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  1. Have you seen Amun-Ra's win rate & read the patch notes? Amun-Ra's performance has increased ever since the patch. Playing him as a jungler from level 1 was nowhere near optimal - he is much better in lane & always has been, but the jungling capability from level 1 clouded that possibility from the majority of players who just want to farm the jungle all day.
  2. E was bugged for a while, in the sense that the reduced damage multiplier did not affect enemies outside of a certain range. The way E is now though makes the most sense out of all the past iterations.
  3. A recent patch, so he can't cheese the opposing team by wiping out 50% or so of every hero's Health pool without realistic counterplay options, if he has Restoration Stone. The 10-second delay was introduced so that Restoration Stone still works for him, there is just a window of counterplay for the opposing team to act before Thunderbringer double-ults them.
  4. This was the snapshot today. I don't see how you can be upset at Prophet's placement: In fact I was expecting Prophet to drop a bit more - he'll probably fluctuate between 52-54% on a longer term basis. My point is that Prophet is a strong support hero. The heroes are in a healthy state of balance - Glacius' win rate bumped up by 1% for the time being. Because of Magebane's existence and Glacius' weaknesses though (slow, fragile, limited late-game scaling), his win rate will be kept in check & will hover around 54-56% in the long term. Even in the worst case scenario
  5. I lifted the suspension, thanks for letting us know. We have no real way of knowing if such a location corresponds to an internet cafe or not. However, players who play at the cafe who break the rules still aren't safe from getting permanently banned if they break the rules. Now is not the time to break the rules as HoN's service is being shut down soon. Please be respectful & remind the other players you see there to be respectful. To be on the safe side, I will suspend the remainder of the accounts that belong to you, to ensure you aren't one of those griefers. I will keep
  6. That's exactly what each of them do now... No changes are required. I already mentioned I can do what I want to Glacius and technically all heroes. He's my favourite hero, and i can buff him as long at it's reasonable, which it is. You're exaggerating the weight of these changes.
  7. It's a small buff. Glacius doesn't have much that scales to late game. Q's movement speed slow matters less as the game progresses. The other heroes have intangibles and late game aspects Glacius doesn't have. Empath has wall and a bonus relevant to carries on R Prophet has AoE damage amp on Q and multiple stun instances on E in an AoE, when applied through R.
  8. Thank you for all the serious posts here - some of the effects from this thread have been implemented into the game. Due to the announcement regarding HoN's closure, this thread is of little significance to me, so I have archived it.
  9. Hero should be balanced properly in 4.10.1.
  10. Changing Base Damage by 7 or so definitely matters then. He's a melee hero and should still attack a fair bit given his playstyle. The changes in particular buffs his laning phase & allows other areas to be addressed properly.
  11. I can change the base damage of Adrenaline Q to 1. Will you still make that statement that changing the base damage doesn't matter? 5 or 10 Magic Damage matters a lot more than you think in actual games. If it didn't matter, they wouldn't be done in the first place. Adrenaline is fine, he's just always been a tough hero to balance in any iteration of him, both conceptually and numerically. Maybe look at the latest up-to-date guide for Adrenaline and try picking up his core item listed there (Ring of Sorcery).
  12. Prophet's win rate was too high all of a sudden, and the slow isn't as needed on Q. I get you like Prophet and all, but seriously he's fine. His win rate skyrocketed up to a constant 55% since the previous patch. Glacius doesn't have as much late game scaling as those other support heroes. But it's also because I can & he's my favourite hero, and i can technically do whatever I want for the that patch. The buffs aren't even that much, they're more QoL level buffs. Empath spiked up to 59% right before the patch. That is concerning, but it's likely because she's paired with Mageban
  13. You can file a ticket through the RAP portal if you don't see an option to appeal. Also, creating a topic with 20+ posts from all of your other accounts to make it seem like you have support from many other people (when nothing is further from the truth) does not make you look good. I'm expecting a deny on your appeal on that basis alone.
  14. Adrenaline got a drastic buff to his base Attack Damage and received nerfs on his abilities. They were causing a lot of frustration for the high level / competitive players, to the point where the hero was gentleman-banned in their Inhouse League (IHL). Most heroes received buffs and nerfs, rather than just straight up nerfs. For the ones who did receive just nerfs, they were fairly minor.
  15. I fixed the first. I can't do anything about the second - it's just an intended interaction & you have to be aware of it if you go up against a Bubbles. I do not wish to make an exception just because the state happens to be beneficial for the opponent.
  16. Both interactions are technically intended. 1) Take Cover triggers when taking damage. Blood Chalice deals a tiny non-lethal amount of damage. 2) That's how his Take Cover's autocast invulnerability works. It negates damage, but not the state.
  17. ElementUser

    War effort

    No. It's not as simple as pressing a button to do it. There's a reason why it wasn't brought back, as much as we wanted to : we lack the access to actually make the changes in the backend to bring this back. It will not be done because it can't be physically done.
  18. Please contact customer support to get them to add it to your account manually
  19. Near-negligible bug (since normally you wouldn't want to do this in most cases), but will fix anyway.
  20. Don't think they can do anything about this then at this point. I would suggest contacting their Customer Support instead of going through me at this point.
  21. This subforum is now officially closed. Please post general bugs in Bug Reports instead.
  22. https://support.heroesofnewerth.com/ Contact Support.
  23. SEA team restarted all of their game servers today, so this should be resolved.
  24. No. The purposes & modals of each of those abilities are very different. There's no point in me debating with you about this, so I will close the thread.
  25. This thread has been moved to Tech Support and unlocked now.
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