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  1. I noticed in the shop, I can't confirm them ingame since I don't have them. Fortune Cookie taunt - lines gets cut off too early, like it’s missing 1-2 seconds more to finish, basically all the lines from this taunt Bad Present taunt – no sound, I can’t really check it since it’s an unavailable one, so it may actually have no sounds
  2. Okay, it's time for a HoNCcon! ?
  3. Yeah, that's also good. Just....a...liiiiittle bit more ? ? Developer announcer just for beta warriors? ??
  4. ...wait for it..... ?
  5. 10 years....damn. I remember when it was beta and then I bought the game some time in 2009 Only thing I regret is that I didn't pre-purchase so I didn't get the gold shield. But it would be great to have some kind of event or some minor rewards or something for us who are here since those days.
  6. Well, you'll see me there anyway ?
  7. Ikr? I mean it's there are better items....but okay. ? And to be honest, I'd take Frostburn with gemini, until I can split it into geo and frostwolf...duuh ?
  8. Not sure about that, you should try picking other regions to check your ping.
  9. For my 10 years of playing HoN, mostly MW now, I've never bought sub or reset. And I play game casually, but when someone new or my friends want to play, I have another acc, which I made maybe 2 years ago, without some stats or avatars. So, I don't really care much about those stuff, no need to flex with my avatars or whatsoever, just enjoy playing with friends.
  10. Depends. For me it's between 2 and 5 mins
  11. I think that would be a good idea.
  12. Nice! And it's also faster, good job.
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