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  1. Hey, nice to meet you. I don't know what was your intention to reply my post, do you mind to tell me clearer?
  2. I just checked and it is true we can no longer post new thread. I guess the reason behind this is to make us post on other platforms instead.
  3. Um, I think you just chose weak jungle-roam because the heroes you mentioned suits better on lane than jungle or am I missing something?
  4. Why don't you just post the idea on DotaConcept instead of this soon-to-be-dead game?
  5. Care to give more info about the rumor? Forum will be pretty much dead, similar to how old forum went.
  6. Um, it would be proper if you change the title of the topic to Patch 4.10.1 - Patch Discussion.
  7. Man, I prefer signing petition of agreement to make a DotA 2 custom map consisting of HoN features than any petition to change Garena's mind to make HoN an open source or something along the line.
  8. Succubus is HoN ported version of Bane. The more I know.
  9. Is that in-game announcement? I haven't logged into the game this year and I haven't seen any announcement on this forum.
  10. Well, this slowness thing on Dota 2 seems like fairness to most latency/ping of players have. Also, Dota 2 faces another problem besides slowness that is particle of some abilities seen through fog of war so opponent can somehow see them without vision. I believe HoN doesn't have that issue.
  11. AFAIK, disarm on Spiked Bola has same principle as recent Jeraziah's ultimate and Keeper's ultimate to apply undispellable effect with less duration once they got dispelled.
  12. Around 7 months left to enjoy this game. I guess this means this forum will also be closed around that time.
  13. Where have you been? Did you know the recent topic about this game?
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