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  1. Fixed for next patch
  2. Fixed for next patch
  3. Please wait 24 hours after the match has ended.
  4. It's a known bug & will be resolved next patch
  5. He'll be adjusted for the next patch.
  6. It's not going to happen. Tablet of Command is an incredibly powerful item in all modes. Its price point is balanced by its inefficient buildup, which is the intended "gating" feature to getting the item.
  7. That is a pretty cool sound effect - I'll fix it for next patch.
  8. What exactly are you referring to? The on-attack impact sound of her regular projectile? Her Q? W? E? R? I can only guess it's her W, but in this video she had another iteration of W and I don't think the effect for the W was made. "W" is the only skill that has a card floating above a target. I certainly don't see any card in the video - if this is what you mean, it won't be fixed because there is a lack of assets. If you meant something else, please remake the thread with more detailed info, thanks
  9. Please follow the steps here in the future, as this info is required for these types of issues. In the meantime, try disabling Auto Time Synchronization on your computer.
  10. Looks fine to me. SotM or no SotM, it's the same.
  11. This is already addressed for the next patch
  12. We can confirm it, but we do not officially support Lock Pick anymore, so there are no guarantees this will be fixed.
  13. That's a bug & it has already been addressed for the next patch. Once again, Shadowblade will be adjusted properly for next patch. I'm waiting until the patch notes get released to talk about it though.
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