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  1. It's based off of Chaos Knight from Dota, which is a Str hero that also uses illusions.
  2. She pretty much is her old self. W has been made to actually be good now if you attack the target you W'ed. The ultimate mechanics are really the only things that have changed & it didn't make sense on her before because you had to participate in kills early on, where carries are typically the weakest. I mean, unless you want to somehow rework the ultimate to be a bit more "fair" - right now the numbers may be a little high, but she's been underperforming for quite some time & she's finally in more or less a good spot, statistically. Give me a suggestion where it's fair & scriptable & also doesn't drop her overall power level and then maybe it can be implemented.
  3. That's great, but refrain from posting threads in all caps or they will be archived. If you continue to ignore that rule, you will be infracted.
  4. Please refrain from making threads in all caps. Archiving.
  5. I already planned to do the spawn interval change to 1 min & also changing the flow direction of the rune to be reversed (since some players mentioned HB has an obvious advantage) for the hotfix patch (since we need to fix Balphagore anyway).
  6. Valkyrie as a hero is perfectly fine though, so there's no need to change this skill. If anything she may need some minor nerfs to Q.
  7. I let Garena know ty The bug was fixed last patch by the way, I just forgot to put it in the notes
  8. Ended up submitting a fix since we have other stuff to fix. To be frank, I'm surprised people would actually notice this since it's a rare occurrence
  9. I'll fix it for the next patch, though you should really right-click the rune. It works fine if you right-click it btw (which most players do these days).
  10. That may be a known bug, can you remake your TMM group and try again?
  11. For guests, please repost your content on your original account & we can delete your post. The permissions were misconfigured & they have been configured properly so you can't post as a guest now. Thanks!
  12. Mastery Boosts are likely not going to work in the future (since you can't see the post-match screen for Mastery Boosts). We've looked into it many times when we found out it was broken, but unfortunately we could not see why. Also, we don't have the resources to further look into it. The Mastery system itself is working just fine though.
  13. This should be fixed now, thanks for your report!
  14. HoN Live is considered a depreciated feature. If it works, great. If not, we don't have the resources to support it.
  15. I've reached out to them earlier this morning & will update if there are any changes. Please keep posting here, ty for letting me know!
  16. I can fix this for the next patch. It was too late for 4.8.4 as the notes were already considered finalized.
  17. This won't be implemented & I already explained why. As soon as you start to express that your opinions are fact & that it's the reason why HoN is "dying", that's when there's no point in discussing any further.
  18. Aluna CN avatar has now been enabled & is now purchaseable in the store Silver Discount did not end up working in the retail environment, so we are increasing the Silver MM multiplier from 4x -> 5x Gold Discounts are now working properly.
  19. So your point is something else entirely, aka you strawmaned. Okay.
  20. You could just install the Mid Wars MMR mod if you really wanted to. It's all psychology though, nothing is actually different other than a visual being hidden from you.
  21. I temporarily disabled Balphagore as per my recent announcement, thanks
  22. Balphagore is temporarily disabled due to an unintended bug/behaviour with Demonic Pathogen when applied through his SotM-boosted ultimate. He will be re-enabled when a hotfix patch is applied. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  23. Oh I checked, the Silver coins are discounted properly. What you see is what you get
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