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  1. Single Draft isn't a competitive mode (which CoN is supposed to be), so it has no chance of coming back to FoC in the foreseeable future.
  2. Can you provide up-to-date info? I didn't see anything unusual when I checked last time.
  3. ElementUser

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    Xewl was able to fix this for the next patch
  4. We can't even look at this if you don't provide the info as requested here
  5. @eMarky If this happens again, please make another detailed thread like this one. Thanks!
  6. ElementUser

    Mastery list

    I can confirm but it's unlikely to be fixed
  7. Fixed internally. 60% of the damage is not being applied if you have SotM & your max mana is greater than the enemy's. I suggest you not buy SotM on Parallax until the next patch hits.
  8. Should be fixed for a future patch, hero pets are for some reason treated differently than heroes when considering deny behaviour.
  9. It won't be addressed because you could have more than 1 non hero unit. We want the behaviour to be consistent and make sense. If you had a bunch of units, the behaviour should be to center to the average of them... But what if your units are spread out across the map? It's better that it doesn't do any kind of centering to keep the behaviour consistent in all cases.
  10. We're not going to answer that, obviously. This thread is now closed as the question has been sufficiently answered.
  11. Please provide more info if you are having patch difficulties, and specify whether you are on the 64-bit client or not.
  12. Red border states can be removed, blue border states cannot (general rule). There are exceptions, like how some blue border states are stealth effect types and skills like Miniaturization from Witch Slayer can dispel those.
  13. Just a reminder that maintenance will occur in approximately 8 hours or so.
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