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  1. Yuffie

    Damage Types

    Is there a place where I can find what specific damage types mean? For Example. Pre-Mitigated / Post-Mitigation True Damage Superior Magic Damage I'm sure theres more but this is just what I can think of right now.
  2. Imho games are pretty balanced unless a higher ranked person is queuing with a lower ranked person. HoN used to implement a system where if you were queuing with people you would have to be near same rank. But I don't think people liked that very much. For example : Valorant has a ranking system where you cannot queue with people if you are more than 3 rank difference and once you pass a certain rank (Immortal/Radiant) you cannot go more than 2Q. So if it was HoN. It would be like Gold 4 cannot Queue up with a Diamond 3; And if once you hit like Diamond you cannot go more than 2Q. T
  3. Yuffie

    CC 15

    If I go ahead and ignore my teammates or most of them I might as well go and play versus Bots. How is my main argument placing fault on others when I said they're the ones yelling at me? That's some victim blaming if you ask me.
  4. Yuffie

    CC 15

    I play this game for enjoyment and when people start acting up it's not fun anymore. So please cc 15. I don't care if we have potential of winning or not. I'm not going to sit here and listen to people cry for the next 40 minutes about how bad we are or that I should be doing this or that. Nah just cc.
  5. I loved Blitz Mode - I enjoyed playing it in Public on fixed settings better than the Grims Crossing map. The full map was much better imo. Forests of Caldavar - No Death Respawn - Duplicate Heroes - Casual Mode -
  6. Yuffie

    HoN Music

    What kind of music does everyone listen to while playing HoN to hype them up so they play better? I know half of you do not use sound, cause nobody seems to know when Goldenveil is 2mm away from them in a tree.
  7. Wing-Back Dampeer and The Playmaker Madman Please and Thank you
  8. Not my reply specifically; but there are a few suggestions that could provide you a solution.
  9. Theres a few fixes on this thread that could work for you. Hopefully this helps.
  10. Yuffie

    Nomad Buff

    After reading that - In my humble opinion I believe that the Sandstorm would be too overpowered if it was larger, longer and gave Nomad more increased movement speed/slow. (The movement speed given is essentially a wind whistle - the slow is almost as much as a Frostwolf Skull 30% vs 35%) I'm not really understanding how the True Strike/Mirage Strike would work based on the explanation. But Mirage Strike doesn't deal Nomads full damage. Mirage strike does the damage that it says along with the critical. If Nomad has 6 Doom Bringers his Mirage Strike would still do low damage.
  11. Lol this thread cracks me up. It puts a smile on my face to see the generous giving. Once again thank you so much @`Shattered Happy Holidays everyone. - Yes as the Witch King states hope all is safe and happy.
  12. Yuffie

    Nomad Buff

    Sandstorm - Has been the same Truestrike/Mirage Strike - The damage on these skills have been lowered. Wanderer - I could be wrong on this one - but I believe he used to have 2.4x instead of 2.2x Edge Counter - Increased CD and Lower damage. (I believe the stun duration for his ultimate was higher before also) On top of that they lowered Nomad's stats per level gain on INT/AGI/STR Yes back in the day Nomad was strong, but considering all the changes with each hero and Nomad himself; he is no longer that hero you remember. Compared to other mid-lane
  13. Santa if you're reading this I would like "HoN Tour Cthulhu" Lol Thank you!
  14. Yuffie

    Mod switch

    Idk how long ago those videos were posted. But CM hasn't existed in TMM for a long time now. The only TMM modes right now available are Normal and Midwars. If you're interested in playing CM or other game modes you can maybe find them in the public games section or host your own game.
  15. Email support - Have you ever put money into the account? I was able to change the password one time by verifying my card number that was last used.
  16. Create a Battle Pass system for this game. Similar to "The War Effort" gives people a goal when they are playing other than winning. I'll be more than happy to pay $10 a month to earn rewards etc. Add something like heroes wearing masks due to COVID account icons etc.
  17. Mine is working now - Thanks
  18. Don't worry about playing so quickly it'll give you all some time to savor your MMRs until I take it
  19. Can people just relax? Y'all act like you can't go a few hours without HoN.
  20. Moira and Monarch are pretty good.
  21. After the game is over people love to proceed and whisper or private message you, and usually you all know how that goes. Lol It's like meeting someone at the bar and not getting their number, then after the night is over you follow them home. Like dude they didn't want anything to do with you before and they still don't so stop it. /dnd will not work because it will send the same message to my friends list.
  22. How do I set it where people cant send me any type of messages unless they're on my friends list? Please don't give me the "Just ignore add them" I don't even want any chance I will see a message from someone that isn't on my friends list then add them to my ignore list after.
  23. Make sure your resolution is set properly in the graphics setting. Before when my resolution was showing blank or a higher resolution than my computer could handle I wasn't able to see any of those icons that you're speaking of.
  24. Yuffie

    Hon x64

    I got that same error when I was attempting to install the 64-bit client. When you open the zip file you need to unzip all the files that are in there together into the same place. I put both files onto my desktop and I was able to install it without any issues after that.
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