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  1. Shifting this to 4.9.3 because those longer term changes will be done in that patch.
  2. Design-wise, it's broken* I don't foresee anything happening to this item any time in the near future just because it has such a high potential to be a broken item. We can't temporarily disable items like we do heroes in case an item is broken, so this is likely a low-priority revisit for me.
  3. After further consideration, I've decided to make Jade Spire less polarizing as I do 100% understand how important cast range is & that they are balanced relative to every other spell in the game for a myriad of good reasons. It will be in the next hotfix patch. Overall, cast ranges are a thing we will consider rebalancing/revamping overall & is something on the longer term radar of things to do. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Artillery is fine & got his range significantly nerfed. He should be okay for the time being. The thing is, I actually agree with Sorais this time - spells are instrinsically balanced by their cast ranges. It's difficult to remove an item that's already been in the game & people are having fun with them though, and reworking them is equally as difficult. I can only compromise with Jade Spire by adjusting the current numerical values of it, but I haven't really hard complaints about it except from you. Within reason, it is fine to extend the cast range of spells. It's a matter
  5. Anyway, you can consider this resolved in the hotfix patch for NAEU this Thursday. SEA will be getting the hotfix patch 1 week later.
  6. My main concern was changing it in a way that drastically affects his performance against other heroes. I spent a few hours this morning scripting an AS cap (it's tricky because of the limitations of what is available) and got it working. What this does is limit the amount of "extra AS" in the calculation to 250. This will make it affect heroes who gain a burst of AS much less (Scout, Silhouette), but will still be effective against heroes who naturally have that high bonus AS either passively or over a sustained period of time (like MoA with ult). This will be put in next
  7. It's a known issue for all new items. Unfortunately, we currently do not have the access to fix this.
  8. One thing I'll consider in the future is capping the amount of total damage per E tick, or capping the amount of extra AS to mitigate these extremes. However, Qi finally got a 50% win rate after being considered a garbage hero for a long time, so i am not in a particular rush to handle these cases. I will think about it, but the general intention of Qi being scaling with time as a support that has a weak midgame and subpar early game balances it out. The enemy team is supposed to ban Qi or pick different types of carries against him (like int cores that don't build much dps), beca
  9. It's a silhouette. Qi is a hard counter to heroes that get temporary bursts of autoattack dps. This is because of his E and Silhouette's E. It's working as intended. Qi is a niche hard counterpick hero to certain carries. You'll have to live with his presence because he is actually intended to have this kind of presence against particular heroes.
  10. This will be fixed in, thank you for the detailed report!!
  11. The Hotfix Patch is scheduled for April 15, 2021 (Thursday) at the usual maintenance time (1am EDT). It can as long as up at 12pm EDT to be resolved, but chances are slim that it will take that long this time. The updated Patch Notes will be released closer to that date.
  12. Yeah it's just a tooltip error, I'll fix the tooltip error for next patch. Originally it did automatically spawn a Meteor, but having 2 Meteors out was a concern. No mechanics will be changed in the next patch for this.
  13. That's fine, it's not a snapshot mechanic, but evaluates at the time the projectile impacts.
  14. If it's a bug report, please report it in the Bug Report forums with replication steps. The skill works properly with SotM as far as I'm aware.
  15. The chat server has been restarted and matchmaking should work properly now.
  16. Your opinion from the first paragraph is fair - that's how you feel, so I don't have to contest that or talk about it. I will say that we have had a proportionally larger amount of success vs. failures, it's just that players like you always remember the failed changes & not the successful ones...it's just perception bias. My point was that you & players have double standards. So if I do something, then it's bad, but if you do something, "it's different!!!!!!!". I despise double standards with players & will always point it out if they try to use it against devs and dish
  17. @DemonSparda So, who is treating your thread as a joke now? It looks like the people who read your thread are thinking your changes are out of touch. For what it's worth though - this general direction of Shadowblade (decoupling form switching from function of the ability) is what I aimed to do for the long term for Shadowblade (the questionable part about your suggestion right now are the actual replacement abilities being chosen). However, it seems that people generally like Shadowblade how he is right now, and it's just a big waste of time and energy to try to do another
  18. Whiplash's charge system is independent of whether a Crit actually happens. It will always tick down after every attack & will always apply a 100% chance to Critically Strike for its multiplier, and adds the splash effect. This means that it doesn't care whether Riftshards procs or not. But the damage multiplier will be the higher one if it does.
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