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  1. Disconnected from chat server. Are servers down right now?
  2. My in-game settings like default avatars and list of favourites have all being reset after the patch.. TT
  3. I am sorry for offtopic, but found no other suitable way. Can u tell us what happened to lore.heroesofnewerth.com and how now to access all those amounts of lore an wallpaper staff? Maybe reach the site's owner to get it back online at least for a couple of days or send the material any other way? Because even the main site of HoN leads to that resource. The posts there were uploaded by ACEJr and later Necroth, if that somehow helps.
  4. When I clicked on a story arc - The Wayback Machine has not archived that URL(
  5. Thanks, but it's a tiny amount compared to that site. Was it even official? Why is it down? Can anyone contact the site's owner?
  6. What happened? Site is down for quite some time already - where can I find the lore and wallpapers now?
  7. Ok, ty. One more question came up - why it's not possible to see all the chat symbols for purchased alternate avatars in the vault?
  8. Hello! I got 2 questions - were the mastery boosts removed from the game ( I had quite many unused) and why the silver prices in the shop are still uncut?
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