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  1. Oh, my bad. I thought E ability is used as an active ability.
  2. Um, I think I should put example of what I meant. If I say combine the Q W W, is that count as Q W? How about Q Q W?
  3. Um, how will he change his stance from melee/ranged? Does that thing require D button?
  4. I believe you have misconception about the interaction between Corpse Explosion and Zombie Apocalypse. AFAIK, Corpse Explosion only explodes corpses, not unit (in this case, Zombies).
  5. I don't comment all the content so I only give my concern to combination of 3 abilities that is out of place because the rest of combination requires 2 abilities. I meant just look at Invoker from Dota 2, I wonder how much combinations he has if he could make a spell from combination of 2 orbs.
  6. Goodness, gracious. For a moment I thought we were going on the same idea with that ability.. of Klanx
  7. I like your proposal on first ability but I don't know about what your ultimate proposal does, is the effect changed to fear instead of forced attack? I think your concern about Cthulhuphant sfx has already been solved. Have you ever tried Cthulhuphant recently? Link below as prove of my statement: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/2653-i-fixed-some-minor-cthulhuphant-cosmetic-bugs-download-link-included/
  8. Um, I think Public Game is for you. Just try inviting people at Official Discord channel to run the Public Game.
  9. Welcome back, buddy. Long time no see. I miss your "fun" idea because sometimes those ideas inspire me. As for your idea, I don't comment all the content so I only comment your last statement because I found it interesting. So let me correct you for your last statement: this idea will make Salomon madder than Alchemist. The reason as to why I corrected your statement because the idea analogically is similar as separating Wildsoul and Booboo as different entities with many capabilities at hand. The only redeeming factor to make Wildsoul having advantage than this idea is Booboo's death les
  10. should this be put on Tournament sub-forum?
  11. @HoN_OMG this could be idea for your next video. I can only assume that what you have mentioned is possibly affected by Sacrificial Stone, but I'm not sure about Warchief's totem.
  12. you know how to read tierlist, right? That thing and playing more games make your game better and better.
  13. Perhaps for the sake to not change the exploit too much, I suggest to make the mechanic similar to Spiked Bola or Sheepstick so the ultimate only applies to Warchief himself and undispellable once the dispelling effect affects Warchief during the ultimate effect.
  14. I think those phenomenon are about the trick to attract Dota 2 watchers.
  15. Still, that thing feels awkward to me because of the button (minor issue the more I think) and player still has to spend gold to teleport. Homecoming stone on death is interesting because it could save 50 gold (75 gold if it is sellable).
  16. I believe you MMR will be reset to 1500 or perhaps you will do some placement match. If you unsatisfied with my reply, you could join HoN Official Discord to get your question answered from many people.
  17. The item offers nothing new and I think you could see this site first before deciding to post another item idea. Also, try copying BBCode link to post the picture here.
  18. Is that effective? I think this could be an option besides remake but I don't think the opponent team cares enough.
  19. datfizh


    Just want to throw some ideas based on one of Draconis' design. Ideas: Thought Process: Changelog:
  20. I haven't tried midwars for such long time so I have no idea what will this mode becomes if it gets implemented. Though, this suggestion gives me idea to propose a suggestion to make tier 1 tower applying 200 range reduction to attack range and cast range of the allied heroes globally. That way, losing tier 1 tower gives pseudo 'advantage' than just a disadvantage as it currently does.
  21. I think Spiked Bola is fine because it only affects the target and it has activation cooldown preventing chain activation on same target.
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