is basically no longer the case. The other thing I tried to explain with my main post is that I was expecting to see Glacius getting some kind of nerfs given ho
  6. Well, we might not agree on the "weight" of these changes, but I do appreciate to hear your point of view about the changes you made and also your opinion about what I proposed! This game might not have too much time left, but I still enjoy to debate in my mind about what was / wasn't / could be a good change for the game when it comes to hero balance.
  7. I definitely agree with you in that Glacius has no scaling to the lategame compared to Empath or Prophet, however this is mainly due to the fact that Chilling Presence becomes irrelevant very quickly, as heroes obtain more and more items. Some heroes just don't need too much mana to fuel their skillset, while the global HP regen always remains relevant, as health pools matter a lot in a fight. However, Glacius in the early game does have a lot of momentum as he can initiate from very far with his tundra blast (600 range + 400 radius) to follow it up with ice imprisonment, while Prophet can
  8. Glacius is currently the highest winrate hero and also the 14th most played one (achieving 57% winrate in 1722 game sample is a tad bit more difficult than doing so when a hero has only 0.5% played with 700 games) , personally I still don't understand why it needed any QoL level buffs, although reducing CD from 15 to 12 is almost a 25% reduction in CD and that is something I would not call a small buff. Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts!
  9. Hey all, I'd be curious to hear about what was the main reason to significantly buff a support hero that was really strong in last patch (55+ winrate) while other supports with ~ same winrate got some nerfs (for example Empath, Prophet). If Elementuser could share some winrates with us for these 3 heroes in the higher brackets that would be highly appreciated. For the record, here are the changes made: Glacius - Strength growth per level increased from 1.5 to 1.6. - Agility growth per level increased from 1.5 to 1.6. - Base Movement Speed increased from 285 to 290. Tundra Blast
  10. Would be highly appreciated if Santa could help me out with the crazy cat on hat Osho avatar
  11. is "Osho" out of reach for the very kind santa?
  12. Miku rhapsody announcer would be a really pleasant surprise for this xmas
  13. Really like the changes made to Magebane, he was definitely underwhelming after the rework. His flash of anti-magic really needed the shorter cooldown, however I think with the reduced mana cost, he is a bit too efficient in the early levels. Before the buffs, he had to pay 75 mana to teleport in the early game, while now it's 60 mana already at lvl 1, pushing the idea of "1-point wonders" a bit too much in my opinion. It's not common for strength heroes to not have any issues with mana magement in the early game. I'd like to see the mana cost reduction buff fully reverted, and not have the
  14. Thanks for the clarification! I was trying to convert the tapering-slow to simple slow effect to see the expected value of it. Originally when I saw the patch notes, I thought that all tapering slow effects follow the same rule, and that they taper off with the same speed over the duration, so l was expecting debilitate to cause 15% slow for 4 seconds essentially, but it makes sense now!
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