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  1. I messaged in the high mmr midwars EU and NA discords. Consensus is yes. I didn't receive any no's, actually. The most feedback I got is there should be 1 on each side 100%. Without 2, it can be used as a boring way of preventing comebacks. Eg. push wave, farm ancients. Will take 20 minutes to get a big enough advantage to end. 20 boring minutes. Without 2, whichever side has the advantage to ancients will be favoured (this one is more obvious) An interesting feedback I got was to move zorgath further more into the corner to prevent it being used to reliably backdoor (and
  2. Not sure why, the patch after midwars is changed (even more) to encourage it being non-competitive, do we actually have a tournament. I do appreciate you hosting it, though.
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