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  1. I wrote the above on Reddit. When I do hear back from Garena, players will be able to see the a more precise time in-game.
  2. If you get this error while logging onto HoN, it is because the account was deactivated due to inactivity/suspected that the account was compromised to protect the account (as accounts have been compromised quite often over the last few months). You can make a request here to do get it unlocked: https://support.heroesofnewerth.com/ We will verify ownership of the account and go on from there. We also strongly advise changing your password ASAP after recovering your account. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. Thread's Content: What is Griefing? Intentionally feeding AFK Abuse / “Avoiding AFK Detection” / “Illogical Refusal to Participate” Ability/Item Abuse Item destruction Item/courier spamming Chat abuse/verbal abuse Stat manipulation Staff impersonation Why Was My RAP Ticket Unsuccessful? The Rules of Thumb for Successful Reporting Top 5 Reasons Tickets are Marked Innocen
  4. You can't claim that a direction is "wrong" or "right", objectively. It's what you think is "wrong" or "right", and there is a bias on your side. That is all.
  5. Sounds like a local issue, so it's not worth looking into. Try this:
  6. If it's not obvious already, the chances of addressing a bug at this time is slim to none. You are free to try to report it, but honestly unless it's something gamebreaking, it's best to just not report it at this point of the game's life cycle.
  7. I'm going to close this thread as it's likely just that poster making posts with the intention of trolling/baiting something
  8. @Sorais I moved this thread back to General Discussion based on your request.
  9. Please keep your strong political topics out of this thread. This thread was originally left open solely for awareness regarding the petition. I have deleted the comments pertaining to those political discussions after a certain point.
  10. As posted on the Discord server: I've queued each server for a restart just now (to resolve a voice chat issue) - you may experience up to an hour's worth of downtime or so of being unable to connect to servers. Exception is the EU servers since it's peak hour - I will queue it up for a restart some time later tonight (perhaps in about 6 hours or so)
  11. If this issue occurs, please post here and provide the server name and the Match ID. Please only post here if others in the same game are encountering this issue as well.
  12. We know, you don't have to inform us about this streamer. I removed the screenshot due to forum rules.
  13. You wished death upon someone. That is grounds for a permanent ban. Nothing else needs to be said.
  14. 1) I queued the server for a restart 2) Please report future issues here:
  15. It also causes a gamebreaking bug if that was allowed on him. Unfortunately, item usage had to be disabled during Stampede, as the fix for the issue could not be made. However, that is what the new Staff of the Master effect is for. It gives magic immunity throughout the full duration of Stampede.
  16. Please see this thread for more details on how to get your reports to be successful: Copy-pasting what I wrote on Reddit: Now that our RAP portal has been finally cleared once again: If you want to help HoN be as griefer-free as possible for the rest of its lifetime, please follow the steps outlined in the forum thread. I guarantee you that if your report fulfills all of the appropriate criteria in that forum thread, then your report will be looked at. We do have mechanisms to filter out garbage reports (notably, reports with only a single player reporting that offender in
  17. I can confirm that Frostburn Studios & Garena worked with namreeb to verify and resolve the vulnerability long before this was posted. His post is solely for informational purposes.
  18. At that point, if you're asking all those questions, you should just stream on Twitch since VODs can't be edited. The user's RAP history or RAP record will help determine if the voice clip was fabricated or tampered with. I will also add that it's difficult to fully fake those audio clips. Whenever someone else speaks over VOIP, the HoN in-game background music and sound effects still play. Most users don't turn both of these off completely, and it's difficult to completely keep those background noises while only selectively blocking out what someone is saying if they are actually t
  19. Players are free to use whatever tools they want to provide supporting evidence for VOIP/microphone verbal abuse, e.g. OBS, the Windows 10 Game Bar, etc. We suggest OBS because of its free and open-source nature, as well as how intuitive it is to use for our purposes here. How to set up OBS to make your video + audio captures for evidence regarding VOIP/microphone abuse as pain-free as possible: 1) Download OBS from their official website: https://obsproject.com/ 2) When you open the program you see something that is pretty empty. At the bottom there are several boxes. On
  20. What to do to get successful reports: If you want your reports to be successful, do this: Get another player from the same game to report the offender. This drastically increases the chances that your ticket will be looked at (in fact, not following this rule will most likely lead to your report not being read) Include the precise timestamp with the slider (and mention whether it's in-game timer or replay timer) Write a concise and accurate description. The more accurate the report is, the quicker it can be processed. Verbal abuse, racism and discrimination of
  21. https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/4338-future-of-heroes-of-newerth/
  22. This isn't the place for RAP inquiries (you can do that via the portal: https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/) Your account was associated with someone who had a permanent suspension for other reasons.
  23. Some results are too cheese to linger in the game (even if they are incredibly niche), largely because of the consequences & potential to counterplay them. See the incident where in a tournament, players picked heroes with summons to block off a lane to starve a lane out of XP and then mass push a T1 tower (and most of T2) when heroes were only level 3/4 at most & are unable to counterpush properly. Or, Devourer's hook displacement of neutral creeps early in the game to manipulate creep waves in a way where other heroes with summons cannot (i.e. hooking ancients to creeps and pull
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