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  1. Changing IP I can do, but that makes the internet speed way slow, so I can't play. Why not save all trouble and make the update? This should be the preferable region server we can CHOOSE, not forced to be selected the unwanted one. Not sure why it has to be Singapore.
  2. Hi, can you update players from Korea/Japan to choose Thai server? There are some players in Korea and Japan, and we can only select Singapore, which has high ping. This is not the preferable one This selection update makes the ping issue even worse. The players from Korea and Japan should play thai server, not sing.
  3. Will this be all night long? No replay from the game yet
  4. I can't log in. what's the bug? Once logged in, people can't start queing the game. "option invalid/disabled" When will this be fixed? I noticed only rank game's NOT working properly. Is rank system disabled for any reason? Please kindly reply
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