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  1. Thank you for your answer! Really happy to hear that both a 64-bit version and a 64-bit catalina version is being worked on, that's really awesome!! ? Do you know anything about GeforceNow aswell, why it's HoN support has been dropped?
  2. Great advice! Have you any links to how to install HoN on Wine? I've tried several times but never succeeded, maybe I did it wrong though. If wine doesn't work I'll try Linux on usb, sounds awesome! Yeah I've been trying to reach GeforceNow aswell, but hey are not easy to get in touch with unfortunately... So my hopes are that the HoN team could have an easier time getting in touch with someone who listens over at the Geforce team hehe. But I'll keep trying to reach em myself aswell!
  3. Yeah I have thought about it, though I don't have any space for it on my hard drive hehe. Seems to work fine for people who use bootcamp tho! I just really wan't to be able to use GeforceNow again, it worked so well and I even started paying for it cuz I thought that HoN among other games would be available.
  4. Hi I get the points you are making, though there are several factors at play here for me, the main ones being that I simply only want to own one computer. It feels really silly to buy an outdated PC so I can play one game. I'm guessing you meant 200-bucks, since 20 buck computers barely can play snake ? I'm not asking the HoN team to invest time in developing anything, simply to let their game be played on an upcoming big streaming platform, which both mac/linux users and PC who want to run on max graphics their "shitty laptop". So I think it's a simply solution and actually a
  5. It doesn't work unfortunately, It's not able to play a 32-bit game on Mac OS anymore. I hope they will either update this or at LEAST get it working with GeforceNow again, cuz that worked really well!!
  6. I had no idea!! Doe's it work? The HoN team should show this downloadable clients on the main website aswell!!
  7. Hi I used to play HoN on GeforceNow cuz I own a Mac and you don't make it for mac anymore. But today the game was removed from GeforceNow! Please reconsider if you asked for it to be removed, for me and all the mac/linux users who love your game!! Otherwise please contact Nvidia and make them fix this error!!
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