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  1. Well mw is a more straight forward mode, there are less strategy options, but that doesn't mean decision making and skill doesn't matter. If anything this makes the mmr difference more relevant because people "playing wrong" will have a larger impact on the entire team and game. IF mw mm allows a larger mmr difference it's only causing frustrating games and making people create another smurf account. There is no reason to grind up to a high mmr just to have mm "even the odds" by having you play with someone 700 mmr below you. So you either group up, which is frustrating for the other tea
  2. I'm mostly concerned with mw but is there a difference between the mm in ranked mode and midwars? Here's one game I played today, 324 mmr difference: https://imgur.com/a/ygqOoM6 Here's another one, only 769 mmr difference: https://imgur.com/a/ovKXZBV (I should point out the people in the pictures are not in a group together) This takes a lot of fun out of the game and this is why people get to complain about high mmr 5 groups. PS can someone message me how to get pictures in posts, I can't get it to work
  3. Seems like every game I play has at least 300 mmr difference between the highest and lowest player. I would much rather wait a little longer for a more even game than get a quick crap game thats over immedeately.
  4. I think he means normal mode mmr. Please add mw mmr too
  5. Or add a "sort by" function. Mmr, acc age, gold, games played...
  6. Creating a new hero costs a lot of money, recording voice etc. Donate to the goals and we might get one after. Right now I think the priority is to update the game, servers and just keep the game working and fun.
  7. Not all sets though, right?
  8. It doesn't have to be perfect from the beginning. Start with plinkotickets, coupons for shop and access to a new part in shop selling removed skins or something. I think people would just like to help out and improving the system as time goes by would only make people happier.
  9. But to answer you can report him. Go to the report-a-player page and start a ticket where you explain and link a screenshot.
  10. I agree and I don't. The old kick system wasn't perfect, groups of 4 could abuse it for example. What could work is a "karma score". Your score would decrease by people reporting you, maybe -1 for unsuccessful reports and -10 for successful. When your score is low enough you can be kicked by a vote, the lower your score is less votes are required for kick. Your score would go up again if you play games without being reported, could be +1 every 2 games without report. It's just a thought, people are always complaining about toxic players and this could be proof of their behavio
  11. What would happen if tempest used ulti while in the shell roll? Would it cancel? Would it stay active and caught enemies would follow? Would caught enemies get stunned while in range but not follow? I know I can test it but I thought I'd ask here instead.
  12. Electric tide works but its invisible if its activated while cd is in Shelly roll
  13. Do you leave the game before mvp vote is over? The game stats aren't shown until the "game is over leave game"-button appears I think
  14. I think they reverted because not showing the votes took the fun out of it. There was no reason to vote anymore I guess. I dont think anyone really cares about total number of mvp or any of the lesser awards, noone checks because you would have to compare to total number of games which doesn't work because accounts are older than the award system. To change thread direction I suggest: 1. Do the thing i suggested first to make MVP the most valuable award for real. 2. Put total number of awards (mvp, most dmg...) in parentheses after awards received in the last 20/50/100(?) games
  15. I guess the answer to the thread is nothing is being done. I hope something is though. Some people are cheating, every day in every game they play, and they have nothing to worry about.
  16. Pearl. Enemy heros can't enter the bubble from her ultimate.
  17. They could do it like in CoD, it's called prestige or something. You start from 0 again but you get to keep the purple taunt and when you hit 15 again you get a red one or something, and get all the other prizes again except silver and gold badge. But double the xp required every level to make it more challenging and give it more bragging rights.
  18. It's not about specific mods. What matters is that some players use mods to cheat and something should be done about it on ladder and not just in tournaments. Imo making the game fair and equal for everyone is more important than tweaking items. I don't know how hard that is though and that's what this thread is for.
  19. Well I don't want to give people tips on what to google and how to cheat. Creating this thread is bad enough.
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