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  1. Chat server has been reset to resolve this issue
  2. Postponed doesn't mean the game is being shut down. As stated in the announcement, we'll let you know when the patch's rescheduled date is:
  3. Was planning to add a bit more content to it, so I won't be releasing patch notes early either. I'll release them when the time is right!
  4. Hello, Patch 4.9.4 will be delayed to a date in the near future. We are unsure exactly how long the delay will be, but I will let HoN players know as soon as I receive a new confirmed patch release date from Garena. Thank you, - ElementUser
  5. Normally you don't want to accidentally attack those when Attack-moving. It's intended by design that you have to explicitly target these. Also, these gadgets are fine to target for the most part.
  6. Same thing. Players have groups of 4 or 5 more often than you think and they want to play with all of their friends. If you remove that you alienate those players and they likely won't stay for long.
  7. We won't do that & here is why: Players want to play with their friends. Disparity restrictions like this in other games (Heroes of the Storm Ranked, for example) really make it suck if the friends are of different skill levels.
  8. Please contact Customer Support: https://support.heroesofnewerth.com/
  9. When the cooldown changes on any ability, if it's on cooldown it won't update in the UI. Technically a bug, but it likely won't be fixed
  10. Once again there's nothing we can do about this until the September patch at the earliest.
  11. It was 2.4 before and apparently that was too much. https://www.reddit.com/r/HeroesofNewerth/comments/nvnw7f/shadow_blade_balance/ Go talk this guy about it - he definitely has the opposite opinion of you.
  12. Sure - mechanically it's complicated though, and we shouldn't explain every facet of a mechanic there.
  13. Bramble's Q deals all DoT damage, and never deals an instance of non-DoT damage. The stun application is not targeted, and it also does not do non-DoT damage. It's working as intended, mechanically. Nomad's R does not trigger on DoT damage.
  14. You shouldn't use Void Talisman to disarm yourself as it has a side effect: -25% damage to Damage Dealt (by Swiftblade) By the way - you can also test with other Physical damage skills & you will see that without Void Talisman, it works as intended. You can also apply a massive Attack Speed Slow to Swiftblade, or just keep him low leveled & ignore the attack damage numbers (which are smaller than 200 if you don't put items on Swiftblade). You will see 200 pop up, so your testing methodology created a false bug report.
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