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  1. Nothing new to offer but I like that you use your account, keep posting with that.
  2. Well, suit yourself. You may check my other threads for your inspiration in proposing the idea. I admit that I have some ideas inspired by yours, so keep posting.
  3. Hey, did you promise everyone something? I'm waiting for it.
  4. Nice touch without complicated things. I approve.
  5. Thanks for giving your thought, it broadens my understanding about Blood Hunter that somehow I missed to notice.
  6. I apologize if the title is exaggerated and somehow belittles people struggling with OCD, I just want to discuss few things as below: Lightning Modifier and King Klout's Goblin Toss Lightning Modifier and King Klout's Goblin Toss share the same bizarre change upon getting upgraded. The general idea of unusual change on both Lightning Modifier and Goblin Toss is they have bounce effect at the start, shown by Voltstone and Blue Goblin. Later on, both Lightning Modifier and Goblin Toss change their chain effect into area effect represented by Thunderclaw and Red Goblin on their first up
  7. I think you should just stick on your thread instead of making new one. You could just share it on other media such as Discord or Reddit instead of posting it on same media.
  8. How many accounts do you have? Why don't you stick to one?
  9. Greetings, I open up a discussion on Blood Hunter because I'm curious what people think about the hero. Besides, I think this discussion can possibly support my idea below: Questions: What is Blood Hunter good at? What frustrating factor does Blood Hunter possess when he is being played against? What is hero slightly better to be picked than Blood Hunter by similar capabilities? What frustrating factor does Blood Hunter possess if he is being played? What tier do you think Blood Hunter is at? Personal Answers: What is Blood Hunter good at? H
  10. By that example, how is Q-W-E even possible?
  11. Honestly, all of your suggestion overlaps one hero to another. Speaking of Klanx, I propose my suggestion about Klanx below:
  12. Okay, let me know your experience on Cthulhuphant.
  13. Oh, my bad. I thought E ability is used as an active ability.
  14. Um, I think I should put example of what I meant. If I say combine the Q W W, is that count as Q W? How about Q Q W?
  15. Um, how will he change his stance from melee/ranged? Does that thing require D button?
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