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  1. It worked, thanks! As for RCT - I'll think about it once the main job is done. Currently I'm working on 2 other projects, and will probably receive another big one shortly, so I'm not sure how long it will take. For those curious, I'll try to update this post once I know how many translatable words there are in the game.
  2. Found it, thanks! I guess my team will help me with the basic translation, but after that I'll have to monitor patches and update those translations on my own, so we'll need some means for me to get notified and update the translation before a relevant patch. Anyways, we can discuss it later, after the translation is done (which will certainly take some time). Is there a way to test the translations on the go? I tried to change a string in the interface translation file, saved it, but the game stopped recognizing that file (the rest of translations were still there)
  3. I saw it earlier, but for some reason I couldn't find those files in any of those folders (Program Files and Program Files x86). I ran a search too, but it didn't find them either. Where else could I look for them?
  4. Hi! What's up with the game translations nowadays? Couldn't we use some centralized localization resource like crowdin.com for community translations? Anyway, I'm working in a game localization company right now, doing translations into Ukrainian. If you're interested, we could update the Ukrainian translation and maintain it. We would just need some support from the devs (some technical details), and some time for the translation itself.
  5. ...if I'm playing on a gaming laptop, and still have major lags (i.e. freezes) every game? Your shitty lags are killing me every game. I have the same lags while playing some older games like old S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I get blamed and flamed, and hated for not acting up to someone else's expectations, because of the fucking lags. I bought this laptop for like $2k. How the hell I'm supposed to play this game? I used to buy stuff from you, but now I'm not gonna spend a single cent until you fix that shitty lagging game of yours.
  6. It's not "pay2play", but rather something like "pay 2 have some nice visual perks no one else has", and it's actually a good idea. A lot of games have some kind of a "subscription", some of which reward the subscribers with some game changing stuff, and some - with just visual ones. The latter one is better, of course. Iirc, DotA had something like this as well.
  7. Yes, I had this issue in both clients. I have no idea what causes those fps drops (they drop to 0, with nothing relevant in the console log), and they seem to be random, as I have them in some teamfights, and don't have in the others. Or I have them while opening the shop, or using the chat wheel, and the other time I get them while simply walking in the empty lane or in the jungle. Sometimes I don't have them at all, and sometimes the games are barely playable due to them. As I said, I don't have these issues in other, high-end games, so to speak (I had maybe 5 noticeable freezes during th
  8. ...and the severe FPS drops are still there. I used to question myself - is it my laptop/OS/internet/wifi, or is it the game? Now it seems it's the latter. I've had these freezes (fps drops) for years, and it seems that the game's been in a way broken for all the time. It's not getting any fix to this any time soon (as far as I can tell from watching the bug report threads). Do you guys experience this too? Is there any possibility that this game will be somehow transitioned to a new engine that will improve its overall performance and eventually eliminate the issue I'm currently experi
  9. This bug has been around for a while, just hard to encounter. If a killing tower projectile had been fired right before someone started teleporting to that tower, the kill is counted for the teleporting hero, with that hero not even being there (say, you can be in the fountain, use tp, and steal a kill from someone else without even getting there). Match ID: 160940967 24:20 on the in-game timer. Nomad starts teleporting (from the fountain) and gets a kill before that teleport has even finished. Possibly related: Match ID: 160952878 14:45 on the in-game timer. I, as Rampage, charge
  10. Worked for me too, thanks! I also noticed (but didn't know if it was worth mentioning) that if you actually manage to enter a game once, you'll be able to enter all the rest until the next client restart. This workaround confirms that it's not a coincidence.
  11. Yes, ranked. Right now I'm on EU103
  12. I played like 4 games on a 64 bit client so far. Why did you have to reset all my awatars, btw?
  13. I had several "no response from server" messages, and got temporarily banned for like 5 minutes, but right now I managed to enter a game, so it's generally possible on 64 bit client too. Just saying.
  14. I was playing as Andromeda vs Bushwack, used a stun and one autoattack, managed to taunt him before the creeps killed him, and after he died got a message in the chat saying that "Legion pwned PlayerName's head". 7:22 on game timer 12:14 on replay timer Match id: 160729742
  15. Yes, I am, and I'm having the same (random) amount of freezes
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