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  1. Good question. I guess it will have similar case as Parasite's Infest but Circe has similar freedom as Empath.
  2. Besides current state of Deadwood, there are proposed changes: Oakbolt as current Uproot second activation always shows up instead of Uproot. Oakbolt has a passive, granting bonus 14/21/28/35% Base Attack Damage to Deadwood. Cooldown and mana cost of current Uproot belongs to Oakbolt. Clearcutting automatically grabs tree Deadwood destroys along his way, granting 15/30/45/60 Attack Speed for 4 attacks. Grabbed tree has no duration and Clearcutting refreshes the number of boosted attacks. Thought Process: Personally, I feel bothered when Deadwood grabs a
  3. Which ability will get this boost then? If I may pick one then it belongs to Rampage's first ability.
  4. Hell o there, EU. Thanks for updating the game and for spending your time to visit this thread. I try updating this thread as long as this forum still exists so feel free to visit this thread again anytime soon.
  5. I'm sorry if my previous statement looked demanding so that's okay if you don't want to change something 'technical'. Perhaps, I should give my opinion about your hero ideas from the concept level (or I claimed it to be). Though, I'm not sure if I can give proper opinion so here we go: Ice Knight Ghost Haze Jewess Invictus Actually giving opinion about your suggestion inspires me to have the alternative version of your ideas. So, I will make the alternative version of your idea if you allow me to have one.
  6. This thread inspires me to suggest an equivalent item to Iron Shield. Ursine Claws Components: Toxin Claws (270g) + 2x Crushing Claws (300g) = 570 gold Stats: 7 strength Passive: On attack applies Rend for 3 seconds, removing 8 (4 to ranged wielder) Health per second and applying a 12% (4% to ranged wielder) Movement Speed Slow. This effect propagates to illusions for 33% of the duration. (doesn't stack with Toxin Claws and Icebrand's line of items) Heals 4 (2 to ranged wielder) health per attacking an enemy unit. Thought Process: this item is for aggressive wiel
  7. Hey there, EU. Thanks for keeping the game updated. I retain most of this thread as it used to so you have nothing to lose on your next visit. Though, I actually like to update the idea of this thread so I create an alternative and updated version of it in the thread below. Feel free to also read the thread below so the bigger picture of this idea is even easier to be formulated.
  8. Uh, I guess you should try figuring that out yourself. As side note regarding your proposed suggestion, the starting health formula is 150 + (starting strength * 19) and starting mana formula is starting intelligence * 13 as far as I know. Hope that tip helps you improving your ideas.
  9. I guess I have to BlameBenny for this idea.
  10. Besides Dampeer's current state, there are proposed changes: Essence no longer gives additional benefit to any Dampeer's abilities, it gets replaced by bonus 100/145/190 max health to him per essence. Magic damage from Terrorize is rescaled to 100/165/230/295 and Fear duration from it is rescaled to 1.5 seconds. If Dampeer's current health percentage is less than the target he attacks during Fear effect from Terrorize, his attack heals him by 3% of his maximum health. Magic damage from Vampiric Flight is rescaled to 100/145/190/235. Static heal from Vampiric Fligh
  11. Well, I think what I suggested is already pretty much alleviating the issue you brought up. Also, I think what makes Artillery annoying are his passive and ultimate instead of his first ability because his passive guarantees him to get safe distance in addition to apply slow from afar and his ultimate forces his opponent to be closer to his team or just flee away to be caught up later by his team.
  12. datfizh

    Spike Bola

    Did you mean Geometer's Bane?
  13. Will you also make video to patch?
  14. Try uploading it first on Imgurl or similar website and try copying the links it gives one by one to test if they work or not.
  15. Well, where do you wish Kongor to be put at if one Kongor happens to be a thing? If you think of having Kongor to its former position, you probably should ask SEA HoN people regarding their feeling about that. If I assume the gameplay on the old map from several discussions regarding Ophelia nerf, the old map is unfriendly on Ophelia and probably most heroes on jungle position. Well, this is just me making assumption so you may take it with the grain of salt.
  16. So you got temporary ban last year, didn't you? I think that counts.
  17. Hell o there, buddy. I thought you no longer put numbers on your next suggestion, oh well. I think the suggestion is nice since it is overall same as the current one but I think it will be too good on Agility heroes because they have maximum benefit from this item from EHP perspective as their attribute naturally grants armor in addition to the damage.
  18. Besides current state of Spell Sunder, there are proposed changes: Change the recipe as component with Toxin Claws (overall cost is changed to 2795 gold, can be disassembled). Freeze Modifier: Passively applies Poison to enemies you attack for 3 seconds, dealing 8 (4 to ranged) magic damage per second and applying a 12% (4% to ranged) Movement Speed Slow. This effect propagates to illusions for 33% of the duration. Can be built into Mock of Brilliance and Fenrir's Fang. Mock of Brilliance and Fenrir's Fang Thought Process: Currently auto-attacker needs to inv
  19. Seems complicated rework and I think Haunted roughly similar to Midas' ultimate put out of ability choice. If I may suggest, Haunted name should be changed to Sealed Fate or anything to your liking because Haunted as a name is already on Wretched Hag's ability.
  20. Better detailed description than your previous suggestion. Would you put your previous suggestion here as well with additional description?
  21. Still, I wonder how will this suggestion interact with Harkon's Blade?
  22. I think Kongor's buff already provides that increased damage. As to magic armor reduction, auto-attackers even don't have such armor reduction as end-game item. In conclusion, there is no need to have end-game caster item because casters tend to excel at early until near end game and most auto-attackers shine the most at end game so if caster manages to have end-game caster item, why bother picks auto-attacker then.
  23. Besides Symbol of Rage current state, there are some proposed changes: Passively every 3 seconds grants 1 charge, up to 120 charges. Automatically consumes 120 charges to revive first valid killed creep as a permanent owned unit Owning the creep from this item has same limitation as Whispering Helm (non-ancient, non-boss creep in general). Invalid creep doesn't consume the charge upon killing them. Takes the nearest valid killed creep to be revived if more than 1 valid creep is killed at same time. The owned unit grants 2 Mana Regeneration and grants 30% Mo
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