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  1. FYI, I have posted the Patch Notes: Latest changes are in that thread, including the changes for Magebane. The patch is scheduled to go live on December 16, 2021 (Thursday).
  2. Please see the latest updates to Magebane in that thread. Thanks.
  3. Updates will be made to Magebane in the upcoming patch on Thursday. It more than doubled his popularity, so despite his underperformance even after almost 2 weeks, he's still very popular. So it was the right move. Doing just stat changes to his old iteration would make him even more oppressive without solving his issues, so what you suggested is NOT the way to go. If you're wondering why, please read the justifications of the Magebane rework in the patch notes.
  4. May be considered for some future patch, as the current patch is locked down. Initial reaction is a "no" though for various gameplay reasons.
  5. This is because Rampage is bound to a projectile that silences him after he hits a certain range from the target. Same thing occurs to Solstice. Although I could resolve it, it would cause other bugs.
  6. If you can think of any more that you know meet the criteria, please post about it ASAP. I'm not going to keep on adding more & more after a certain point in this patch - that point is pretty much end of today.
  7. You can report them for griefing if it's an issue.
  8. They were never going to be popular, balanced & relatively frustration-free in the first place with their original designs. Changing those heroes were low-risk, and I'm fine with them being unpopular if they fill a unique niche properly. At least they are balanced now & have proper counterplay while doing the things they were intended to do.
  9. There is likely no fix, other than potentially changing your traffic routing via VPN or changing ISPs. It is an issue related to the network route between your ISP and the game server, and nothing can be done about that.
  10. Fixed for next patch, the bug only occurs to certain alt avatars Also this is not a 64-bit client exclusive bug - it was posted in the wrong section.
  11. Please test it yourself or provide a replay with a Match ID & timestamp before reporting bugs. Someone on the Discord already proved your bug report to be incorrect at a base level of testing.
  12. Fayde E orderdisjoints. Take cover does not. Rampage's Q is an order, and orderdisjoints "cancel" the ability. That should be a sufficient explanation.
  13. Those heroes you spoke of are successful reworks, in the sense that they have some unique niche now while their old frustration problems are resolved. Not to mention that they can be properly balanced. Magebane is the same except he's just underpowered now. He will be fixed next Thursday.
  14. Thanks. After going through the list, I've settled on the following sources to make the stun duration unmodifiable: Chipper's Rocket Barrage Flint Beastwood's Hollowpoint Shells Glacius' Ice Imprisonment Swiftblade's Swift Slashes Pharaoh's Hellfire Savage Mace The rule is that the stun duration of 0.2s or less counts as a mini-stun. The other sources stun for 0.25s or longer, and would require more than 80% CC reduction to actually nullify the stun completely. This is only possible with Berzerker. Draconis' Dragonflame's stun duration is alrea
  15. This isn't an issue at the moment & won't be fixed. For the record, broodmother's webs in dota2 cannot even be destroyed.
  16. I'm archiving this because I won't be making changes. @MoreMeds you'll just have to accept that.
  17. Please post your thoughts in this thread (which already exists prior to you making this new one): I already outlined potential changes there that will resolve his problems. He will NOT be returning to his old iteration. The reason for that is outlined in the patch notes. Also, despite Magebane being currently underpowered, his play rate increased by more than 2x. So let that sink in.
  18. This is not considered an issue, design wise.
  19. Maybe the max souls on W can be adjusted in the future... For now though, Adeve's Cloak exists if you find you can't react to this in time.
  20. It's not gamebreaking, nor is it easy to replicate in actual gameplay. The damage is sourced from prophet. While it is a bug, the way the XML script and game code works makes it difficult to fix.
  21. Kind of (?) intended. You actually toggle the setting here, in the top-left corner of the minimap: Yes it's a "bug" technically, but when this setting is selected, it's the only way to ensure that you can actually switch between the 2 options with that button. If you choose either of the other 2 options where you specified, then you can't change it at all. So right now, I would say it's not a bug that will be resolved any time in the foreseeable future.
  22. The difference is that this change applies to FoC too. It's just very unlikely it will happen there. So what I said is still true, and my changes still obey every design rule/guideline in the past. I still can't adjust heroes like Flint, Devo, Artillery etc., in a way that nerfs them for most of the game in MW without touching FoC. Can you think of one? Also, Bramble pretty broken anyway because of how good her W is.
  23. Oh, the cooldown scales too. Nevermind on what I said then. Yes he should've maxed it.
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