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  1. It would be cool if it was possible to make delay in custom games when you spectate. In that way i would be easier for caster to interact with Twtich chat while they cast the games. If there are any great minds out there that can make some kind of a delay mod. That could be cool as well. The best would be if referee saw it live. While spectators had a 3-5 minutes delay. Maybe a slider so that the "admin" could pick the delay.
  2. I started playing HoN again around 1 month ago. So im not a pro. I like the game, and just want to have a decent time when playing. But there is so many toxic players in this game. And i dont get, why there is no consequences. Some of my fried who played HoN where trying it out again after 1-2 year break. But after 4-5 games dident care about the game because people where toxic. My last game some idiot was talking about we should CC or go kill our self, and some stupid racist stuff. And 2 teammates left the game. not a descent time IMO. love the HoN reborn and hopes it will help to a bet
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