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  1. i tried a few different ways. just hitting the logout button and then the login button did it. I could also use the console (ctrl+f8) "logout" followed by "login" also worked. I did confirm that I actually received the coins and not just the notif. I got hundreds of silver from the tests that I did to generate that screenshot. I don't imagine this has anything to do with UI. I think the grant happens on login on the server without checking when the last time you received the reward
  2. Every time i log out and back in, I get 50 silver coins with this daily login reward thing. It doesn't appear to check the last time it gave it out. If you log in, then back out, then back in again over and over, you can rack up another 50 silver every time you log back in. There does not appear to be a limit as to how many times you can do this
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