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    Thank you HoN!

    Everyone has had different suggestions on what could've improved the game. Who knows for one side it might've made it great but it also might've deterred others etc. We have to believe that we all genuinely wanted what was best for the game and we did everything we could for each other.
  2. Yuffie

    Thank you HoN!

    I've been playing this game since 2009 and about 3 weeks ago I was dealt a perma-ban on all my accounts; although I cannot play anymore it's sad that the game will be going away completely. I want to give a big thanks to everyone who kept HoN alive. Thanks to the staff and community. The game has brought me great memories and friends. P.S even though I do dislike some of you in-game and y'all dislike me. I guess it's what made HoN HoN if you know you know. Best wishes to you all. "Long Live The King" - From the Lion King movie.
  3. Is there such thing as Heroes of Newerth lore? Backgrounds of all the heroes etc.. Kind of like Pearl's default avatar says something like "I'll find you Maliken" or Red Raja Nomad says something like "Sand Wraith will pay dearly for what hes done" I'm sure there are more voicelines that connect but these are the only ones that I can think of from the top of my head.
  4. Honestly in the state of HoN today; the greatest MOBA made (IMHO). I believe the only way to make this game grow is to have multiple popular streamers play to get others interested. Among Us released in 2018 was unpopular and with the help of a lot of streamers it basically revived that game. I did see Anthony_Kongphan stream this game on Twitch though with about a thousand+ viewers a few months ago. Whenever I think of HoN I think of what Agent Smith said to Neo (SPOILER ALERT) For anyone who hasn't seen The Matrix movies. "Everything that has a beginning has an end." :<
  5. Punk Nomad is on the Plinko Exchange page for 1300 Plinko Tickets.
  6. Are there such things as Cheats in HoN?
  7. Yuffie

    HoN Replays

    Okay thank for all of the help. Please close this thread if possible if you can. Otherwise whoever can that sees this please do
  8. Yuffie

    HoN Replays

    Yeah you're probably right it's probably not possible to have those file formats unless I do my own recording since there are so many other utilities that can be used on the replay system. Do you have any direct place of where I would find these old versions? (Otherwise I can try googling it and see what I come up with) also how would I not update the client since as soon as I try to log in to watch the replay wouldn't it ask me to update?
  9. 1. Ranked Queue limitations at certain level. - I understand this will separate the community and create longer queue times; but there should be rank limitations for when you reach a certain level instead of your prize for ranking up is just running into multi-stack pub stompers. Kind of like how RIOT GAMES League of Legends have Ranked SOLO/DUO then Ranked FLEX. Then for their FPS game VALORANT once you hit Diamond 3 you cannot queue in a party more than 2. 2. Battle Pass - HoN should try to implement a battle pass system. If people don't know what this is. It's basically you pay an
  10. Yuffie

    HoN Replays

    Is there a way that I can get a full replay in a video format like .MP4, AVI, MOV etc or something. My only other solution is to get my own recording software and save my own games. Also is there a way to watch a replay from like 10 years ago? I have saved replays and when I try to access them it says "Compatize" then it takes forever to load the replay. Forever as in it doesn't work after hours of waiting. Thanks in advance for any information.
  11. Don't forget this feeling y'all. This moment... This is what we have to go through if the game dies :< So sad and lonely now without HoN. Remember this the next time y'all think about being toxic. :>
  12. Yes you are correct. Ofc in theory if the sui hero is not on one side he's on the other. There are people who will chop down trees to hide in specific places that the support might miss. So one side might look clear and the support will go check somewhere else but the sui laner was actually on the side that was already cleared etc.. Also I believe you said you play heroes like Hag and Bubbles. They can easily hide in the trees with their gap closing abilities. (Shell Surf and Flash of Darkness). The lane ward for the support basically guarantees that they are on a specific side and they haven'
  13. A lot of games that are thriving have ranked restrictions.
  14. I'm not entirely sure why the MQ would have a Nullfire Blade but Ravenors SH basically cancels that item. Also we have to remember MQ's farming potential is much higher than Ravenors. She can get items faster than Ravenor. If they have the same items theres something wrong with the way MQ is farming or Ravenor is just racking up on kills etc. You wouldn't be able to compare an untouched jungle Salomans items to any other carry. His strength is to get items. His 3rd ability doesn't help him in battle what so ever. Just like the 1v1 situation with MQ and Ravenor. MQs 2nd ability is useless
  15. I know HON wants to do their own thing and be different. HoN should do a structure like Riot's League/Valorant. Even though in the past these type of changes have hurt the player base I think going forward this will have a bigger impact for people who are still playing and for new players. Two sets of ratings one for SOLO/DUO queues and 3+ queues. Also brand new accounts cannot play ranked immediately. (I know this was implemented in the past - this will help stop the "smurfing" problem or the "idc this is a newly created account I'm throwing" ) I know this will separate the com
  16. I believe the community is too small to have something like this. All friends would just commend each other. Just like MVP vote isn't really who was MVP but popularity contest.
  17. I agree there should be some rebuilding on the RAP system. Its so easy to work around the current system and do the bare minimum to not get suspended.
  18. How to SUI with any hero guide. Buy boots and deward the lane/rune ward. (if you find yourself being found by the support suspiciously he probably has a lane ward if he cannot find you hiding he probably did a rune ward) Stack ancients and grab rune. Accept that you probably lost the lane; don't give the carry anymore advantage than they already have by going 0-5. Make sure you have enough HP/MANA incase your jungler or mid comes to gank. Most of the time though you want to pick a hero that has high impact without gold.
  19. Based on the post just like any other game you have to take the time to learn it. If you find yourself "AFKing" because the interface is too confusing or hard then go into a practice mode and take a look around. If someone really wanted to learn the game they would put the time into it. When I first started this game I used to play by myself a lot, watch replays etc. etc. Ofc I think there are things that HoN can do better but thats just a matter of my own opinion. What might work for me might not work for the next person. Please don't MAC ban me lol jk
  20. Is there a way to dodge newly created accounts? I'll wait 20+ minutes for a queue so I don't get a new account player. The issue I've been running into lately is people creating new accounts and then throwing (doing literally the bare minimum to not get suspended or banned) so that they can get into a lower bracket; So then they can get "games faster" with the lower elo. I just had a game with someone who had over 500+ games. Over 1.0KDR/KDA. Over 400GPM per game. Over 50% win percentage. Gold II. Was queuing with a newly made account "friend" and they were pretending not to know how to c
  21. Imho generally it would be hard for a Gladiator to fight a Riptide. Riptide gains too much bonus armor from his passive being in the water. Gladiator can only take shots with his whip with true damage and then run back to hide. He cannot fight Riptide hit for hit. Also Riptide can evade your pitfall easily with his 2nd ability. I would say anyone with a lot of burst damage can beat Riptide mid.
  22. Okay my bad mine are minutes too lol Thanks for responding
  23. My account cannot play matchmaking for 49,000 hours. Which is total of about 5 and a half years. When I put in a ticket; this is a known issue with the developers. Am I able to get any confirmation from the community that this is something that's happening to other peoples accounts too.
  24. MVP doesn't even mean anything.
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