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  1. Will the said changes for all donations goals cover SEA Region as well? I just feel very left out in that region by Garena, I already donated and it is what it is but would like to know regardless.
  2. Sadly I think he is too busy with other stuff to sort this out...
  3. Jesus you people like to whine and are greedy af. You have option of buying gc or donating. No one forces you to do either but at least with a donation you can see where your money is going and how its used.
  4. Was playing a game yesterday. The enemy team got a dc early on and they played 4v5. Then at the end the BH randomly just dcd.. And as we got towards the end of the game and about to destroy last rax we all got dc and there is no record of the game. The MB in the picture is 80% which we all know is not the case. https://imgur.com/a/Vu6IIqP
  5. I'd appreciate a response, im able to log into another account but not this one...
  6. https://imgur.com/y1e21Ot I cant connect, tried repairing, reinstalling and also ctrl+f8
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