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  1. He's fine. You just misunderstand how he should be played. He's not a hard carry by any means. He should be played as a semi with utility.
  2. Dear HoN players, Our Customer Support portal has a DMARC issue regarding Gmail and Yahoo email accounts that we unfortunately cannot resolve at this time. As a result, players cannot register new accounts with Gmail or Yahoo email accounts. Existing registered accounts with those email providers still work, however players will not receive emails on those accounts & will have to check the Customer Support portal manually. Workarounds involve creating an email account with another email provider and registering that email address with our Customer Support portal instead. We
  3. Fixed for next patch (won't announce in patch notes though as they are finalized)
  4. They are visible. If they aren't,. you just have to go to Options -> Mods -> Movable Frames and then reposition the window over the enemy-selected window in the bottom-right. There is one that exists & I have been using it since this has been implemented into the game.
  5. Patch schedule has been updated for the time being. The next patch will most likely be rescheduled a little later, and the patch schedule for 2022 will come closer to the end of this year.
  6. You shouldn't listen to those people - they'll say anything to validate themselves & deter others from actually reporting them. The correct way to report these players is to file a ticket through here: https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ We generally permanently suspend players who stat-manipulate. So what we do here is very different than on SEA.
  7. I should be able to implement this for the patch after 4.9.4 (not in 4.9.4) and add it as an option for this niche use case. I understand because I do the same thing with my friends in other games. As a temporary solution on your end though, you can just bind your voice chat to something else - I prefer to only voice chat with friends rather than other randoms in my games anyway.
  8. The 4.9.4 Patch Notes Guessing Game is live on Reddit! https://www.reddit.com/r/HeroesofNewerth/comments/q5yo5s/game_494_patch_notes_guessing_game/
  9. I'll confirm it & then investigate in a future patch.
  10. Usually SEA gets patched 2 days after, but not 100% confirmed. It is likely to happen, but SEA typically handles their own region's operations.
  11. Hi everyone, Garena has confirmed with me that Patch 4.9.4 will be releasing on October 26, 2021 (in the NAEU/International client). Thank you for your understanding and patience.
  12. Plain and simple, it just doesn't work anymore. Something broke & we don't have the necessary access or resources to look into it, and is considered a deprecated feature.
  13. Kraken was actually complained about since his buffs in 4.9.2 and 4.9.1: https://hon.fandom.com/wiki/Kraken He was originally scheduled to get a nerf in 4.9.4. I *may* consider reverting the nerfs, since we have had a long stat stabilization period this time around. Time will tell.
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