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  1. There you go: https://hon.fandom.com/wiki/Comparison_of_HoN_and_DotA
  2. I believe the statement I underlined is probably a mistake. If I may put an idea, I would like to make Cauterize having its cooldown reset upon activating Flame Consumption and its cooldown reduced to 1 second during Flame Consumption. I guess I'll post the idea in the thread below:
  3. Congrats, your suggestion is implemented on patch 4.9.3.
  4. If I may imagine the mechanic of your suggestion, the charges is reset back if Gravekeeper's attack is imbued, isn't it?
  5. What you proposed is likely a simple buff instead of rework. If I may set a example of rework, allow me to put the post below:
  6. I think Puppet Master is mediocre mid at best because he lacks damage or sustainability at laning phase, he should be played as short laner or semi support to optimize his potential. Also, why do you tag a suspicious link?
  7. If I may propose an idea, one charge of consumed morsel also grants Vorax a buff regardless of Skrap distance to Vorax, deflecting 15/25/35/45 attack damage against tower or player's unit. The buff lasts 8 seconds or one attack taken against tower or player's unit (can be accumulated but doesn't stack). This idea buffs current Scavenge's worth to be leveled up. The current heal to Vorax from Scavenge could be reduced to 15/25/35/45 if the idea is too much.
  8. I think you should put this idea to an already dedicated thread in sub-forum here instead of making new one. As for your suggestion, I have mixed feeling about the idea because the item will potentially overshadow some items in the game. What did you imply?
  9. Ah, the trick by few knowledgeable Warden's enemy to mitigate the damage or by many only a coincidence. To tell the truth, I have mixed feeling about your proposal. A little bit stretch but I think your proposal is similar as letting Magic Carp (Myrm 2nd ability) stuns enemy for fraction of second when the enemy already stays stationary. If I may compare Magic Carp's combo to Weed Field, so does Hunter's Command to Summon Gawain.
  10. You should try posting this on Bug Reports instead or I guess you could ask moderator to move this thread to that sub-forum.
  11. welcome back, @Claudineee. Question: why do you put link on some words? Is it necessary? Also, I'm confident my suggestion is definitely better than yours.
  12. That's the idea, it won't be hurt to buff the aspect I proposed because it deems to be useless. Some players clearly only focus on the burst aspect than defensive aspect of Lodestone's ultimate so buffing the defensive aspect of the ability promotes another part of intended design to be utilized.
  13. datfizh

    Night Hound

    Good point from your experience I believe but there's something you miss. The invisibility I propose requires NH to cast an ability so I think the problem you pointed out is still manageable, even Grinex or Scout will do better at disturbing the opponent's jungle early game than NH from this suggestion.
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