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  1. HoN will never be forgotten!!
  2. I love this, bring the Invoker Sunstrike to HoN!!
  3. Same for me, game crashing when scrolling through settings ingame. I also now have low fps ~30 when in the 32bit had solid 120.
  4. Hello just an update this modded avatar disables the new E active component, as this is my favourite mod is it possible to update?
  5. Hello I played a Mid Wars game as Accursed to test the updated E spell but although it is on the description on the Learnatorium it is not functioning ingame. Also tried it on a test server to verify and still not working. edit: @ElementUser you are right I had the new patch but I had a modded avatar of Accursed who is disabling the Active E. I checked the other alts with the mod and they also didn't work, I removed the work and it is working fine.
  6. Regarding SW, maybe make E active doubling the attack speed on use and adjusting the numbers accordingly? It will at least make the hero less boring.
  7. 1 min might be too low, just give the benefit of a doubt in case their PC is slow and have difficulty in reconnecting. Maybe 2 minutes is fairer.
  8. I believe the change was required for the issues stated above by EU, I believe though the speed penalty in gargantuan form is too much and needs to be adjusted/removed.
  9. Hmm this is really interesting, can you please elaborate if you have more info?
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