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  1. That's proprietary information. If you don't believe it, we could always try it on you, and then we'll see you try to bypass the measure - of course, it's a lot more trouble than it's worth even if you do manage to get around it, and it will cost you in some way or another. Just know that the process works.
  2. Disabled for the next patch.
  3. Deprecated feature. I should disable the feature in the ui whenever I can to prevent these reports in the future. You might think it's a useful feature, but the vast majority of players don't even use it.
  4. I don't manage the store anymore. It's all done by Saphirez now in accordance with the thread that datfizh linked.
  5. Thanks for the detailed writeup! What I'll do is just revert the Q damage change from and that should at least make things a little better for Adrenaline. We can always revisit more buffs next patch if he needs them.
  6. This should be resolved, thanks for the help -- in the future, even bare minimum information like naming the server you played on (USW) is of tremendous help -- otherwise, chances are we can't do much without more info. Unfortunately, the games affected by this issue will not have their stats retroactively submitted.
  7. Thanks for the reports - I think I found the cause for it & will let Garena know. Stay tuned for updates.
  8. His win rate has recently dropped to 42-44% for the last 2 weeks or so, unfortunately. @Lunarios: any suggestions for minor buffs to bring him back up without bringing back frustration? Frustrations I have addressed are the impact of his Q usage early game and how strong he is within the Death's Halo arena. By "strong", I do not know if the previous frustration came from him being too hard to kill, or from his offensive capabilities being too much. I suspect his overall performance in his ultimate is slightly too weak now, but I would like to hear thoughts from an experie
  9. I'll do a restart of USW servers to see if it helps. Already started the process for one of them & it should be back up in about an hour.
  10. Moved to Indeterminate. Please list out as much info as you can. Every piece of info requested from this thread helps us investigate anything: Also include how recently this has happened as well as how frequently. I don't know if this only started occurring yesterday, a few weeks ago, a month ago, a few months ago, etc. Also, this is TMM/CoN you are playing, yes?
  11. Please wait a minimum of 24 hours for the game stats to submit before making a post.
  12. The server host provider for our BR server is performing an infrastructure-wide maintenance for all of their servers that will span 4 days, from June 2 to June 6, 2021. Unfortunately, the HoN BR server will be unavailable during this time period. To prevent games from being unexpectedly interrupted, we will disable matchmaking on the BR servers from June 2 to June 6, 2021. The servers should be back up some time in the morning of June 6, 2021, before 12pm EDT. I will update this thread if anything changes. Thank you for your understanding. - Frostburn Studios
  13. It's heavily recommended to play HoN over Ethernet & not via Wifi (due to the latency-dependent nature of the game). Just wanted to put that out there.
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