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  1. Go to Practice Mode, then when the map has loaded, go to Options -> search "Movable frame" and then you can edit the position of the movable frames there.
  2. Smilie changed the website's error message so that it does not wrongfully display it.
  3. It doesn't really matter, the ping rule is there for a reason. No, putting myself to invisible/appear offline won't solve the issue. You talk like you know everything about Discord, but you do not (as I have shown you were wrong several times). Thread will be closed now.
  4. We can't disable personal pings. It is not an option. Please don't ping me or staff. Also, that info is gone with the forum upgrade. You can try searching on Google for these old threads. I do have DND enabled, but i still get notified (just not through notifications, but i see the red number on discord). So nothing short of turning off the application prevents pings. You got banned from Discord because you repeated the same rule breaking action you just got told not to do again.
  5. Not all icons are changed to suit the avatar. If it has a custom icon set then we will use it. This one does not.
  6. Linux is currently not officially supported (at least until an updated x64 build comes out for Linux specifically) Have you tried the 64-bit client by the way? It might resolve your monitor issues (those monitor issues will be resolved in the next patch)
  7. Players have generally been encountering server issues for the last few days. We're looking to resolve it, and things should be fine once next patch rolls around.
  8. I restarted chat server & you guys reported it was fine, so I will move this to Fixed
  9. Putting the urgent tag doesn't make it urgent. Stats not recording is not an urgent issue.
  10. Please contact Customer Support, we're aware of these issues at the moment
  11. It's considered a bug & will be fixed in the next patch, but other balance changes are coming to the item.
  12. Those were already done in the distant past. We can't take decisions back from the past or they would be even more harmful. What I was talking about was from this point forward.
  13. Not sure what the problem is, but it shows up fine in my startup.cfg as well as in the in-game options:
  14. Clan functionality is not working at the moment and it's a known issue. Garena is aware & are working on restoring the functionality.
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