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  1. Okay, feel free to share your idea on this thread. Let me know what you have in thought.
  2. Um, may I know your reason for that?
  3. Do you think no new player try this game anymore?
  4. Break down the topic. Community Dream Patch (Chance-Based Attack Modifier) Community Dream Patch (Advanced Friendly Aura Items and Allied Crowd Items) Community Dream Patch (New Brand Item and Lightning Modifier) Community Dream Patch (New Luminous Prism Counterparts) List of Components: This post keeps getting updated until I type it as finished, so feel free to look this post back for update.
  5. Okay, I assume the item you proposed uses dual targeting on its targeting scheme. Thanks for answering my question.
  6. How to decide which neutral creep will be dominated?
  7. I think your request possibly can be fulfilled as SotM's additional change to Cthulhu to make shield upon hitting enemy hero by his Obliterate.
  8. My current list so far on this season's anime: Ousama Ranking
  9. Try surfing the troubleshoot of your problem on internet, works most of time.
  10. Um, the item you proposed seems able to dominate specific neutral creeps and those creeps it can dominate come from hard camp. Let me repeat my question, what will happen if this active hit 3-stacks hard camp?
  11. Well, I'm sorry if I made you feel uneasy. I just tried meme-d a response I received but it fails miserably I guess. Back to topic, I wonder what will happen if this active hit 3-stacks hard camp?
  12. Man, what a peculiar build on Bombardier you had there. No wonder if it was midwars (I didn't see the match yet).
  13. So, is this a recipe item or basic item? I assume this is a recipe item but you didn't come up with the idea as for the components of it. A very niche item for selected few, it is fairly similar to the old days of Spellshard increasing cast time.
  14. of Gravekeeper my proposed item:
  15. Seeing that OP mentioned Grimoire of Power, let me also express my opinions about Lightbrand as basic component of it: Lightbrand has too many modifiers than its other variants, Magic Lifesteal and Searing effect. Magic lifesteal is effective for heavy magic dealer but is mediocre to others, hence Searing effect is added to help Lightbrand getting viable. Searing effect used to be effective only to auto-attacker but less desirable to non auto-attacker over any items, hence new Searing effect is in effect recently. Grimoire is overloaded with many benefits for a single i
  16. I think you better post this type of things here next time: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/4-bug-reports/
  17. Sorry for my short reply so it gets easily misinterpreted. I meant Symbol currently is at good spot because its user requires an attack action in order to get lifesteal so making its user unable to attack during mega-lifesteal or unable to activate mega-lifesteal when its active is available (or dispel mega lifesteal, though I'm not sure about this part) are suffice things to do to counter this item.
  18. hell o there, sorry not to reply your comment for so long. Thanks for your input, I'll add it into main topic.
  19. Man, look on what this patch will do on Kraken:
  20. Just don't let Symbol's user attack? As for Codex nerf, I think increasing the price a bit and reducing of how much it can be upgraded are nice nerf because it had been most expensive item but had little use, thus it used to be a meme item.
  21. Much better than your previous suggestion. I think you still need to post your previous idea so the new people visiting your thread don't get confused to the entire discussion.
  22. Lol. I'm curious about this item interaction with Draconis' Defense, does the illusion fly instead of Draconis?
  23. Are you this person: https://www.reddit.com/r/HeroesofNewerth/comments/q7sjc9/the_state_of_hon_moderators_is_going_the_wrong/
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