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  1. Second time it happens to me and it has even happened to others with whom I play that the game expels them from the game with the message "no response from the server" and not even opening the console and typing the command can reconnect again that do or when will they fix this error.
  2. There are some avatars in the store who actually appear you can buy with silver but when you try shows the message "UNAVAIBLE" can someone fixt it please?
  3. Actually they're too many alt avatar unavaible and theres a lot who are cool pls habilitate them.
  4. Hi everyone, could you please enable the alt avatar "kojin" of pyromancer in the store at the moment is "not avaible"
  5. In the merrick store in one of the blacksmith avatars there is an error in which it says "not available" even though it shows that it can be bought please fix it ?
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