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  1. Hello just an update this modded avatar disables the new E active component, as this is my favourite mod is it possible to update?
  2. Hello I played a Mid Wars game as Accursed to test the updated E spell but although it is on the description on the Learnatorium it is not functioning ingame. Also tried it on a test server to verify and still not working. edit: @ElementUser you are right I had the new patch but I had a modded avatar of Accursed who is disabling the Active E. I checked the other alts with the mod and they also didn't work, I removed the work and it is working fine.
  3. Regarding SW, maybe make E active doubling the attack speed on use and adjusting the numbers accordingly? It will at least make the hero less boring.
  4. 1 min might be too low, just give the benefit of a doubt in case their PC is slow and have difficulty in reconnecting. Maybe 2 minutes is fairer.
  5. I believe the change was required for the issues stated above by EU, I believe though the speed penalty in gargantuan form is too much and needs to be adjusted/removed.
  6. Hmm this is really interesting, can you please elaborate if you have more info?
  7. I have encountered a possible cliff walking bug in mid wars. Not game breaking but worth mentioning. Game ID: 159312816 In-game time stamp 7:13
  8. I think people tend to underestimate the greatest strength of the hero, which is actually the ultimate and the ganking potential. Since we dont have smoke of deceit in HoN, Valkyrie's ulit is the best ganking ability in the game but this is severely under-utilised in low-mmr games. p.s I love the sotm as hitting arrows is one of the most satisfying aspects of the game for me, combined with spellshards it can damage hard .
  9. As Valkyrie is my favourite and most played hero I believe the hero is performing ok, minor tweak I might want to have is increasing slightly the length of the leap at level 1 and 2, or a step further have the same leap distance on all levels.
  10. I agree that consistency would be bad, I was curious to learn how the attack projectile speed is adjusted, somehting like the squishiest the hero the fastest attack speed/heavy nuker low speed etc...
  11. I saw the attack projectile speed increase in CD, I wanted to ask (too lazy to check :P), which are the heroes with the slowest and fastest attack projectiles? Is there a backround philosophy on this or is it a legacy feature?
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