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  1. Meh, typical bark no bite (I meant your statement about donating a good amount of cash). At least you could comment this thread below instead of making new one:
  2. I like the idea of having E increasing magic armor but reducing physical armor because it lessens the problem of having high damage reduction on both damage types, physical and magic. Let me give a simple suggestion out of the idea: Master of the Mantra [ E ] (Completely new) Toggle - 5/3.5/2/0.5 seconds cooldown both toggle on and off. Toggle on to half Magebane's armor and convert them into magic armor. When toggle on, also adds additional 4/6/8/10 magic armor. Mana combustion as an offensive ability needs some buff and the proposed armor reduction when toggling on 3rd ability reduces his survivability against enemy, especially spellcaster with high attack damage as Magebane is intended to counter. So, the active is proposed to grant Magebane a bit survivability when toggling on his 3rd ability against spellcaster. Mana Combustion [ Q ] (The passive remains same) Activate to heal Magebane by 5/6/7/8% of attacked target's max mana when auto-attacking. Has 3/4/5/6 seconds duration and 12 seconds cooldown. Flash also gets adjusted to reduce Magebane's flash-farm problem the original topic fleshed out and increase his intended proficiency against spellcaster by giving Flash same general parameters as Wretched Hag's Flash of Darkness and adding new effect to differentiate between those Flashes as below: Flash [ W ] (General parameters like cooldown, mana cost, and range are same as Wretched Hag's Flash of the Darkness) Gives a debuff for 6 seconds (doesn't stack, only refreshes) to enemy units in 225 radius to Magebane's flash destination, giving the debuffed enemy unit a stacking individually timed debuff for 3/4/5/6 seconds to increase Magebane's attack speed when attacking them by 20% of initial mana they spend (I'm not sure whether mana upkeep should count or not). Adjustments above aren't enough to change Magebane's game stage from late-game to early-mid game as the original topic explained, so stats adjustment are needed such as adding starting strength and starting armor for early-mid game benefit and reducing agility growth and normalizing BAT to 1.7 for reducing late-game potential. In the end, this suggestion is intended to retain Magebane's identity as auto-attacker while also try buffing his intended specialty against spellcaster. That's all for now, thank you for the idea Physiker.
  3. I assume (s)he meant the main base (either World Tree or Sacrificial Shrine)
  4. Oh, my bad. Thank you for the correction. At least that works in some ways.
  5. My friend, could you change the title to "Fatal Error Couldn't load vid_d3d9"? So, people will know immediately what the actual error is from the title alone and hopefully people with similar problem could immediately head to this thread because I assume the error is already solved. I also saw you posted your problem on community tech support sub-forum, perhaps you could change the title there and copy-paste the solution provided by this thread. Thanks in advance.
  6. Is it like a nerf not only on staff boost but also un-boosted version itself?
  7. datfizh

    Ranked Roles

    Could this topic have a poll? I'm curious how many people will accept this feature. I'd appreciate if the poll is on Reddit because Magebane rework discussion have the poll there.
  8. Oh, I'm sorry for derailing this thread to not discussing the topic suggested by original poster. So I put some of discussed heroes change through versions honpedia doesn't cover.
  9. To anyone curious about Magebane's changes through versions honpedia doesn't cover.
  10. Inspired by this thread: Current Abilities Proposed Abilities Thought Process Changelog
  11. I can't give you meaningful discussion about the state Artillery faces currently but at least I'd like to provide some information about Artillery through times honpedia doesn't cover as below
  12. I agree. For that reason, I adjust the suggestions slightly. What do you think about the items now?
  13. Agree on that statement but there are drawback for benefit of cooldown reduction compared to spell damage such as additional mana to spend and cooldown itself. Nonetheless, I like the cooldown reduction. Speaking of old Grimoire, it used to increase auto-attack damage based on mana cost. How about if the percentage of mana cost acts as a buff to deal magic damage on abilities instead of auto-attack? It could be damage overtime replacing current searing effect to lightbrand and its upgrades.
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