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  1. dowload the mod. Single draft not available momentarily.
  2. I like the suggestion. Wish it got implemented in the game. No further discussion for me at moment, just want to bump it up so everyone could read it.
  3. Regarding Balphagore new staff boost, the boost shouldn't reduce the cooldown of the ability innately. Disagree with the Q ability as passive, because it currently has orb-walking effect. For your suggestion about 'Unstable Concoction'-like ability, will it have side-effect? If we look for charged-up ability like Lodestone in HoN itself for instance, he gets his side-effect.
  4. Wish Nitro ultimate has same mechanic like Alleria from DotA 2.
  5. Feel free to post your idea about the change. If you allow me suggest the change, I'll give Enkindle (3rd ability) a Manifest active (ultimate sub-ability). Also, I'd suggest Dessert's Curse (first ability) summons illusion on hitting first enemy hero. I believe those suggestion could solve one of the problem you mentioned. Thoughts? Edit: The ultimate could keep the sub-ability besides those changes I suggested. (though, I personally say it shouldn't).
  6. If you could read this and if I didn't misunderstand about this thread: betting encourages more toxic play because players are already 'betting' their rank in ranked game.
  7. I like your suggestion. If you wish for further discussion, you should create a thread at Suggestion sub-forum so this thread could be less crowded by various discussion.
  8. late for the party again I guess. You could post your idea on the link below: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/459-staff-of-the-master-suggestions-thread/
  9. I would prefer movement speed percentage rather than flat movement speed on the aura. Let Energizer has the flat bonus. I assume from the note of the max mana aura provided is considered as 'empty mana', right? If so, Magebane would be slightly happy if his opponent buy this item (exaggerating indeed). Though it's a bit funny to me imagining those melee lane creeps have mana bar on them under this item's aura.
  10. I like this suggestion because evasion currently feels only available for Agility hero. Not sure if non-agility hero would buy current evasion item over armor or void talisman as EHP provider to physical damage, this suggestion though offers non-Agility hero an option to have the evasion when (s)he already bought Post Haste.
  11. did you mean Legion Commander? At first I thought you talked about Helm of the Black Legion, silly me.
  12. Lol, my bad. It's probably a Homecoming Stone as discussed on Reddit.
  13. Thanks for the sneak peek, my guess for the next patch:
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