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  1. Ichor Staff of the Master suggestion: boosting Bloodrush Also increases Stun and Debuff duration upon application by 10/15/20% to enemy heroes in aura and heals allied heroes in aura by 0.5/1/1.5% of their max health per attack. Thought Process: Ichor's design plays around debuff so this suggestion suits him. Ichor's ultimate grants attack speed and this suggestion brings Keeper's old ability back, mechanically. The suggestion can't be afforded by usual item so it should have a place. Witch Slayer Staff of the Master suggestion: boosting Silver Bullet (omitting
  2. Just want to put some ideas here. Perhaps adding the aura with Stun and Debuff Duration increase makes it strong pickup and unique.
  3. hon.gamepedia.com/Midnight_Morningstar Favored by Rift Behemoth known as Rift Shaker and Dimensional Wall Breaker, Midnight Morningstar are type of weapon replacing uprooted tree Behemoth outside of the Rift usually uses on combat. They strengthen the wielder from mystical harm and inflict significant damage, occasionally knocking a foe senseless. Be warned, conjuring the full power of this weapon afflicts harm to both ends because unpredicted nature of the Rift. Components: Brutalizer (3450g) + Shaman's Headdress (2050g) = 5500 gold Stats: 8 Strength + 40 Damage + 10 Health Regene
  4. Well, I can't give any good idea but I'd love to see the result of the tattoo to be posted here.
  5. Once a forgotten item in Newerth's realm shows its appearance as Lady Fortuna's law of retribution on deciding one's luck. Components: Lex Talionis (1200g) + Snake Bracelet (1100g) = 2300 gold (can be disassembled) Stats: 5 armor + 15% base damage Passive: Aura (2 armor + 1 mana regeneration) + 25% Evasion (Evasion Modifier) Active: Either applies 25% Evasion, +15% base damage, and +5 Armor to allied target or applies 25% Miss Chance, -15% base damage, and -5 Armor to enemy target for 8 seconds. Removes 25% Evasion, 15% base damage and 5 armor to self for 8 seconds, di
  6. Did you post another low effort post? One time you created another non-archived-yet thread and now you create the one archived. I'm not against the reopen the discussion but at least you could put the archived thread via link and make your own reason as to why you want to discuss this topic back rather than creating a complete new thread but it's just copy-paste the archived thread.
  7. I'd like to see "Energy" concept as bonus trait rather than the main trait on the hero, such as giving the hero a summoned unit utilizing energy or the hero shapeshifts into energy utilizer.
  8. Looking from previous pattern of patch guessing, it will probably be held 1 week before the patch release which means it'll begin around 26th Jan. Could be wrong. Edit: Okay, I was wrong about the calculation because of I assumed the patch reveal is the same as patch implementation in game.
  9. perhaps some people thought root = stun, in fact it is just immobilize +dps AFAIK.
  10. First, I guess Silhouette also needs one. Second, some people complain the game becomes casual, I doubt it gets implemented. Third, that already suggested several times so you could look at the discussion to know some thought from other people. Actually, all of your suggestion already suggested so you could look at other opinions by looking for such discussion.
  11. Look at this wiki (or in-game to make sure) to know about the current Keeper of the Forest. [ Q ] Woods' Aid Passively applies 0 second fadetime stealth to Keeper if he stays within 400 range to a tree for 2 seconds (any action but getting 400 units away from any tree doesn't reset the countdown time of stealth). Common stealth breaking and moving 400 units away from any tree break the stealth. The stealth grants 10% movement speed and breaking the stealth through attacking pulls an attacked enemy by a maximum 600 units to a nearest tree this ability detects to activate
  12. Some ideas to rework Armor of the Mad Mage: Option 1: Components: Null Stone (4500g) + Platemail (1400g) = 5900 gold Stats: 10 armor + 15 all attributes + 15 damage + 6 health regeneration + 150% mana regeneration Passives: Single-target spell-block (15 seconds cooldown) Mad Mage Aura (enemy unit; 900 radius): -4 magic armor & -35% Base Damage Active: Shares the spell-block effect to a target allied hero for 15 seconds. Puts the passive on cooldown if either sel
  13. Is it possible to add new item for Midwars? I assume item change on Midwars is still manageable and the new item can use the unused item as its icon for less workload.
  14. Does PSR mean to be Public game rating? I think you just need to create a lobby game and see your PSR there.
  15. Also grants True Strike and makes attack ignoring deflection. Thought Process: Dota does this (minus deflection) to give the item more worth. Grants the optional item to counter evasion and miss chance. Bonuses
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