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  1. Adrenaline got a drastic buff to his base Attack Damage and received nerfs on his abilities. They were causing a lot of frustration for the high level / competitive players, to the point where the hero was gentleman-banned in their Inhouse League (IHL). Most heroes received buffs and nerfs, rather than just straight up nerfs. For the ones who did receive just nerfs, they were fairly minor.
  2. I fixed the first. I can't do anything about the second - it's just an intended interaction & you have to be aware of it if you go up against a Bubbles. I do not wish to make an exception just because the state happens to be beneficial for the opponent.
  3. Both interactions are technically intended. 1) Take Cover triggers when taking damage. Blood Chalice deals a tiny non-lethal amount of damage. 2) That's how his Take Cover's autocast invulnerability works. It negates damage, but not the state.
  4. ElementUser

    War effort

    No. It's not as simple as pressing a button to do it. There's a reason why it wasn't brought back, as much as we wanted to : we lack the access to actually make the changes in the backend to bring this back. It will not be done because it can't be physically done.
  5. Please contact customer support to get them to add it to your account manually
  6. Near-negligible bug (since normally you wouldn't want to do this in most cases), but will fix anyway.
  7. Don't think they can do anything about this then at this point. I would suggest contacting their Customer Support instead of going through me at this point.
  8. This subforum is now officially closed. Please post general bugs in Bug Reports instead.
  9. https://support.heroesofnewerth.com/ Contact Support.
  10. SEA team restarted all of their game servers today, so this should be resolved.
  11. No. The purposes & modals of each of those abilities are very different. There's no point in me debating with you about this, so I will close the thread.
  12. This thread has been moved to Tech Support and unlocked now.
  13. He's supposed to do that - his shortcoming is that he's not scaling as well as a real carry. He can use some nerfs in an upcoming patch for Christmas map revert, but they won't be big & will be targeted at his scaling. I had to bring some amount of scaling back because of higher level players' feedback & couldn't risk him being in the 40% win rate region for too long. Had to call for the patch to happen when it did to ensure that he continues to be played after his rework. For all intents and purposes, it was a successful rework.
  14. Just tested, it works. Please test it yourself or provide proof before posting on this subforum.
  15. Most of the time, the answer to these niche questions is actually to test it yourself or to look at the XML script. Testing it yourself is way faster.
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