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  1. Lol, sorry to annoy you with my "spam". Will you update your anime list?
  2. Alright, nice to know you.
  3. Ask moderator for that by reporting your own thread.
  4. I think community patch is more a compilation of things you want in the game while this suggestion forum only focuses on one topic.
  5. Since someone already made sort of a rage post, I also like to give some suggestion with less justified reason but I think this suggestion will improve his performance greatly:
  6. Knuckles is nerfed by the existence of Faux Bow.
  7. Ouch, I forgot to reserve page 3. Well, in the end I still stick to update the first page of my post about dream patch.
  8. I think this thread belongs to Bug Fix but it's just tooltip error so I just bump this up so developer will notice. If I may suggest a tooltip change, they should be "60% chance to block 10 attack damage, granting additional 10 damage block for Melee Bearer.
  9. Why did you play balanced random in first place? There are single draft and all pick on this patch.
  10. At least we get new Magebane from this patch than none. I still hope EU considers my dream patch note on item changes, especially on chance-based modifier section.
  11. Try opening \heroes of newerth\change_log_history.txt
  12. Try this one: https://www.wattpad.com/story/283004912-gods-of-newerth
  13. Dawnbringer is fine, what makes it a busted item is Lightbrand as one of its component. I suggest 4 kind of Brands for the game to split overloaded Lightbrand's effects to that new Brand.
  14. Okay, thanks for clarification. So, will we get Patch 4.9.5 discussion?
  15. So, did you suggest bring back unranked? I believe that mode has been abolished long ago.
  16. Draconis, Legionnaire, and Solstice are popular forester because they are included into your criteria as imbalanced fast farmer. On second thought, I think your idea about Maliken's Sword Throw can work better than your Dampeer's idea. Also, I think you missed Magmus and Soul Reaper as viable forester because of their area damage. Seeing you proposed your version of change gave me urge to also suggest one.
  17. Sustaining against neutrals is not enough to make heroes as viable forester, quickly clearing neutrals is - by using area damage or multiple unit at disposal. So, heroes such as Predator, Blood Hunter, and Maliken are out of option to be a forester early on. I wanted to give statement that abilities or items shouldn't revolve around neutrals but I saw War Beast's and Wildsoul's pet have bonus damage against them. So, I have no right against items and abilities with benefit against neutral.
  18. Too short, should be a chatlog instead of this one sentence as reply below: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/4016-reworkbuff-some-heroes-so-that-they-can-optionally-jungle/
  19. datfizh

    Blood Hunter

    Well, unfortunately we don't talk about DnD homebrew class here.Nice try.
  20. Lol, I can feel you about missclick part. Oftentimes you can solve it with Ctrl + Z but presumably it'll bring you back too much after several edits on your post. List of Components: New Dream Patch Notes (Separated from previous post because of being convoluted post)
  21. Go on, I want to see some technical idea of yours so I can give some opinions from them.
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