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  1. Mechanics isn't a subforum about whether an ability is too strong or too weak. It's a forum about factual discussion with objective facts. If you want something changed, please go to the Balance/Design Discussion forum and post your queries there.
  2. Oh I forgot to mention, Staff of the Master grants Blacksmith's R a cast of Q that costs 60% of his Max Mana Pool. He pretty much gets 2 rolls of Q now if he has SotM, which makes him quite a bit more reliable and fun already. Just something to consider - he may not need this mechanic, and/or only want this mechanic to strictly apply to his original Q at best. Also you don't have to script the skill for me, I can do that :3. This essentially looks like you're taking the pseudo RNG mechanics that we already have in place for heroes like Tarot's R though, which we can implement fairly
  3. Fixed for next patch
  4. I just checked your account on LennyXX (changed password temporarily & reverted it back to your original one) and it looks fine to me: Make sure you don't have mods & do a reinstall if you have to.
  5. This isn't something for Bug Reports. Please contact Customer Support.
  6. It's currently intended because of the description of the ability: Should it though? Go make a post in Balance Discussion if you think it shouldn't.
  7. It's still not good enough? ? Sure, the only problem I can see (maybe) is with the Q/E procs on your autoattacks when you have SotM
  8. The same poll.... Oh dear. Oh yeah, the regular Balance/Design subforum rules don't apply in this thread (but the global forum rules still do). You can chat about almost anything you want in this chat, barring obvious exceptions & content that break the global forum rules ?. Basically just use common sense & be nice.
  9. I was planning to put a Balphagore SotM in 4.8.4 already ?
  10. This happens occasionally, but nobody can still give a 100% replication procedure since the start of HoN's lifetime. Moved to Indeterminate
  11. Yup, I will copy the response I gave on Reddit: Fire and Ice (Staff of the Master effect changes): - Fire and Ice's "Together in Bright Spirit" subability now place Lightning Form's passive ability on cooldown when the spellcast finishes. - Lightning Form: max Movement Speed granted to Light reduced from 750 to 650. - Light: now suffers a 67% Damage Penalty (i.e. deals 33% Damage) if both Fire & Ice are within 900 radius of Light. Speci
  12. Experienced modders like @HyperXewl, @RedBear or @whyzozerious would likely be able to help you ?
  13. Not enough supporting information, rejecting. Read the rules next time:
  14. Unfortunately, that won't be brought back. It suffered the same issues as the old forums did (namely, the lack of maintenance on it that caused it to eventually fail, among other issues).
  15. Nope - the Bug Reports isn't really about asking for new features, unfortunately.
  16. Numbers for Legionnaire's spin, for comparison: Table: Graph: Basically, he has a much greater chance of spinning between 3 to 7 attacks, rather than either very quick (1 to 2 attacks) or not at all (12 attacks). His overall effective spin rate has increased from 19.035% to 19.512%. ________________________________________________________________________________ Just wanted to note that the official calculation algorithm wasn't published, so I figured out how the percentages were calculated (finally). From this table (the right-hand side) tha
  17. Plinko Chest Rules Diamond Chests - Chance to acquire this chest has been permanently changed to 3x the default amount. - Contains Alt Avatars between 700-975 Gold Coins (inclusively). - Contains Super Taunt. - Contains Pudding Pack. - Contains most Alt Avatars, Announcers, Taunts, Name Colours that are normally unavailable to be purchased via Gold Coins. Gold Chests - Chance to acquire this chest has been permanently increased to 1.5x the default amount. - Contains Alt Avatars between 500-699 Gold Coins (inclusively). - Contains Announcers that cost 600 Gold to 899 Gold (inclusive
  18. (Disclaimer: Only considers the damage from Stalagmites and Chuck and not other external factors (such as additional autoattacks).) The real reason why Stalagmites -> Chuck is better than Chuck -> Stalagmites. As you know, Stalagmites' stun/damage instance impacts every 0.25s & it impacts 4 times, meaning that the total timeframe to get all 4 Stalagmite stun/damage instances in is 1 second. However, there is a 0.2s delay before the first Stalagmite instance actually impacts once the projectile Stalagmites actually reaches its destination. Chuck -> Stalagmites A
  19. Here is a short list of all the status effects and what they do. Beneficial Statuses Magic Immune: Immune to magic effects and magic damage. Physical Immunity: Immune to physical effects and physical damage. Building Walking: Can walk through buildings. Cliff Walking: Can walk through cliffs. Tree Walking: Can walk through trees. Unit Walking: Can walk through non-structure units. Clearvision: Sight is unobstructed by trees or cliffs. (Almost akin to flying vision - flying vision only gives sight of 1 cliff level above the ground the unit is hover
  20. Game Maps Forests of Caldavar Win Loss Midwars Win +?? exp +8 silver / Loss +?? exp +6 silver Riftwars Win +?? exp +8 silver / Loss +?? exp +6 silver Rewards Picture of reward window(Link) Game A Day Play one game and a 20 hour cooldown of reward starts. After 20 hours another cooldown of 24 hours start within which you can get a new reward and stack it. Default +20 exp +8 silver | stacking +2 silver each day up to a max of +25 silver Forests of Caldavar only Consecutive Bonus +2 silver second game | stacking +1 silver each game up to (25
  21. Illusions and their Characteristics Now that Circe the Deceiver is available on Newerth I think it's finally time for us to update this thread. Let's be honest. It's outdated, looks horrible, is incomplete and finally some statements made by OP were just plain wrong. Hopefully you guys can do some in-game testing since I based this entire thread on my automated results and reading the script. I would've done this myself normally but unfortunately my time is very limited the upcoming week. I'll update the previously mentioned link once you guys can confirm my statements in this thread
  22. I received permission from Pandaroohoo to share copies of said spreadsheets. I have touched them up very slightly. Normal Mode, 3.7.10 comparisons: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fSe3t097DWr4OrRaY5NOhwMG-R3s6KOnIGYmBo5JtZM/edit?usp=sharing Casual Mode, 3.7.10 comparisons: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fHrr_BmQE02QFdrlvLQSSSvo9-dml4WavyLHP6aEcmg/edit?usp=sharing ___________________________________________________________________________ Normal Mode Experience: Shared_XP_for_hero_kills = 75 + SUM[65 + 5*(Hero_Level - 1)] Unsha
  23. For Forsaken Archer's Split Fire, the following items will only proc on your main target: - Thunderclaw - Charged Hammer - Riftshards - Lifesteal - Brutalizer - Savage Mace The following items will occur on all targets (except if at least 1 of the target evades the shot, of course; then that target will not receive the debuff): - Icebrand - Frostburn - Frostwolf's Skull - Shieldbreaker - Harkon's Blade (Attacks to the side target are Magic) - Nullfire Blade - Logger's Hatchet Harkon's Blade will only take mana as if you hit a single target.
  24. All credits go to Robzor (all the way back from the old Dota-Allstars forum) Visually: Think of it as an explanation of the order the events occur starting from the left. You start an attack, this means you begin on the red part, you reach the Attack Point mark (the green mark) and the damage is dealt/projectile released. When you reach the Attack Backswing mark (the blue mark), your animation backswing will have finished. However, you can not start a new attack until you reach the end of the red line. For each unit, the two marks determining the Attack Point and Attack B
  25. I have created quite a few Google Sheets over the years & can share most of them to the public. The collection of public HoN Google Sheets can be viewed here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17c6aAodtm7LI7nYerLAKg6TGtAHuFJ8w?usp=sharing
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