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  1. Current multiplier MM Silver x2.5. Not x5.
  2. This is actually weird. This may be due to technical reasons, but all the latest new avatars appear in the store mainly on the last page. Several others are somewhere in the middle of the store. Perhaps those who do not read the patch notes and do not watch the YouTube channel do not even know about the new avatars.
  3. I remember before, when Artillery killed someone from afar with his skills, he was not given experience for it. Because of this, his level was usually always lower than the rest of the heroes on his team. If this is still the case, is it possible to fix it?
  4. I agree. Almost all trophy avatars (with the exception of the last developed and some old ones) are an example of the negligence and laziness of the game developers. Getting a gilded avatar on old textures for a whole season is awful. Well, at least the last trophy avatars were created in three versions and at least changed the color of the animation of the heroes' skills. I recently received a trophy parasite from a diamond chest. What was my disappointment...
  5. Every six months or a year could do a new season. Link this event to a date (for example: birthday HoN). New fight for rating, prizes, chaos in teams. At least once a year, it's not so bad and hard.
  6. In the game client you need to make so that after turning on new servers, the check mark is not automatically put on them. Now all players who do not know this will play on Brazilian servers with high ping, spoiling matches for themselves and other players.
  7. Thanks, I created. The long subject was.
  8. Yesterday I tried to create a ticket, wrote a text and after clicking the "Create ticket" button, the page updated and a red window appeared just above the filling form: https://imgur.com/a/trNbwcM And nothing else... As I understand it, the ticket was not created in the end...
  9. It would also be great if the new avatars were placed on the first page of the store instead of the last. I wouldn't be surprised if there are people who haven't even seen the latest avatars released.
  10. Again those boring chains on the Rampage... It would be better to leave the current ult to him...
  11. Im_Near


    Level 2 and 11 - 30% discount on avatars for one week. Level 6 - 30 Plinko tickets. 9 and 14 levels - 60 Plinko tickets.
  12. Yes. Today was supposed to be the last day the event is running. But for some reason there is already no bonus silver...
  13. What happened to the 7x Silver Coin Multiplier? Today in mode "Mid wars" give 12 silver...
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