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  1. I think people tend to underestimate the greatest strength of the hero, which is actually the ultimate and the ganking potential. Since we dont have smoke of deceit in HoN, Valkyrie's ulit is the best ganking ability in the game but this is severely under-utilised in low-mmr games. p.s I love the sotm as hitting arrows is one of the most satisfying aspects of the game for me, combined with spellshards it can damage hard .
  2. As Valkyrie is my favourite and most played hero I believe the hero is performing ok, minor tweak I might want to have is increasing slightly the length of the leap at level 1 and 2, or a step further have the same leap distance on all levels.
  3. I agree that consistency would be bad, I was curious to learn how the attack projectile speed is adjusted, somehting like the squishiest the hero the fastest attack speed/heavy nuker low speed etc...
  4. I saw the attack projectile speed increase in CD, I wanted to ask (too lazy to check :P), which are the heroes with the slowest and fastest attack projectiles? Is there a backround philosophy on this or is it a legacy feature?
  5. I had the same issue until I updated my Windows 10 to the latest rev. and giving Admin privileges to the folder as ElementUser suggested.
  6. I think I am being influenced by Dota 2 where they clearly added the equivalent SOTM effect to all heroes clearly just because. The majority of the new Dota 2 SOTM are very simplistic and rarely used but if this is something that is not acceptable by @ElementUser this is perfectly fine by me.
  7. There are some very good suggestions here and I think we should try to have a SOTM to all heroes for fairness and completeness. I know this might be quite a task taking into account the limited resources though.
  8. BRING BACK THE OLD RAVENOR!! (it is not bad to have dreams I know...)
  9. Hello all, noob question here, how can I check the packet loss during game play? I have tried everything regarding my graphics stuttering in game, packet loss is my next check now.
  10. Hello all, since last week the graphics in game started to stutter even when the FPS are steady at 120. I have a 2080 GTX card and the game was running smoothly at Ultra Settings before this started to happen. I can confrim it is not lag and the game randomly stutters even without any fps drops or any huge aoe battles. Can anyone propose what setting should I change to maybe solve the issue (I have the latest nvidia drivers installed)?
  11. I wanted to ask about a potential bug and if ElementUser is aware of it. I played a game and the opposing team was laning Solstice with Shellshock. When Solstice gained level 6 he started channeling for the ulti and he was picked up by Shellshock's rolling thunder. The channeling didn't stop and the result was an instant death by the stun and a full duration channeled ulti at my heroe's location. Is it intended to work like this or this is a bug/ability abuse trick and needs to be reported?
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