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  1. I think the QoL on his 1st ability is unnecessary because his 2nd ability is enough to get him out of fight. I guess item usage to trigger the ultimate counts as the effect of proccing auto-attack, doesn't it?
  2. LMAO, imagine if the spirit casts another spirit and so on because I saw the spirit also inherits abilities.
  3. Lol. She's nowhere to be an underrated hero. Her wards on ultimate is her signature ability so don't change that. Your idea will be better on Parasite instead.
  4. I'd like to say the current E ability is too simple rather than useless, same goes to other abilities but Rolling Thunder. Still, I think your idea will be too much buff to Shellshock.
  5. I think the suggested change on W is too strong so the mechanic should be similar to Bombardier's Q at deciding whether the ability hit or not to balance the change. The rest of the changes feel like nerf or over-buff depending on the numbers presented.
  6. I like Moon Cursed mechanic and the idea probably is easy to be implemented because Restrain is already introduced to only silence dashes & blinks, though I can't say the same to the rest of the ideas.
  7. Yeah, my bad. This thread only copies and paste the old compilation of Staff boost from yours. I wonder whether you will post another new thread or not because it almost a week has passed since your last post.
  8. Why don't you just post it here: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/3717-item-suggestion-fast-cloak/ Also, where did you get this idea from? It seems like you have no idea how the game works. I suggest you to try reading ideas from our fellow forum dweller to give you some insights how the item works: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/113-item-multiple-1500-gold-15-strengthagility-counterparts-to-luminous-prism/ https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/86-fortified-bracersoulscream-ringamulet-of-exile/ https://forums.heroe
  9. I believe that thing what defines Circe than any other heroes. She shares common tactic to Qi because they're kind of support heroes that counter enemy at their peak.
  10. Um, have the current Swiftblade already done this (more or less)?
  11. I guess changing the name of abilities to be "Numbing Roar" and "Armor Penetrator" fix the issue. Lol.
  12. I think you can change the word "infinitely" into "permanent" instead.
  13. Goodness, gracious. For a moment I thought we were going on the same idea with that ability.. of deadwood https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/3003-deadwood-proposed-change-no-more-uproot/
  14. Well, suit yourself. You may check my other threads for your inspiration in proposing the idea. I admit that I have some ideas inspired by yours, so keep posting.
  15. Hey, did you promise everyone something? I'm waiting for it.
  16. Nice touch without complicated things. I approve.
  17. datfizh

    Blood Hunter

    Thanks for giving your thought, it broadens my understanding about Blood Hunter that somehow I missed to notice.
  18. I apologize if the title is exaggerated and somehow belittles people struggling with OCD, I just want to discuss few things as below: Lightning Modifier and King Klout's Goblin Toss Lightning Modifier and King Klout's Goblin Toss share the same bizarre change upon getting upgraded. The general idea of unusual change on both Lightning Modifier and Goblin Toss is they have bounce effect at the start, shown by Voltstone and Blue Goblin. Later on, both Lightning Modifier and Goblin Toss change their chain effect into area effect represented by Thunderclaw and Red Goblin on their first up
  19. I think you should just stick on your thread instead of making new one. You could just share it on other media such as Discord or Reddit instead of posting it on same media.
  20. datfizh

    Blood Hunter

    Greetings, I open up a discussion on Blood Hunter because I'm curious what people think about the hero. Besides, I think this discussion can possibly support my idea below: Questions: What is Blood Hunter good at? What frustrating factor does Blood Hunter possess when he is being played against? What is hero slightly better to be picked than Blood Hunter by similar capabilities? What frustrating factor does Blood Hunter possess if he is being played? What tier do you think Blood Hunter is at? Personal Answers: What is Blood Hunter good at? H
  21. By that example, how is Q-W-E even possible?
  22. Honestly, all of your suggestion overlaps one hero to another. Speaking of Klanx, I propose my suggestion about Klanx below:
  23. Okay, let me know your experience on Cthulhuphant.
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