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  1. You'll have to try again when you're connection stabilizes with respect to the chat server.
  2. Yes, but it's been like this since forever. So it's not a priority to fix
  3. It only seems to scale if used on enemies. It's not a huge problem per say.
  4. Blood Hunter is indeed fine.
  5. Unfortunately, I don't see any major changes to Mid Wars in the near future.
  6. ElementUser


    Unfortunately, I don't see any major changes to Skrap in the near future.
  7. Unfortunately, I don't foresee any changes to Ra in the near future. Hero is destined to remain where he is now & I am perfectly fine with that.
  8. I don't foresee any kind of major change to Midas in the near future. Hero is performing fine, although a bit bland.
  9. I don't foresee any kind of major change to Emerald Warden in the near future.
  10. Still waiting for discussion in this thread from others - will close some time in the future if no discussion is held.
  11. That clip was 100% your fault. You didn't correctly predict your attack timing with respect to Gravekeeper's movement & it was obvious he would move into fog. As a player, you got rightfully punished and should have overcompensated by continuing to move into that tree spot to get the kill. It's also arguable you didn't fully assess the risks of doing what you did, since there were 3 enemy heroes waiting for you after your kill (whether you were successful or not). So yes, you took the risk by attempting to kill Gravekeeper, and the success didn't particularly matter for the opposing t
  12. Hi TheJohns, Sure. Feel free to modify the entire stringtable if you wish. Go to this path to modify the English entity stringtables (assuming HoN x64 & that you installed it in the default directory): I will diff the results if you actually make amendments & submit (before I actually decide whether to submit your submission for the game), so please don't rearrange any of the entries or add/remove entries. I will also warn you that it is a LOT of work if you wish to do this for every single entry. Be sure to maintain the highlighting and the scaling syntax
  13. You know the shield only pops up if your HP is full, right? She still heals if she's not at full HP.
  14. I suggest reinstalling and /or repairing the game. It's about all that can be done.
  15. Did you read the patch notes? Based on your post history on Ichor, I don't expect to take much of your feedback seriously if all you're going to do is insult the developers and designers. I'm pretty sure you don't know how to read based on what you posted in the past.
  16. What exactly makes her (supposedly) especially vulnerable to this compared to every other carry hero in the game?
  17. Thanks for the feedback... My initial concerns were the following prior to his release: He would snowball out of control if his scaling wasn't kept in check somehow, and if his DPS and mobility for out-of-enemy-hero-combat situations weren't toned down (otherwise he'd be encouraged to play the same way as before, pure rice-farming, when that's not his greatest strength now) His W blink mechanic would be too oppressive in lane because of its low mana & cooldown spent, compared to other heroes and their mana cost to damage ratios However, there was no way of knowing thes
  18. I literally just tested it right now after seeing your post. It works fine. You know the heal/shield mechanic only works when dealing damage with those abilities to enemy heroes right?
  19. If you encounter the same issue as the person in this thread, please follow my instructions there.
  20. I suggest you reinstall the HoN client on your end to see if it resolves anything. I have queued USW servers to be restarted. That's all I can do on my end - this is considered a resolved issue.
  21. Ask @Sliferjam he requested it and I agree with him. Damage scales way faster on Bramble through this mechanic than any other permanent stat mechanic. That's why. And Bramble is still a menace even with this limitation - still a top tier MW hero. No need for changes.
  22. I'm sorry but I can't look at that until you give me a more detailed post of what happened exactly & whether you can replicate that or not.
  23. This is broken & will not make it into the game.
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