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  1. His ultimate skill (gravestones) shouldn't be able to attack 5 times to destroy this happens in only default avatar other avatar works fine. is it a bug or something?
  2. Since Drunken got an 50% status resistance from his passive then another 20% form barrier idol that means Drunken has 70% status resistance. For example : a 2 second stun = 0.6 sec stun [70% status resistance] 7 sec stun [Sapphire's Ult] =2.1 sec stun
  3. SOTM Models effect don't show on some heroes. when u share a staff with some heroes its model don't change it's very hard to tell that they got a staff or not if they are on other team. Can u have a look on these issue plz. Heroes that I found these issue on : Blacksmith, Scout, Parallax, Legionaire, Madman (These are heroes that I found issue on,maybe there will be more)
  4. It's been many patches now that garena hasn't change the stringtable of some heroes that had been change ,including the latest patch 4.8.4 .The reworked Nitro's stringtable isn't edit still like the old nitro it's hard to know that what is this skill can do and how much damage it is. Can u do something about this ? Thx.
  5. I think Garena should let Xemplar can be bought with silver coin. Can u plz let them know this plz.
  6. It been 2 patches now since goldenveil got banned cuz his invisibility bug and still no fix. Can u fix him in next upcoming patch plz I want to play him.
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