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  1. I can, but my point is that even if I do all these changes, his design is the issue here. No matter how much I number tweak, he'll either lose his feel & long-range design, or the problem won't be solved. He's a pretty binary hero right now in the sense that he's feast-or-famine.
  2. That sounds like a meta factor & not too relevant to balancing the hero
  3. I mean that he's not going to be looked at this patch. You can post suggestions here since you put some thought into your thread on the exact changes you want, but I'm not going to consider implementation until 4.8.8 at the earliest. It's likely going to be 4.8.9 or later. Artillery simply isn't a priority right now.
  4. Skrap is low priority right now. The hero isn't particularly memorable, but I can still manage to give minor changes to him soon. I would not expect any kind of reworking to him for a very long time (if at all).
  5. Went through this thread, thanks for the feedback
  6. Artillery's backburner material because he's just too hard to balance & design/rework on a base level & ultimately he's not really that important of a hero in HoN. The main reason why he's so hard to balance is specifically because of the long range aspect of the hero being a prime frustration factor, in the sense that it promotes not interacting as much as possible.
  7. Valkyrie options are more suitable for the farther future, not the near future. The hero is generally in a good spot at the moment.
  8. Counter-intuitive, it's never going to happen. It would also feel really awkward. Predator's Restrain being tied to his ultimate is kind of pointless. If the enemy has any regular human reflexes, they would be long gone before his Terror procs.
  9. ElementUser


    I've went through the thread & decided what I'll change for Moraxus next patch, thanks
  10. ElementUser


    I'm putting this thread to rest as it's clear Pharaoh is still a staple in today's meta.
  11. Won't be buffing anything in the future except for what MerryHoNMas said (in a future patch).
  12. Went through this thread again, thanks for all the feedback!
  13. ElementUser


    They do have their own servers.
  14. For starters, comparison of old map spots vs. new map spots (as equivalent as you can get them). I have no idea what you actually mean based on everything you wrote so far.
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