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  1. I would like to report a player from International forum to Garena, that this player IGN: BABEBabez`_ is truly a toxic player that DDOS games and defiles the land of newerth. Match ID: 640597918 . Am not supposed to complain about this since the incident happened in casual mode. I care not if I win or lose the game as long as I am enjoying ,that is enough. But the horrible fact that using a 3rd party tool to cheat your way thru truly boogles the mind! IIRC, according to what I read in this forum, there is this so called hardware ban to punish idiots. I desire Justice! template copied
  2. Hi , i want to ask , how to report this player ? with feeding and put many ward at fountain , i have report him in game but he still online and play in a match . Nickname : Master_WS_M Match ID : 640482215 ScreenShot : Please help to carry on to Garena . many Thanks .
  3. Hello there , i have an issue with this new patch , i don't know it's bug or error at my hon client , but we are hon players can't playing this game within 5v5 , this game always kicked 1 until 3 person in a team hell/legion . it's has been happened to me , therefore i post here for everyone has a same issue . i hope this bug/error can be solve asap . Thanks
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