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  1. I messaged in the high mmr midwars EU and NA discords. Consensus is yes. I didn't receive any no's, actually. The most feedback I got is there should be 1 on each side 100%. Without 2, it can be used as a boring way of preventing comebacks. Eg. push wave, farm ancients. Will take 20 minutes to get a big enough advantage to end. 20 boring minutes. Without 2, whichever side has the advantage to ancients will be favoured (this one is more obvious) An interesting feedback I got was to move zorgath further more into the corner to prevent it being used to reliably backdoor (and be used to reliably take a teamfight with the advantage you get), and then put the ancient camp where zorgath is. I think this is one of the only solutions to the 1 neutral camp only option. Could have stairs/a path going around the ancients to the zorgath area. I would much rather see a medium camp. This allows heroes like legio, solstice, ra, salo, etc to successfully accrue advantages as they are supposed to in foc. Additionally, it enables whispering helm as the aura creeps are actually useful. The wolf commander, fire ogre and frost ogre would all be very useful in midwars, and I would wager that a medium camp would enable ophelia and parasite more than an ancient camp. (ophelia/parasite are already weak, their only strength is early snowballing, getting astro, pbox, sols and ending, but with a medium camp you can provide buffs to your teammates in the early game before any hero can have whispering helm). The rest of my post isn't related to the ancient camp, but is simply another suggestion I have to prevent turtling. Nerf T1 towers but make them provide regen, or magic armor if you are within range of an ally tower. This allows tower diving, while maintaining the advantage you get within the tower. The difference being you have to hold your tower line to prevent it from falling. Move the T2 towers closer to the shrine. This will allow more aggressive positioning by whoever is pushing, while still being punishable as there are many was to flank if properly set up. I feel like where the T2 towers currently are is simply too good of a defensive position, and in high midwars, in 'tryhard' (coordinated, not pub) games the T1 is almost never pushed before 3-4 items, and if it is, the lane equilibirum is still at mid. There is 0 incentive to go to push the T2 early on, and is considered a throw.
  2. Not sure why, the patch after midwars is changed (even more) to encourage it being non-competitive, do we actually have a tournament. I do appreciate you hosting it, though.
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