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  1. We could use a lot less bans, i can't remember the last time i got to play devourer because people always ban him.... We all know there is only one problem with midwars: feeding teammates. I don't care about losing, I care about some guy in my team who just obviously ruins the fun in the game. And i'm not talking about the guys who do this on purpose, im talking about the people who don't notice they are making their team lose because they die EVERY MINUTE. Mind you, this is with 1800+ games, so you would expect people to know that. Biggest reason: I'm tank so I can die (3-11-4) scores. Yes, I'm frustrate by this phenomenon, I like to play healers so watching teammates rush in like rambo really grinds my gears. Btw: something I noticed is that people who use voice chat to talk about the game, makes the whole team more serious.
  2. oldschoolsil


    I just wanted to donate some money to keep the greatest game ever alive. However, I only could pay by paypal. Is there an option to pay with Ideal?
  3. There is a fundemental flaw in all your arguments: you see midwars as a stepping stone to Calvader. Thats not how it works, people play ONLY midwars, cause its more fun and actionpacked. You can view it as the invention of the first MOBA: we were all playing a stupid mod of warcraft 3, and see where that got us: hooked to a completly new game mode. In addition to the good argument from Party Bandit: I usually play around the same hours and meet the same players in the game. Its fun to see if they are still up there at 1900, or have fallen of for some reason. I installed the mod exactly for that reason, much better.
  4. 1. Only give people one ban. We see all the time that the same heroes are banned, some of them, like dev, are very fun to play. 2. I agree with people feeding and that is what is destorying the fun in a game a lot. I suggest a big banner in the loading screen which says: if you die once every minute, you are reducing the fun your teammates have and you should try to die less. 3. Dont change the voting system, its good as it is now. Some people just have a defeitist mentallity and dont understand that you can get back in the game even when you are far behind early. Side note: Today I (accidentally) joined a normal game mode instead of a midwars game. I guess it was more then 7 years since I played Calvadar last. Glad to say it confirmed my thought that Midwars is the best game mode to play. How tediously slow does that game progress.
  5. Thanks, I will try to check that out.
  6. You need to play only midwars mate. More actionpacked, people are generally a lot nicer.
  7. Thanks for the new update, I bought some gold coins to support you with the continuing work. I hope you will get the MMR back in midwars, it was a lot more fun to see who/what kind of players you were up against.
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