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  1. Knowing the posts above me got deleted, I no longer alters your idea because I guess they broke the rules and I was close to that. Again, your idea is pretty straightforward and your overall ideas get repetitive at this point.
  2. I think that's fine. At least you can post this thread to the other thread you have known as Staff boost idea.
  3. Sometimes, I wonder why I spent my time on this forum since I haven't played HoN in few years.
  4. I believe the bug isn't fixed yet, let's see if it's no longer the case on next patch.
  5. Thanks for the reply so far. Regarding the proposed change on Adeve's Cloak: I also don't know much about people opinion regarding Glimmer Cape, though it's pretty much a busted item if the opposing team doesn't have dust, ward, bound eye, or hero with reveal ability. Recipe items with a recipe as its component can't be disassembled to my knowledge, so I take your suggestion without the need of a recipe, @Ondis. Regarding the proposed change on Nihil Crystal: On second thought, I think activation on Nihil Crystal seems reasonable. I'll add alternative suggestion fro
  6. Thanks for your input. I've updated the post but I apologize to not put your inputs for several reasons: I intended to propose Adeve's Cloak as an item for Support heroes, usually poorest than their allies, so I can't increase the price. Because I can't increase the price, the effects of Adeve's Cloak I proposed seems to be more than enough for its price. The activation on Nihil Crystal will potentially overlap Golden Apple, making it a caster version of Golden Apple.
  7. Adeve's Cloak Idea 1: Idea 2: Nihil Crystal Idea 1: Idea 2:
  8. Well, Terrorform should no longer provides vision if you wish Terrorform to be invulnerable. I have mixed feeling whether it is good or not to be able to teleport to one Mound without within another Mound, kind of similar to Draconis' but more flexible. The overall idea is interesting, kind of inspired by Broodmother.
  9. This discussion is getting out of hand. Why should I report if they don't break general rules? As your proposed Staff, I suggest you to post it here. Okay, because I have to follow my heart as your advice to me so I'll disagree about your opinion.
  10. Man, I haven't replied to your recent idea since ages. How's your doing?
  11. I advice you to look on all HoN heroes and see for yourself which hero has their ability's cooldown increased as it gets leveled up (Circe was the only hero, AFAIK). Here's the link: hon.fandom.com/wiki/Heroes Edit: I apologize to accuse you but I think you're @BiigHouse alt account from your praise on Favela Warrior's idea.
  12. I think you're definitely not OP and their alt account so you're @Zlonder alt account, right? Your idea is definitely better presented than OP (and their alt account). Still, the increased cooldown whenever the ability is leveled up seems unusual to me.
  13. Are you @BiigHouse? Your idea design is better than OP (and their alt accounts) but I'm not fond of the ability names.
  14. I guess I'll try altering all your hero suggestions. Ley Fey Hey Key (Legion) =Next= Festive Avatar (Legion) =Next= Sleight (Hellbourne) =Next= Beast Trader (Hellbourne) =Next= Patrol (Hellbourne)
  15. I think your proposed passive has potential to have this issue: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/3369-emerald-warden-buff/
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