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  1. Make sure your resolution is set properly in the graphics setting. Before when my resolution was showing blank or a higher resolution than my computer could handle I wasn't able to see any of those icons that you're speaking of.
  2. Yuffie

    Hon x64

    I got that same error when I was attempting to install the 64-bit client. When you open the zip file you need to unzip all the files that are in there together into the same place. I put both files onto my desktop and I was able to install it without any issues after that.
  3. When you open the HoN store you can go to the "Other" tab and you can purchase a sub-account there for 2500 GC. If you're trying to view all of your sub-accounts you can go view your stats, below the last activity date there will be a "Switch Accounts" option. When you click on that you can see all of your subs.
  4. If I remember correctly Nitro couldn't shoot if Mauser was disabled/silenced so he is not "Factually" two heroes and if Mauser was too far away she couldn't recall him. The reason why people get Shroud on Nomad is because when he comes out of invisibility, he hits the critical (2.2x) with the 125 Bonus dmg from Shroud for 3200 Gold. Valkyrie and Night Hound do not have such properties as a Critical for Shroud to be effective on them. Scouts cooldown on his Vanish is 6 seconds. This is a reason why you wouldn't get Shroud on Scout. If you use Shroud it has a 20 second cool down, you
  5. Hopefully he gets a buff in the near future. Obviously he wouldn't get all of these; but just ideas that will make him more effective late game against other carries. A hero having the staff effect does bring up their win percentage. Take Moon Queen for example her previous staff buff was overpowered and quickly changed. Staff Ideas : 1st Ability - Sandstorm will have a non-targetable effect when activated. 2nd Ability - True Strike Increased Damage and Attack Speed. // Mirage Strike sends to multiple units creating multiple illusions 3rd Ability - He doesn't need to charg
  6. Because he is consistently top 10 highest loss. Unlike the other 9 heroes. Loss percentage isn't enough of a reason for a hero to be changed? Nitro was the lowest win percentage hero for months before he was changed. Should we revert him back to the Mauser days? Why do heroes like Predator deserve a staff buff but heroes like Nomad are getting nerfed stats per level when he has consistently lowest win percentage.
  7. "He’s week in week out top 10 highest loss percentage." Google (week in, week out) every week without exception.
  8. Thanks! This is good to know.
  9. Can Nomad get a buff? Like staff or something. He’s week in week out top 10 highest loss percentage.
  10. Is there anyway to implement this onto people? The most annoying thing is to get into a game with someone that you just received a positive report on and they're on another account trolling you / being racist / telling you to KYS once again. Should I have created a RAP ticket for this question?
  11. Please keep him the same - He's a great hero.
  12. Yuffie

    gold coins

    I remember a while ago the Gold Packages would change for like a week or so on promotion for higher GC. Is there a chance of that coming back at all?
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